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Little Brown Horse


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Quite interested in the shiny colourful things! #longreining #younghorse #groundwork #exracehorse #exracer #ror #ottb #thoroughbred #chestnutsofinstagram
10 months on and definitely growing from fluffy pony to real horse - Mo has really battled through an ugly duckling phase of which there is thankfully little photographic evidence but I’m really pleased with how she’s looking now! #exracehorse #ror #ottb #exracer #retrainingofracehorses #racehorsetoeventhorse #racehorsetoeventer
Mo did her first Novice test this week, as I was riding a clients horse for his first Novice I though she might as well tag along and I couldn’t get her there earlier for the lower classes! She did go very green and babyish at the start of the test including a massive spook at the boards that caught me totally unawares and was embarrassingly close to parting company πŸ˜‚ it reminded me that she is only 6 and has only ever done 4 dressage tests - so I then rode her perhaps too tentatively where she needed some bolder hand holding. She warmed up beautifully, was an angel all night, and managed 62% with a fair few 7s just let down by some lower marks for the greener moments - I think the plan of affiliating BD this winter is on course. She might not give me the amazing confident feeling over a fence I always had with Chucka but I have to admit I enjoy the flatwork much more on her, as so does she! #racehorsetodressagehorse #racehorsetoeventer #exracehorse #exracer #ror #ottb #dressage #britishdressage
Something different but vaguely horsey - the annual fair has come to town but the local scandal (!) is that for the first time since 1946 they haven’t brought the cake walk - but this appeared in exchange - I love a #carousel!  #merrygoround #statutes #fair
My gorgeous 🍊3yo went exploring today - in hand hacking to see a bit more of the world! He’s really enjoying a couple of brain stretching exercises a week, he now lunges and has his walk and trot transitions nailed πŸ‘ŒπŸ» In no hurry atall to get on board as he’s still very bum high and maturing slowly and we have years ahead to do the ridden stuff! #chestnut #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofinstagram #exracehorse #exracehorsesofinstagram #ror #ottb #ottbsofinstagram #neueschule
I dug this photo out today to advertise an arena eventing clinic I’m giving locally, and combined with the sad news that one of my dear friends lost her lovely old TB today made me dwell on how much I miss this little dude.  He wasn’t a cuddly pet sort of horse, but I’m not a huggy close girly girl with my friends either 🀷🏻‍♀️ I am lucky to ride several horses a day, both mine and clients, and they are all wonderful to be with and I appreciate them so much, but I haven’t felt ‘at home’ on a horse once in the last 3 weeks. I feel like I’m having to learn to  ride again - nothing feels ‘right’. I love working with all the babies and problems that I come across but I miss being able to canter into a 1.20 oxer on a 15.1hh and then feel like you can take on anything - or playing with flying changes and half pass (at least without worrying about ruining someone else’s well schooled horse!). I did it all from breaking as a 3yo and I should be feeling pride in what we achieved in just 4 years and what I have learnt but I’m having a massive confidence crisis over my abilities and specifically what other people perceive of me riding their horses or even mine. I dont ever think I am a ‘natural’ rider and I have to work very hard to replicate in myself the results that I can see from the floor and help others to do. I do miss having this guy around to help me believe in myself through having so many cool adventures together. But most importantly i just miss giving him a scratch and fuss at night 😒
Combined my love of a car boot bargain with tack cleaning today! Love this plaited leather headcollar I found today and it scrubbed  up really well - perfect for Mo who has a little bit of a plain head and will appreciate a pretty dainty headcollar! πŸ˜‚#carboot #secondhand #tackcleaning #headcollar #englishleather
After a busy week of work I had a rare day off, so spent the whole morning holed up in the tack room hiding from the rain with music, tea and pastries and spent 4 hours tack cleaning - in my happy place now everything is immaculate again! #tackcleaning #tackroom #saturdaymorning #saddleclinic #renapur #leovet
