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Bellota, bouquet, kokotxas, txipirons... le meilleur de San Sebastián est chez Amaïa de Ganbara... #sansebastian #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Passion croquetas... celles d’Amaïa à Ganbara... #tropbon #samsebastian #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Passion marché... les merveilleuses olives de Bretxoliva préparées par Manu... #sansebastian #labretxa #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Passion marché... aujourd’hui la Bretxa à San Sebastián... #labretxa #sansebastian #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Féerique...! #jadorelesfeuxdartifice #biarritz merci @hoteldupalais #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Wouah! Juste sublime! #biarritz #fireworks #hoteldupalais #friendsandfamily #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Le plus bel endroit du monde... ready for the fireworks... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Last few days of @NYCRestaurantWeek up at @Tavern62! It’s been the best one yet. Swipe through for some fav dishes this time around. #nycrw is a lot of work, but it’s a damn good deal and it’s great to see so many new faces #chewdoin
From the #foraging department: Wood sorrel - deer droppings and chicken of the woods (it’s a mushroom)
Ttpro de merlu de Saint-Jean à ma façon... #biarritz #paysbasque #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
My declaration of freedom from nemesis of what Indian cuisine was and what it has progressed into  Return of Chicken tikka masala  A tomato 🍅 bun 🍞 with 🐓 tikka pâté and wild honey 🍯  Please don’t ask a naan bread with a curry or a Masala chai (at midnight end of ur meal)  Tea ☕️ came to India via the BritishRaj (we love it 😍) but after meals it’s a breakfast or evening tea not supper tea  Naan bread with the Persians and not the Indian national hole bread  And chicken tikka masala was made in England .. Vande Mataram -“ I praise the mother” and my land my mother India has much much much much more to offer visit India and u will know how food eaten with hands can taste so comfortable without garam masala and cream  #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best #michelinbkk
Kokotxas... panées... grillées... #chez Pablo Loureiro Rodil à Casa Urola... #sansenastian #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Les meilleures anchois de San Sebastián... Txepetxa... #sansenastian #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Le tapas signature d’Amaïa à Ganbara... cette fois-ci avec des oronges... #ganbara #sansebastian #donostia #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
They struggled for our freedom.. Still many of us are trapped in our own boundaries. Freedom is a state of mind  Lucky to be Born in India 🇮🇳 with six elements of Freedom and how I have implemented in my life  1.to freedom of speech and expression; cook whatever we want  2. to assemble peaceably and without arms; socialize in eateries  3. to form associations or unions or cooperative societies : To have community  4. to move freely throughout the territory of India; travel and tourism  5. to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India; - inspire from everything around me  6. to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business - being a chef Restrauner  Even when we will be treated as third world citizens  even if we have to get Visa for every country  even if we have been racially discriminated  Even when our food and cuisine is considered to be curry (lol) we have given sugar and pepper that’s in every kitchen in the world  I am proud Indian  After all we are just 71 yrs old  HAPPY INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY #worlds50best #michelinbkk #gaggan
The mighty BLT: champion of the summer 🥪 the perfect food. Simple to cook. Temperature & texture contrast, umami from 🍅, 🥓 and kewpie. So irresistible that a couple of my kosher friends sneak them in. Add anything else and it’s a club sandwich. #uglydelicious #nojudging #dontmakeitfancy
Late Summer Lobster done right up at @SaltandChar @TheAdelphiHotel  Great pic by @ManhattanTwist #chewdoin
