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Are you a Batman fan? Batman Beyond. Had so much fun making this piece would love to make more like it. Go to nikkohurtado.com to make an appointment. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
I told Lyon where FBT’s actually come from, meet Mom and Dad FBT 🤷🏻‍♂️ Congrats on the new store in LA @visvimwmv 💥
Borage flower tattoo for a special girl  @rit.kit.tattoo 🌿🦋 #botanical #borage #sashaunisex
#flashbackfriday ever seen the movie “The Road” with #viggomortensen if now watch it. I love post apocalyptic movies. Done on a rad dude @hrtoga @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored if you would like to get tattooed by me go to Nikkohurtado.com
Imaginary lines that you can 👀 💫🐘💫 #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Man I’m so excited! It’s so nice when you put two years of effort in a product and you see it come together. We gave out 100 jars at Black Anchor Academy for your feed back in January from my community of Tattoo artists. We have listened and made a few minor tweaks for you. This is the final batch to make sure that it’s the quality I expect form a product with my name on it. I’ve been involved form beginning to end on this project and it’s been exciting. I have more cool products coming from @stencilanchored i made this a vegan product to be cruelty free and I feel the less in a product for our bodies the better. Thank you for the continued support.
@bangbangnyc Im proud of you guys♥️♥️ Thank you so much @nytimes
In the vibe of the magnificent Osprey 🦅 💫 #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Lyon caught a chupacabra, isn’t that neat?? #larrydavidthexolo
Catching a lil bzzzzzzzz 🐝 #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Who is ready for Jan? @goldenstatetattooexpo  Book your booth now for our next Golden State Tattoo Expo @goldenstatetattooexpo ,Taking Place January at @visitpasadena CA😎Booths are going  fast, message us to reserve your spot before we sell out😜The NY & Golden State Tattoo Expos are Presented by @inkedmag 💉@goldenstatetattooexpo is hosted by @nikkohurtado & @carlostorresart 😜Click the link  in our bio for more info👍🏽 remember #blackanchoracademy will be teaching and giving seminars there is limited # of space so don’t miss out.
Had a lot of fun touching the blacks up on this piece. One last day off then back to work. If you would like a portrait of your kid or family member go to Nikkohurtado.com and put in a request. Thank you.
Comment “🦄” if unicorns are real #unicorn #watercolor
Man I really loved the first @guardiansofthegalaxy movie. Young Groot has to be my favorite. Well maybe Rocket and Groot. But I think this guy likes it more than I. Here is a video of the Tattoo from the other day. Watch till the end the light goes out and the goggles look cool. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink
Was thinking today a lot and wanted to share a little bit of words to you tattoo artists/artist or anyone that thinks they are at a dead end or will never achieve their goals. Keep pushing. I am going to share more of who I am, what interests me and how I think. I want to share so I can motivate and inspire. I am no runner but I jog/walk and do the best I can. You should as well. It really clears my brain and let’s me reflect on recent conversations good and bad. I love listening to people share their truths to me with body language and your eyes always speak your heart and soul. Be mindful be aware. #achievegreater. Have a great day! Now I’m going to enjoy Central Park.
Golden 📐 ratio vibe 💫🌙 #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Did a quick touch up of a tattoo I did 3 years ago. Needed small little black touch ups so I just re did all the blacks. Skin tones and whites are healed. Really fun hour to put down on this. Thanks you @nyempirestatetattooexpo for your love and support. Great show great weekend. Not to enjoy a little New York before I Tattoo tomorrow.
Roger Waters The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
Another one for the books. @nyempirestatetattooexpo thank you so much for another great show! All love guys till next year. Now to get ready to get this @goldenstatetattooexpo and #blackanchoracademy who is coming? I love this show it’s my favorite in the world!
Part baby kangaroo, gucci dragon, armadillo, and velociraptor. 👹 #larrydavidthexolo
Lil homie Copito for the other Copito @gogo_chief ❄️🙊❄️ #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Turn sound on! Come watch me Tattoo I took the bar down. No questions but you can watch. I’ll be here all night! Let’s fucking get it! I’m pumped!
