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I like my dog Mudd and Star Wars, and  also fridays ...and also this piece from our collab with @shop_alchemist 🧜🏼‍♂️🖤 #muddthebracco
Who is your favorite DeadPool character? Been so busy I haven’t seen it yet. Hopefully before I leave to Japan I get a chance. @robliefeld what a great comic character 🙏🏼Played by @vancityreynolds honored to Tattoo this on a trial lawyer. We are doing a super hero leg sleeve because he stands up for the little people in court against the corporations. Pretty rad reason to get super hero’s tattooed on you. Half healed half fresh
Happy birthday, baby! 🐰🎂 #veryimportantwhippet #whippet #wendy #fila
Kalbi guzel kendi guzel insan Iyi ki geldin buralara enerjini birakip gidiyosun♥️♥️
Couple of tattoos for a couple of wonderful people...that also happen to be a couple 💕 thanks again @jennifer_grey  @clarkgregg  swipe 👉🏼 to see both  #hideawayatsuitex
STASERA A MODO MIO rai 3 ore 23:00 #pietrosedda #amodomiorai3 @angelo.bozzolini
What am I up to? Shark week? Haha! Making moves. Don’t tell anyone else. @lecoopfinale @hirschorn @brentbarto  #positivevibesonly #sharkweek #discovery @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Central Park.. 🙏🏻
Raga DOMANI VENERDI 25 ,SECONDA SERATA RAI 3 mi raccomando🙏🏼❤️😜 #pietrosedda "Mi chiamo Pietro Sedda e sono nato a Cagliari nel 1969. Faccio i tatuaggi da circa vent'anni e porto dentro il mio lavoro tutto il patrimonio iconografico che mi ha colpito e che amo" @angelo.bozzolini @paolino.di.padova @marcotex78 @signorinolontra  @pietrosedda è il protagonista di #amodomio, venerdì alle 23.10 su #rai3.
What’s your favorite line from #cb4 ? Done a few days ago. Will hopefully get some healed shots soon. Down while in San Francisco @bayareatattooconvention thanks for throwing a rad show. @chrisrock
We have two  guest artists from Germany here at Black Anchor L.A. @blackanchorworldwide  come get tattooed they have some openings. Check their work out and hit them up on the DM  #repost @blackanchorworldwide ・・・ HELLLOOOOO INSTAGRAM! Just a heads up we will be having guest artists @sebfuryone and @carrybodyscript at our LA shop so feel free to stop by or shoot them a message to get tattooed they’ll be here until Thursday so don’t miss your chance to get a rad tattoo! Especially since @sebfuryone has a opening today!!!!! #gettattooed
Healed shot of @laurenglucksman ‘s fave Greek vacation spot 🌞 #healedneedle #hideawayatsuitex
🔥🔥Did a lil summer capsule collab with the @shop_alchemist fam 🖤
Love when I get to carve into the deepest darkest black for a second time a year later. Gives the Tattoo time to settle and live in the skin. It lightens a bit then I can pack some black and just give it that little extra love. Thank for letting me do that for you @jookiest honored to add to your collection. Glad this time @bayareatattooconvention we could focus a little more and get it handled. Till next time bro. @blackanchorworldwide #ghost #samuri #japanesetattoo #japaneseart
One of my favorite tattoo artist in the world is guesting @blackanchorworldwide tomorrow and for a couple days in Hollywood. Dm or email him for an appointment. He’s tattooed me 3 times. Add to your collection. At the least follow him and show him some California love. @roberthernandeztattoos
A special constellation composition for @mabel 🌙💫🌙✨ #hideawayatsuitex
“Straight out of Locash” #mcgusto haha what a funny portrait I got to make on a fellow tattoo artist from the Bay Area. Done @bayareatattooconvention portrait of @chrisrock  Make sure to watch till the end. Hahaha. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored  Dragon ball done by @steven_compton looks like a collab I made it look like his chain. 😂
Great time and great show working with @cheeseburgerchampion and @r17tattoos this weekend @bayareatattooconvention thank you @stateofgracetaki you are the man can’t wait to return love this show. I can actually get work done. Thank you San Francisco always treating me the best. Great to see friends like @classicjuan and @clawtattoos till next time and I’m out. @blackanchorworldwide
SAINT MARINER @saintmarinerclothing #streetwear #newline #caronte #saintmarinerclothing #madeinitaly #readytowear #pietrosedda
Mood SAINT MARINER @saintmarinerclothing #streetwear #newline #caronte #saintmarinerclothing #madeinitaly #readytowear #pietrosedda
Aye dude, I miss YOU.❤️💔🌹 @cleanwhitelinens
Picasso 👀
Hahaha who can guess what movie and what actor this is?
Wassily Kandinsky🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Healed shot of this #stevierayvaughan done on @getinwhereifitin @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
almost ready FOLLOW @saintmarinerclothing  SAINT MARINER CLOTHING original #tshirt #saintmarinerclothing #caronte #newline #streetwear #madeinitaly
Couple days into healing and I like what I see. @blackanchorworldwide  #repost @240zestways ・・・ "Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit." Had a lot of fun with the planning of this piece. Really happy with the outcome and overall experience of walking away with a custom piece from @nikkohurtado . Can't wait to return to add in the 2nd half of this project. Still pretty red and swollen so I'll try to post a healed one when I get the chance.