This is 6 yrs back 📷 by @trip_series on a family trip in India  Today in Thailand 🇹🇭 we celebrate Mother’s Day  I am 40 now but I think the best feeling is when u hold the hand 🤚🏼 of ur mom how ever old you are, first we need their support when we are young and then when we get older we have to hold their hands to support them .. It’s a pity that I can’t be with her in her home in Kolkata but soon she will join me in Bangkok  When they ask me who is the most inspirational person in my life nothing can take the shame what my mom taught me  1. Give water to enemies  2. Don’t hit anyone or abuse anyone physically  3. Always help as many as we can and live with dignity even if we have nothing in pockets  4. Cook with your heart out and take pride in what you do  5. Be a rebel  6. She made me stand by her side from age of 6 and we cooked together although started with me helping her in kitchen  7. Her food still reflects in our menu today the memories I shared with her food is incredible  8. Lastly she told me cooking is a an act when u cook with love and joy in ur heart for ur loved ones (the best lesson no chef will ever teach us this) All I hope and pray that after this year from 2019 onward I can have quality and quantity time with my family my mom and I will be ready to sacrifice every opportunity I have in coming years as the guilt of not being with them and dedicating every thing Gaggan is now talking a toll on my personal life.  One of the reasons why I will close Gaggan  Happy Mother’s Day to all and this shouldn’t be celebrated just for one day but every day the women who bore the pain of having you inside her for 9 months to labour deserves best of our each every day  Confession of a Guilty Son  #gaggan #worlds50best #michelinbkk
Always on the move! Just leaving @DrifthouseDB heading to @GardenCityHotel tonight & kickin’ off Jazz Sundays @WoodpeckerByDB tomorrow at Noon! Stop by and say hello, if you can catch me 👋 📷: @shessofargone
Oyesters shells  Watermelon 🍉 sorbet  Pink Elderflower 🌺 sago and pearls  @rydoanton89 the man behind this now u know in few years why GAGGAN will exit and RA will enter  He will have his own journey but I am sure he will do very well becoz now he is not only a great chef but also a super creative and learning the entrepreneur skills of being a restaurateur  till he opens I will take all the credits lol 😂 #gaggan #worlds50best #asia50best #rydoanton #suhringtwins #michelinbkk
Happy birthday to @momolongplay Noodle Bar!! We didn't know what we were doing when we opened in 2004 but we tried our best and worked hard to make food we wanted to eat. Thanks to the noodle bar teams past and present! We've learned a lot over the past 14 years and we're just getting started.
Got that Friday feelin’ today! Go big! @DrifthouseDB!
Eye on the prize. True Ribeye Steak from @SnakeRiverFarms, served with shallot confit and finished with sel gris from Brittany, France @surfclubrestaurant. I love this classic dish for its simplicity and quality. www.surfclubrestaurant.com . #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930 📷: @djonesstudio
I've been friends with @nickkroll for 20 years. One of the best guys you could meet. He's been eating at Momofuku since the early days (when we had dumplings and ice cream sandwiches at Noodle Bar!!) We talked for so long that we broke it into two episodes. In this one, we talked about jumping between projects, the mix of pride and jealousy when your friends succeed, and doing jobs that none of our peers thought we'd succeed at. Listen at the link in my bio. And go see Operation Finale with Nick and other heavyweights like Sir Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac and coming soon the upcoming new season of @bigmouthNetflix!! @davechangshow @majordomomedia @ringer #toomuchtuna
#nycreastaurantweek going strong @Tavern62. Offering the whole menu and “Make us an offer” Wine List, have you been in yet? #chewdoin
I am smiling here in Surfside. Excited (and nervous) as we welcome guests for the first time to @surfclubrestaurant. . Returning to Florida is both thrilling and gratifying as it’s been a personal goal of mine to bring Continental cuisine to this historic property that first opened its doors in 1930. . It’s an honor to be part of one of the most recognized locations in the world. We will bring it new life. Like so many other places in the world, this property is truly a magical place, and I am not so much an owner as I am a caretaker. The vision is not to change the spirit of The Surf Club, but to continue to help shape its next chapter. . As we open our doors, we aim to make meaningful memories in the ambiance of a bygone era. Thank you to our teams and partners. Looking forward to building a great history together. . Welcome! . To make a reservation or learn more, please visit our website at www.surfclubrestaurant.com. . #thesurfclubrestaurant #thesurfclubmiamibeach #surfsupsince1930 Photo courtesy @thesurfclubmiamibeach
Proud and honored to partner with @B_Causes ! Now @DrifthouseDB a portion of your bill can go to the charity of your choice. Follow the link in my bio to purchase a dinner for 2 for $65 ($100 value). This will be one of my first properties to partner, but more to come - stay tuned!!