Color portrait seminar tomorrow @nyempirestatetattooexpo still a few spots left open. Don’t miss out. Can’t wait! @blackanchorworldwide #blackanchoracademy
Rewind 3 weeks back to Paris...thanks to my pockets I was able to walk around with everything I owned 🎣 What a great week with all the homies💥🔥 📸 @le21eme
A special Fox for Boris 🦊 @netskyofficial  #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
Eleven from Stranger Things! 🎃 #strangerthings #eleven #tttism #tattoodo #polandtattoos #milliebobbybrown
Does Wendy need her own IG account?  Yes or No? #veryimportantwhippet #whippet
Dobrochoczy - Slavic forest keeper 🌳🍄🌲 #darkartists #tttism #tattoodo #blackworkerssubmission #polandtattoos #tattrx
for @mommyimsorry ♥️
One of your favorites 🙏🏻
✨✨ for lil O ✨✨ Thank you @oliviawilde  #hideawayatsuitex  #slimneedle
And with this i wish for all of you a great summer full of fun and love🙏🏼❤️ Grazie @nickbattistiol come sempre per la fiducia a la costanza ❤️ #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattooing #thesaintmariner #milanotattoo #blacknovelsforlovers #nerobluepietrosedda #backpiece #nerotattoo
from walk in day🙏🏻♥️
Beyond humbled to be included in the new season of Tattoo Age alongside some of the heaviest hitters in the game 💥 New season starts July 11 th on @viceland
Sweatshirt Saint Mariner @saintmarinerclothing ss19  Photo by @mayastarlavi  Model @yung_surgeon #pietrosedda #caronte #saintmarinerclothing #saintmariner #riccardograssishowroom #readytowear
🦊 @sashaunisex_store  #foxtattoo #temporarytattoo
Sweatshirt Saint Mariner ss19  Photo by @mayastarlavi  Model @yung_surgeon #pietrosedda #caronte #saintmarinerclothing #saintmariner #riccardograssishowroom #readytowear #madeinitaly FOLLOW  @saintmarinerclothing
🌈🐰My beauty  #whippet #veryimportantwhippet
#repost @saintmarinerclothing ・・・ Sweatshirt Saint Mariner ss19 #pietrosedda #caronte #saintmarinerclothing #saintmariner #riccardograssishowroom #readytowear #madeinitaly #arroganza
#repost @saintmarinerclothing ・・・ Sweatshirt Saint Mariner s/s 2019 #pietrosedda #caronte #summer2019 #readytowear #streetwear #madeinitaly #saintmarinerclothing #becool #fashionmilan #riccardograssishowroom FOLLOW @saintmarinerclothing
Every day is a good day! 💛 #amsterdam
Tattoo trade with @gakkinx in Amsterdam 🖤🦆I’m so happy! Thank you again!  Swipe to see more #javasparrow #mandarinduck
Finally in Amsterdam! #amsterdam #beautiful 🏰🏰🏰 #iamsterdam
Diduch - slavic household demon 🔥  #tattrx #tattoodo #colortattoo #slavictattoo #demon
1) Cuvier’s toucan 🦋 2) Keel billed toucan 🌈 3) Toco toucan 💛 (my favorite)  #sashaunisex #watercolor #toucan
Kinga’s first tattoo. Thanks for trust and freedom in creating the design! 🙃
With my new homie in my freshly opened studio 😎 #nieźle
Conte di Valdoca aka Fantaghirò for Ola. Thanks! 👑  #blackworkerssubmission #darkartists #tttism #tattrx #tattoodo #polandtattoos
Northern Lights 🌌🌄🌠 .  Top 10 destinations to see the Northern Lights:  1. Yellowknife, Canada 2. Fairbanks, Alaska 3. Kalfafell, Iceland 4. Tromsø, Norway 5. Abisko, Sweden 6. Ivalo, Finland 7. Inari, Finland 8. Alta, Norway 9. Sandgerdi, Iceland 10. Kirkenes, Norway
RU/ENG ✨ 😺🐶Всем спасибо за участие в конкурсе! Сегодня я прочитаю все ваши комментарии и выберу победителя. Выбор будет сложным, поскольку их там много и они все классные. Если вы хотите мне помочь с выбором, ставьте лайки самым лучшим на ваш взгляд историям под предыдущим постом. ✨😺🐶Thank you everyone for the participating in the contest! #sashaunisex_giveaway  Today I will read all your comments and choose the winner. The choice will be difficult, because there are a lot of them and they are all cool. If you want to help me with the selection, like the best stories in your opinion under the previous post.
Another Yeti this week! An adult one this time 🙃 that’s my second tattoo in color and I’m already starting to love it! 👌🏻 #colortattoo #yetitattoo #bigfoot #tttism #tattrx
Spaceman for Michał! 🚀#blackworkerssubmission #tattoodo #tattrx#inkstinctsubmission #tttism#polandtattoos #blackworkers #darkartists #spaceman #astronaut #astronauttattoo
After one year♥️ There Will Be Blood♥️ one of my favorite!
My interview for @esquireitalia grazie @federicopoletti 🙏🏼❤️ #pietrosedda #pietroseddatattooing #saintmarinerclothing
GIVEAWAY! You often ask me to draw your pets, so I decided to give away one such drawing today! The rules of the competition: ✅Write in the comments under this post an interesting or funny story about your pet ✅Tag three friends who would be interested in this contest ✅Replace a photo of your pet on your Instagram with a hashtag #sashaunisex_giveaway (the page should be open) On Monday I will choose the winner  with the most interesting story and draw a portrait of his pet! 🐰🐸🦊🐱 КОНКУРС! Вы часто просите меня нарисовать ваших питомцев, поэтому я решила сегодня разыграть один такой рисунок! Итак, условия конкурса: . ✅Написать в комментариях под этим постом интересную или смешную историю, связанную с вашим питомцем ✅Отметить троих друзей, которых заинтересовал бы этот конкурс ✅Разместить у себя на странице фото своего питомца с хештегом #sashaunisex_giveaway (страница должна быть открытой) В понедельник я выберу победителя с самой интересной историей и нарисую портрет его любимца! 🐰🐸🦊🐱
What’s your favorite @marvel cinematic universe character. I think right now mine is #thanos here is a a #starlord I tattooed for 10 hours yesterday. Fun day. Done on a fellow artist @thuctau.art Thanks Bro. @nyempirestatetattooexpo @stencilanchored @blackanchorworldwide always grateful to Tattoo a fellow artist in my community. @prattprattpratt
Psycho-Cosmic-Alien-Beetle for Bartek! Thanks! 🚀  #blackworkerssubmission #tattoodo #tattrx#inkstinctsubmission #tttism#polandtattoos #blackworkers #darkartists
Yeti for Natalia! Thanks for trust! That’s my first colour tattoo ever! 🚀 #colortattoo #yetitattoo #bigfoot #tttism #tattrx