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Layla Solt


"Your eyes are not the measure of all that can be seen in the universe" - Neil Tyson

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Got to see a Q&A with the cast of @stevenuniverse
Squad Deep @ Comic Con Boston
2 Cool 4 School 😎 📷: @brianna_fritzinger
Beach Please ☀️🌊
By far one of my favorite humans, I love you terribly! Happy birthday you B.T.B 😍  Thanks for being such a good friend. I wouldn't be where I'm at today if it wasnt for you, you constantly inspire me to do and be better. I'm proud of you and all you've accomplished. Keep kicking ass babe! @chelseadaggr
Which one is my boyfriend.... the fish or @lgradwohl  My money is on the 🐠
🌙🌙 #kellyedenxblackmoon
❤ Missing this goofball
Having fun at "bring your girlfriend to work" day 😍😘 My handsome Engineer working on a lacrosse show 🏆  @lgradwohl
#jacklynhillchristmas 😍😍😍
Left my phone unattended and this happened 😍😂 @matthewdezii @jilliana27
Carved a pumpkin in the image of the Pumpkin King
An apple a day will keep anyone away, if you throw it hard enough 🍎🍏
I know I'm a little late to the party, but happy birthday to the most amazing soul I've ever met! You've added a newfound light to my life, and I'm glad to have met you. I hope the next year of your life holds a lot of excitement, adventure, and happiness. Happy Birthday 🎂
Sometimes I wear my glasses, to feel smarter 🤓
Miss these cuties already 😍😭
#boppin music from @riversmonroe