One of the best bites in the past decade - the turnip that tasted like a pear and mandarin but has the texture of a mango and you peel it like a banana #plantkingdom
eating lots of 🇰🇷 seaweed soup (미역국 miyeok-guk) for breakfast this week. This one made by @graceseo mom is more beef forward than the anchovy centric one by mom Chang. Both are super delicious. Korean nursing mothers traditionally eat this as it’s high in nutrients that are good for the body. So you are supposed to eat this on your birthday to celebrate your mom. So this bowl is for you momma Chang!! #uglydelicious
Finally @goh_f cooking his own menu in collaboration with @mihara102 Fukuoka and I am just doing the tea 🍵 and 🍨 at @miharatofuten_bangkok on 13:08-14:08  Next week only limited seats available  Reservation Instagram: @miharatofuten_bangkok 📞📲 : (+66) 83 655 4245 Line : @mihara.tofuten 📧:resv@miharatofubangkok.com Website : www.miharatofubangkok.com Address : 159/3 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 #lamaisondelanaturegoh #miharatofuten #miharatofutenbangkok #miharahiroki #gohgan #tofuomakase #tofufighters #tofu #michelinbkk #worlds50best #asia50best
Merci Chef @joel.robuchon for your outstanding contributions to our profession. You were one of the greatest influences for our generation and had a reach that cannot easily be measured. With unparalleled precision, you captivated the culinary audience to reinforce the importance of fine dining and made elevated dining approachable. You also brought higher quality food to consumers and taught a generation about sous vide cooking. Because of you, puréed potatoes reached new heights and became a cult dish. You came out of retirement to give us a unique form of fine dining, allowing guests to sit at a counter and enjoy all the fun and interaction of sitting at a bar while enjoying fine food. Many young chefs today emulate that same format; chefs tables now exist all over the world. You ensured that guests felt comfortable. You paved the way for restaurateurs and influenced cooks like me to pursue their dreams. We honor you. Our thoughts are with your family and culinary teams.
🤯🤯🤯 Golden raspberries
RIP Chef Joel Robuchon. You changed the whole game in every way possible. I always thought of you as the Bill Walsh of gastronomy 🐐 #legend
Mother’s Day onwards  lunch open 11:30 Am to 1:15 pm dinner 6:00 pm onwards  Reservation Instagram: @miharatofuten_bangkok 📞📲 : (+66) 83 655 4245 Line : @mihara.tofuten 📧:resv@miharatofubangkok.com Website : www.miharatofubangkok.com Address : 159/3 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 #tofuomakase #tofufighters #tofu #miharatofuten #miharatofutenbangkok #miharahiroki #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gaggan #michelinbkk #asia50best #worlds50best
It’s uncanny that no matter where I am  in the world, on August 5th @christinatosi & @milkbarstore always manage to deliver a chocolate passion fruit 🍰 for my birthday (the best flavor imho). Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. 41 is gonna be the best year yet @graceseo  # 👶 👑 Leo 🍀 🍑
Fun one last night with @BobbyFlay and Chef Chris Bonniver up in Saratoga @TheAdelphiHotel @SaltandChar
Ingredients Buffet #plantkingdom
콩비지 찌게 (Kong Bi Ji Jigae): Made with ground soy beans, kimchi and pork belly or pork ribs. It’s @graceseo favorite dish. Her mom makes the best I’ve ever had. 콩비지 is a sure fire first ballot entry into the #uglydelicious hall of fame. I’d also bet it’s the first time anyone has made this dish in Wyoming #kimchipower #uglydelicious #eatwithrice
Do you floss??? my daughter @arwenlevyredzepi teaching Souschef (@riccardo.canella) some moves
As great as the fly fishing was...this was yesterday’s highlight 🎣 #babymoose
Talked to my friend chef Diep Tran of @goodgirldinette for the newest episode of @davechangshow. She told me about pho, the struggles of growing up queer and Catholic in the suburbs, and why she doesn’t want to only talk about her “boat person” experience. If you’ve never had the chance to hear from Diep, listen now at the link in my bio. Better yet go eat at Good Girl Dinette!! It’s super delicious!!! @ringer @majordomomedia
Getting rave reviews about our MAKE AN OFFER wine program @Tavern62. You see our price, you make an offer, we accept or deny... and we’re feeling generous! #cheers #chewdoin
GREAT quick trip to #nola to move my daughter into her new place as she heads to Tulane Law School. Proud Pops! Also showed her a couple favorite spots around town. @Emeril’s spot still got it!