Chipping away at one of my favorite arms...deep space meets the deep ocean vibe 🛸🦈🚀🦑 @wick1 #hideawayatsuitex  #itsafineline
cutting SAINT MARINER CLOTING FOLLOW @saintmarinerclothing  #madeinitaly #streetwear #newline #caronte #saintmarinerclothing #tshirt
working at SAINT MARINER CLOTHING #pietrosedda #saintmarinerclothing #madeinitaly #streetwear #newline #caronte @saintmarinerclothing
Hand ornaments 🥀 @_marrymarrymarry_  #hideawayatsuitex  #itsafineline
1 or 2? ☺️🌹 Photo @martasyrko  Style @yarmolyuk_anastasiya  MUA @ivannamamchuk
SAINT MARINER CLOTHING soon #saintmarinerclothing #caronte #madeinitaly #streetwear #moodofthemoment FOLLOW@saintmarinerclothing
Inspiration of the day:  Young Woman with Ibis, 1860 by Edgar Degas ❤️
Il brutto non è semplicemente il "rovescio" dialettico della bellezza, bensì un elemento metamorfico che la intensifica e potenzia, facendo risaltare la sua lotta vittoriosa contro il negativo. (Rosenkranz) SAINT MARINER CLOTHING  #caronte #newline #streetwear #madeinitaly FOLLOW @saintmarinerclothing
Bullet Bill x 2 🖤🖤🖤🚀🛸🚀🛸
If you want to get tattooed - contact me! More info on my profile and in previous posts! 🙌🏻 #blackworkerssubmission #tattoodo #tattrx #inkstinctsubmission #tttism #polandtattoos #blackworkers #darkartists #skulltattoo #backtattoo
Hi! Who is your favorite photographer? Looking forward to read your answer! #birdofparadise #strelitzia
Cranes mate forever 🖤 @mrs_ripper #itsafineline  #hideawayatsuitex
If you want to get tattooed - contact me! I finally opened my schedule again. More info on my profile and in previous post! 🔥🔥 #devil #lucifer #kamilczapiga #illustration #ink #ecoline
Compass that always points to her boys ❤️ @carlahacken  #hideawayatsuitex  #itsafineline
🔥 ZAPISY RUSZAJĄ 🔥  Zainteresowanych proszę o wysłanie maila na podany adres w takiej formie:  1. Imię, nazwisko, numer telefonu 2. Miasto  3. 1-3 pomysły na tatuaż wraz z opcjonalnym krótkim i zwięzłym opisem 4. Proponowane miejsce na ciele (wraz z wyraźnymi zdjęciami w dobrej jakości jako załączniki do maila) 5. Inspiracje oraz inne materiały mogące pomóc w realizacji projektu (również w formie załączników do maila)  W razie pytań i sugestii pisz śmiało! Z góry zaznaczam, że wybieram tylko te tematy których realizacją jestem zainteresowany.  Proszę pamiętać o tym, że pracuję na bieżąco i wszystkie projekty powstają rano przed sesją. Zawsze jest jednak czas na mailowe konsultacje przed spotkaniem, jak i rozwianie ewentualnych wątpliwości już podczas sesji.  Proszę o cierpliwość jeśli chodzi o odpowiedzi na maile. Może to zająć sporo czasu. Mam nadzieję że do końca maja się wyrobię 🙃  Pozdrawiam wszystkich serdecznie! 🙌🏻 #kamilczapiga #polandtattoos
Where are my followers from? 🌍
One of your favorites🙏🏻 #trumanshow
🔥CONTEST🔥 Comment your favorite pin letter by letter without interruption, i will send pins to first 5 winners! Let’s start!  Bullfinch, RedFox, Rainbow, Unicorn, Rose, Flamingo, Kitty, Lion, Wolf
🏰What is the best season to visit Amsterdam? #amsterdam
🎉It’s my birthday! 🎉 Guess my age 🐣
🐰 #whippet
Sketch for an upcoming party poster 🌳 coloured and finished version coming soon 🙃 #kamilczapiga #illustration #psychedelic #ravegirl #spring
👁repost👁 with non-digital colouring 🍌stay strong eat banananas 🍌  #kamilczapiga #illustration #ink #ecoline #banana
🌌🐋#whale  #whaletattoo #sashaunisex
🐰🖌 My favorite model #whippet  #veryimportantwhippet
Evening (the fall of day) by #williamrimmer on the legend Arthur Jafa  @anamibia #ledzep #hideawayatsuitex  #itsafineline 🌞🔥
FOLLOW @saintmarinerclothing  SAINT MARINER CLOTHING original #tshirt #saintmarinerclothing #caronte #newline #streetwear #madeinitaly
another one for @lui.barr🙏🏻🖤
If you want to get tattooed - contact me! I finally opened my schedule again. More info on my profile and in previous post! 🔥🔥 #kamilczapiga #illustration #ink #ecoline
♥️🖤 Tag your best friend with whom you would like to have a couple tattoos! And I remind that @sashaunisex_store is my only official store page now! Soon we will fill it with new products, and while there are old collections in stock, we are ready to respond to your applications in the direct now⚡ ♥️🖤 Отметьте свою подругу/друга, с кем бы хотели парную тату! А я напоминаю что @sashaunisex_store теперь моя единственная официальная страница магазина! Уже скоро она наполнится новыми товарами, а пока в наличии старые коллекции, мы уже готовы отвечать на ваши заявки в директ⚡ #bff #coupletattoo #temporarytattoo #sashaunisex
Ink and ecoline on paper / 40x60cm #kamilczapiga #ink #illustration #ecoline #painting