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Liberty Weiss


I mostly post photos of my pups and hiking adventure pics!

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Beach vibes✌️
The hardest hike of my life! 8.1 miles up a mountain with heavy packs and back down. But the view was worth it! 🏕🏔✌️ . . . #yocumridge #mthood #oregon #hiking #backpacking #sorelegs #oregonvibes
Rivers are pretty cool. Getting down there, not so much!
Check out this rock formation!
West coast is pretty damn cool, guys. 😎i might just pack my stuff and move right out here...we're exploring the Columbia Gorge tomorrow and doing some hiking!
Charlie boy loves basketball, playing with kids, playing with his buddy Peaches the cat, barking at the vacuum, chasing the broom, sitting for treats, snuggling, his raccoon toy, and being the center of attention. Oh, and he's the cutest fluff ball!
These guys didn't care that they were taking up the road, just doing their thing!
Another cool shot with my Nikon. No matter how much I look up at the sky, her beauty still amazes me every time.
Canada treated us well even if it was 90+ degree weather! Found a couple nice walleye holes, found some moon eyes, and ran out of gas a couple miles from camp! 😂 #grassynarrows #canadafishing
Not every day I'm up early enough to see the sunrise!
🏕🎣Ready to catch some Walleyes up in Canada and cool photos! Summer reading material/homework:✔️Hammock: ✔️favorite hat and fleece jacket: ✔️ . . . #patagonia #nikon #summerfishing #canada🇨🇦
Fiery Minnesota sky! There are many reasons why I love Minnesota. This is just one! 🌌 🔥 . . . #minnesotasunset
The view is better from the top. . . . #minnesotastateparks #itaskastatepark #exploreminnesota
Get yourself a pal so you can pick out the ugliest outfits for each other to try on, and see who wins! 😂😂😂 not sure who won this round, but Allison's romper thing is pretty ugly!!😂😂#targetrun #uglyoutfit #bestpals
Climbing towers with my best pal!