When we renovate momofuku noodle bar, I hope it looks a lot like Canter’s. If I squint my eyes I can see it 🤞
When popcorn 🍿 rewinds Time and goes back to the first few methods  #popcornbolan #gaa #meatlicious #suhringtwins #miharatofuten #gaggan
EGGGGGcellent things happenin’ over at @WoodpeckerByDB !
Kickin’ off the weekend at Red Salt Room in the @GardenCityHotel ! Some Classic DB Short Rib Dumplings to get the party started. #chewdoin
Just landed in songhkla Daughter 11 yrs old makes roti like a dream she has been doing this for 4 yrs at the age of 7  Mother cuts and finishes the order make sure the made to order roti is finished according to people’s choice  Brother 21 is the only server the whole stretch of 20 mts on the street alone  Father the master fryer making every type of Roti the crispiest ones to the softest layered one  A family of 4 running a 30yr old street food must visit in songkhla roti corner  Well this Is without doubt the paratha roti influenced from Tamils who migrated to Malaysia and from then it started to spread in cuisines around south thailand  This is amazing thailand and no tourist here no English menu here and I think they don’t need it to  @noth @a3yp4korn thanks 🙏 for this eye opening trip to unknown 🇹🇭 next three days everything I post will be about this discovery  #gaggan #bibgourmand #streetfood #roti #paratha #songkhla
Smoked Trout and Pumpernickel Mille-Crepe with Cucumbers, Dill and Golden Ossetra @regiisova #caviar 📷: @jrodhuth
🐠 + raw mango + raw papaya + 🌶 + 🍋 = 🇹🇭 🍦  @rydoanton89 @pjoao20 innovators  @shun1320 cone expert @melanie.ong ice cream maker  @polynse Thai tastemaker  #gaa #suhringtwins #meatlicious #gaggan #miharatofutenbangkok
RIP Jonathan Gold • To me Jonathan was the best the world of food had to offer. He was honest, generous and selfless. He truly was smarter than anyone. He had a way of distilling everything that was going on in the world, Into a few clear paragraphs, and always with food as the connecting tissue. You didn’t just get hungry, you understood new things about the world with Jonathan. I can’t fathom that I’ll never get to see him again. Never cook for him again. He was just here in Copenhagen a few months ago. We were talking about a trip to LA this fall, He was gonna take us around in his pick up truck.