Good luck to all of the @derbyhorseballclub team representing πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ in Belgium at the FIHB Champions League - especially my faves Sammy and UJ who stay with me and pretend to be eventers when their mums are away πŸ˜‚ Of the 6 team horses, 5 are registered with @retraining_of_racehorses! #trainedtorunretrainedforfun #horseball #retrainedracehorses #ror #ottb #exracehorse #exracer #exracehorsesofinstagram
We had a brilliant afternoon at Jeanette Brakewells yard on Monday with Mo, being filmed for promo for the @retraining_of_racehorses Showcase day at Aintree in November where we take part in two demos with Jeanette, alongside  two other ex-racehorses including the gorgeous Pineau du Re, former grand national winner who is doing very well in his new eventing career and clearly loving his new job. I was asked to do this on Chucka and so I am very grateful they have kept me involved - we took away loads from the session and will definitely be going back to Jeanette more - really helped me understand how to push her buttons and get her to really work the engine through to the contact. A bit intimidating being interviewed on camera but look forward to seeing the results on social media! #ror #retrainingofracehorses #racehorsetoeventhorse #racehorsetoeventer #exracehorse #exracer #ottb
My baby πŸŠπŸ‡πŸ» has had an upgrade to Very Important Stable - the only horse I could think of moving in! #chestnuthorse #orangehorse #thoroughbredsofinstagram #ottb #exracehorse #ror
So yes, I bought this #peacockgreen #lemieux pad for the as yet unbroken baby - but he looks so 🧑 in it I couldn’t resist! #chestnut #chestnuthorse #thoroughbredsofinstagram #exracehorsesofinstagram #ottb #ror
A very confident Mo at Shelford Manor today, her experience at Aintree has done her the world of good! A rather distracted dressage eyeing up the large stubble field behind the judge, a very unfortunate pole and some cautious time faults in the showjumping and stormed around for a bold and brave clear XC. However still managed to finish 5th in the RoR 80 section! Super proud of her and really think we are getting more confident in each other. Some well deserved downtime now! #ror #exracer #ottb #exracehorse #exracehorseofinstagram #racehorsetoeventhorse #eventing
Good luck to everyone jumping this morning at the @retraining_of_racehorses RoR TBA Retrained Racehorse Challenge Final. I’m hoping there will be a live facebook feed starting soon I can watch. It was hands down one of my favourite horsey days ever when Chucka jumped one of only 3 clears (despite being the smallest and the youngest of some 35 finalists!) last year. Enjoy every second of your round, it will be a beautifully built course as always. Good luck! #loveyourror #retrainingofracehorses #ror #rornationalchampionships #rornationalchamps #retrainedracehorse
Spot the odd one out..... Space To Run (16), Coursey Rover (13), Crunchie (unknown) and Lord Fidelio (12) πŸ˜‚β€οΈ #thoroughbredsofinstagram #exracersofinstagram #poniesofinstagram
In the spirit of keep on keeping on... yesterday we went to the @retraining_of_racehorses RoR National Championships as planned, but with just Moment To Dream. A huge learning curve for her having never been in such a atmosphere or tackled a well dressed championship course but she tried her heart out just rolling a couple of poles in a couple of green moments. Proudly wearing our @neue_schule_bits The Academy saddlecloth. #retrainingofracehorses #ror #ottb #exracer #exracehorse #rornationalchampionships #rornationalchamps #racehorsetoeventhorse
Taken me a couple of days to share here but all info is on my own personal FB profile. After such a high of our BE success I’m absolutely heartbroken to share that I lost Chucka on Thursday at only 7 years old. He had a massive colic attack on Wednesday and was rushed in for emergency surgery, finding multiple twists and perforations and damage to the small intestine. He did come round from 6 hours of surgery and had a plasma transfusion the following morning but was so so poorly, and colicked again on Thursday and scans showed two new twists to the small intestine and there was absolutely nothing more we could do. I was there with him right to the end which was peaceful and almost a relief after all we had been through in 24 hours. Thank you to the amazing team at  @chinehouseequine for all you did for him.