My reason to come to HK.. !! @thebernunithk thanks 🙏 for the que and live feed !! 🙏 @susanjunghkfood for arranging the introduction  Did the ✅ to eat for the last time before this bamboo noodle place which is there for 60yrs + closing next month.. first time I ate here was suggested by @rekkebus in 2013 and from then point of no return !! I had 3 bowls today and I think the memories will live although the restaurant will die ... what I heard was the owner is 70 yrs old and has no one in the latest generation who wanna work hard 😓 to carry the legacy We lost this in time and space .. But totally understandable... as this is curse of fine food when fame money and fortune take over passion ... but but but only if they would resurface in a new location, Then the passion would have won but here the capitalism of modern world clearly consumed a legacy ... #wingwah #noodleslover #gaggan #wingwahcraving
Artichoke simmered in truffle juice
Mulberries (Morus rubra) - this could possibly be the best berry of them all. The deep red color is almost an omen for its deep rich flavor: It’s like 10 blackberries, 10 cherries, 10 raspberries and 10 blueberries in ONE SINGLE goddamn mouthful🤯🤯🤯🤯
Celebrating Bastille Day the @bouchon_bistro way 🇫🇷 Bread by Executive Head Baker @francoishiegel #bastillewithbouchon
A honey ant, this was the best thing i ate in 2017. They’re basically overfeed ants, that carry the burden as food storage for the colony, in case of a dry spell. Their abdomen, the size of a small grape is full of a sweet and sour nectar. It’s seriously amazing. A traditional food source in some rural part of Mexico and Australia
Here’s a bowl of strawberries and fava beans in a ceviche style
It’s one of my favorite times of year when I meet with our teams for open conversations in a Town Hall format. It’s a way to connect with them in an intimate and informal setting to provide updates, acknowledge their hard work and dedication, and to answer questions that are top of mind. When we were kids we were encouraged to raise our hands and ask questions. As we got older we stopped raising our hand for fear of being judged by our peers or colleagues. I find the questions from our teams to be most enlightening.
Over the past 15 years noma has grow from seven full time staff to almost 80 people - more than 20 different nationalities, people from all walks of life all equally contributing in pushing us forward • Today I am going to tell you about Mette @mette_soberg. She started as an apprentice, but it didn't take her long to show everyone that she had something special. Mette was the one to spearhead everything related to the current vegetarian menu: it’s development, the organization of ingredients and of the team. She’d trained for this moment for almost two years, and she has simply done an amazing job. I honestly believe that this menu is our best work. We’ve been working for it like MAD people. There have been so many moments, late at night, where I’ve been driving her and the team crazy swapping and changing things around. Questioning, poking, nudging. All the while, Mette was cool as a cucumber. • Next up is our game menu, here we go all over again....so If you see Mette on the streets, give her a high five, or a thumbs up or just shout “Go, Mette!” At the very least, you should follow her on her Instagram @mette_soberg - She is still only in her 20s, and I think we will be hearing much much more from her in the future.
I begin the day with a sense of gratitude and wonder. Grateful for the countless people who have made this restaurant what it is today, and wonder at how far we have progressed on this 24th anniversary @_tfl_.  This restaurant is about a collective team with a singular vision exemplifying values that helped establish this special place behind the blue door. . It is my wish that it continues to have a dynamic impact by helping shape the livelihoods of so many chefs and professionals, and making memories for our guests. . To my colleagues – thank your for your tireless commitment each and every day. To my partners and our alumni – thank you for believing in and supporting my vision from the beginning. And thank you to our guests who have made this all possible. . Designed by @level_calistoga_ca
Aptly named, the British born Tony Prince is like royalty at @Bouchon_Bistro. At 72 years young, Tony’s experience and wisdom are essential to our success. After spending most of his working life in the hospitality field, Tony first came to us as a guest during pre-opening and joined us 8 years later as host. “I have strong memories surrounding the buzz about a new French Bistro in the Valley. Even the restroom decor was a topic of conversation! I knew many of the staff at that time and it quickly became a second home for me.” . An expert communicator, Tony takes conversation to an art form with his worldly sensibility and wit. Known throughout the Napa Valley, he has become a beloved and relied upon fixture in the Bouchon family. . An integral part of his professionalism is his constant curiosity, a trait that enables him to treat each guest as special—from finding out where they are from to learning more about their travel plans to giving map lessons. Guests often return asking for him, touched by his ability to remember personal details. His goal is to make guest feels welcomed from their first contact with the restaurant, whether in person as a walk-in without a reservation or on the phone. He wants the couple who have just stumble upon Bouchon to feel as if they are returning guests. . “It is a constant source of delight to me that, in the twilight of my professional life, I come to work each day at my favorite restaurant. I have been here from day one as a customer and this month I celebrate my 12th year anniversary! I get extreme satisfaction from being able to share my love of our unique restaurant every day with our guests. It gives me an adrenaline rush when one small gesture makes someone’s visit memorable. These can vary from getting water for our canine visitors on the patio to getting after-hours goodies from @Bouchon_Bakery for guests who show up at 7:15 (we close at 7pm). The energy and vibrancy of Bouchon help keep me young!”
I was honored and proud to be a part of the American delegation of the Academie Culinaire de France. I would not be where I am today without the great French chefs both here in America as well as in France, including my friends Sylvain Leroy and Roland Passot.
A Walk through the Garden | Yogurt Panna Cotta with Pancakes, Marigold Jelly and Whipped Strawberry Juice #elwynboyles 📷: @davidescalante
The kitchen lights are dim today. Tony was a force in the kitchen and beyond. He was cool and irreverent. His curiosity was infectious. He made us more curious too. He shared untold stories and asserted their importance. Never one to mince words, he was vocal and literary about our profession. And we needed his voice. He has said that as a cook, taste and smells were his memories. He was always in search of new ones. And he was memorable himself. Among many other things, he reminded us there is nothing more gratifying and intimate—nothing more human—than sitting down to a meal with others. His life and work are a testament to the power of cooking to make the world a kinder, more connected place. I will cherish my memories of him. My thoughts are with his daughter, family, loved ones and the countless lives he touched.
Father's Day favorites | Shop online at kellermannichocolate.com or @finessethestore_com #fathersday #beantobar #kplusm #napavalleychocolate #kellermannichocolate #extravirginchocolate #goodforthebodygoodforthesoul
Retour en enfance... #jadoreleafeuxdartifice #biarritz #hotelsupalais #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
BEAUTIFUL DAY @gardencityhotel. Outdoor dining on the patio sounds like a fine idea. #chewdoin
Hot take: This is the benchmark for fast food sides. Only thing wrong here is its not a large order #redbeansandrice 🐐 #uglydelicious hall of fame #glutenfree
Jammin’ at @WoodpeckerbyDB Jazz Brunch (Sunday’s 11-3pm) Thanks to Felix and the Cats for lending the vibe! 🎤🎹🎷🥁🍴
🌟R🌟I🌟P🌟 🇫🇷 looses another culinary legend this year  Most stared chef ever !  Hope all his restaurants survives this trauma  Black day for culinary world  #joelrobuchon #michelinstars #culinarylegend
Yuba = skin of tofu milk  In @miharatofuten_bangkok we have a mille feuille of yuba freshly made and send with 3 days of expiry  First time yuba mille feuille ever in a menu one of the tofu textures in our omakase  Opening for Lunch from Mother’s Day 12-8-2018 onward and open every Sunday from that week  Lunch omakase starts from 1750 ++ Please contact for enquires  Reservation Tel/WhatsApp : (+66) 83 655 4245 Line : @mihara.tofuten Email : resv@miharatofubangkok.com Website : www.miharatofubangkok.com Address : 159/3 South Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 #tofuomakase #tofu #yubamillefeuille #lamaisondelanaturegoh #miharahiroki #miharatofutenbangkok #miharatofuten
California 👑 salmon in season now.  It’s illegal to sell wild Atlantic salmon and is almost impossible to fish. Dams and pollution have decimated east coast wild salmon. So getting this from California rivers is incredibly exciting. Working on a salmon dish at @majordomola. There is a big difference between wild and farmed. Skip the farmed stuff if you can 🎣
The swear jar might've cost me a Benjamin, but it was well worth it!! Great things happenin' over at @carsonkitchen with Chef Scott Simon and Ethan. Thanks for having me.
Here’s a pic of 9 varieties of strawberries (the small almost black one is 🤯 🤪🙀😭good)