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Un autre sud que le nôtre... découverte.... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Saint-Tropez sans tarte Tropezienne ne serait pas tout à fait Saint-Tropez... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Les toutes premières tomates... #thesimplestisthebest #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Deux jours entre mer et campagne... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Awesome time last night with David Miskit @AngadArtsHotel and @KNashan at @PeaceMakerSTL. Great way to kick off MDW in St. Louis
En attendant que passe l’orage... presque 2 heures de retard... #sicestpaslapoissecayressemble
When you can’t decide which slide of pie to dive into this weekend, remember @drifthousedb has made the decision easy - all three. Oh, and some cotton candy! Happy MDW to all. Thrilled for what’s coming this summer, it’s going to be a great one! 🍫🥧🍓
Bing - this one is a whole wheat version from @momofukudc. @tae_shik__ made his own variation and a slower fermentation than we use at @majordomola. Super delicious. Use your 🤚to eat
Tofu Bento 🍱 starts with tofu tasting .. left: wild unagi yuba maki (tofu skin made by slowly simmering the tofumilk) in a roll Centre: yuki tofu -  Rich creamy @mihara102 Secret recipe tofu served with snow salt from okinawa and olive oil from Sardinia .. right: Gomes tofu Mochi  Next pic: TOFU milk fresh from mihara’s tofu workshop in saga prefecture served with Yuzu preserve  June 6 pm slot sold out .. 7:30 open now and 9 pm selling fast  New menu launching 1st June .. For reservations  Call 📱:	083 655 4245 (13.00-22.00) Whatsapp :+6683 655 4245 Email : 	resv@miharatofutenbangkok.com Line : 	@mihara.tofuten FB Message :		Mihara Tofuten Bangkok Instagram :		@miharatofuten_bangkok  #notofunolife #miharatofutenbangkok #miharatofuten #gaggan #tofuomakase  #lamaisondelanaturegoh #gohgan #itan
Nouveau tasting pour nouveau projet... #openingsoon #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Magic things happening over at @WoodpeckerbyDB right now: THE ANGRY BUTCHER PIZZA. Sausage, Pork Belly, Pappadew Peppers, Spicy Sopressata, Basil & ANGRY HONEY! @WoodpeckerbyDB
Lots of fun this morning on @Fox5NY chatting about how to kick your @hamptonjitney snacks up a notch with @Tavern62 bites for the road. Grab n Go, DB style! Lobster Rolls this weekend. Safe Travels!
Friends! Bookings for the Game & Forest Season will open on the 6th of June at 4PM (CET), via link in bio.
Couldn’t be happier for the entire team @momofukudc getting recognized for their hard work and the stellar re-review: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from the Washington Post. chef @tae_shik__  Tae is one of the best chefs out there. So lucky to have his leadership. They are cooking up some super delicious food in dc
Always our best-seller @helenedarrozeattheconnaught Tandoori scallop, carrot and citrus mousseline, Lampong pepper réduction with fresh coriander #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Annabel’s is doing The (Chelsea Flower) Show... #london #mayfair #maifairwayoflife
Burned Dover sole, white asparagus, samphire, bagna cauda sauce... @helenedarrozeattheconnaught #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
When Massimo jumps into your restaurant asking if we have a table just for him... Thank you @massimobottura You made our day! #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
Good evening @theconnaught from the Champagne bar...
Bread came to India via the Portuguese explorer who settled in Goa in 16th century,  In Goa it’s called Pao (in Portuguese ) but the Indian pronounced it as Pav Roti  Probably it became so easy for Indians then as Pav meaning legs were used to make the dough ?? The Muslim bakers took to the task to make it whats we know as commercial today’s Pav & it took refuge in Mumbai being the closest financial capital to Goa and following global mega cities fast food trends gave rise to keema Pav or minced lamb curry with buttered bread buns. Pav gave rise to numerous versions of fast food / street food of Mumbai and is essentially territorial to that region, we add everything we want to pav and bring life to the simplest humble bread  In Gaggan we took the pav and made it look like a Bao although this one is not a dim sum but spinach pav with keema or minced lamb curry u can guess wether it’s Indian or Portuguese or Chinese in today’s multicultural cuisine it belongs to anywhere and everywhere !! So is our kitchen the Proof is  @rydoanton89 the bao master he is Indonesian Chinese  @pjoao20 the bread master he is Portuguese and @jalamsinghrana curry killer !! #keemapav #gaggan #asia50best #worlds50best #michelinbkk #miharatofutenbangkok  #gohgan #meatlicious #suhringtwins #hugmeismelllikecurry
@fujiwarahiroshi ⚡️⚡️ X @mihara102 🍫  X Gaggan 🌶🍋 #frgmt #gaggan #miharatofuten collaboration results to = YUZUGOSHO NAMA tofu chocolates limited edition ... I can’t even taste it’s in japan only .. maybe we get some for Thailand 🇹🇭 too ?? #miharatofutenbangkok #gaggan #fujiwara_and_co #tofuchocolate #yuzugosho
Grilled Summer Veg Gazpacho! Loving the bright flavors at @Tavern62 right now #chewdoin #gazpacho #summeriscoming
Smoked pork shoulder @momolongplay @majordomola #foodbowl #uglydelicious #meatporn
Wafflin’ at @Woodpeckerbydb. Thinking sweets for sunday night. Black & White Choc Chip Waffles w/ Drunken Dipping Sauces! 📸: @shessofargone
MOMO - influence of China to Indian subcontinent- this Tibetan dish flourished in India where ever we touched border with China and became a part of that cuisine the recipe is so similar to a dumpling to a ravioli to a gyoza except here we twisted in to a Vindaloo of pork.. or Portuguese original recipe of Carne de vinha d'alhos where the transformation happened in the following ways  1. Carne - pork curry stuffed inside  2. Vin- virjuice or Middle Ages highly acidic juice made of grapes and apples  3. Alho - means garlic we used black garlic to make the skin of the momo  Together when the Portuguese colony of Goa has its blend with then Indian cuisine there resulted in a vindaloo or a pickled pork curry.. although there is nothing called a Bombay vindaloo (British version of same recipe) the real idea of the dish was garlic meat and vine .. being a Indian we made it spicy (as flavour) and served it like a momo  @rydoanton89 the genius behind this dish 👏🏻 #gaggan #michelinbkk #asia50bestbars #worlds50best #porkvindaloo
Hypnotized by Hawaiian Dancing Bbq at the food bowl
Thank god for two of the brightest people working in Hollywood helping me not to take criticism so personally. New episode of my podcast at the link in my bio. @riancjohnson @karinalongworth
Big things comin’ up at @GardenCityHotel! Putting some finishing touches on the menu w/ @chef_arinieminen! Photo by @chef_carmine. Going to be a great summer!
@maurocolagreco of #mirazur No.4 at the @theworlds50best ans 2⭐️⭐️ Michelin in Jam session at Gaggan Lab only .. on 06.06.18- 07.06.18 next month .. 14 seats per session .. reservation by email only at reservation@eatatgaggan.com code : Mirazur 1st come 1st basis  It’s the first 🇫🇷 x 🇮🇳 at Gaggan  #worlds50best #asia50best #michelinbkk #mirazur #gaggan
On June 2nd, my buddy @dan.giusti is hosting Brigaid’s $1.25 Throwdown fundraiser in New London, CT. Ten of some of the best chefs I know are going to battle it out to prove that $1.25 isn’t a good enough excuse for school food not to be both nutritious and delicious. I care about improving school food, and so should you. If you can’t make it to the event, they have some great ways you can still contribute. Check it out in the bio @brigaid !
Think this is the 4th year we’ve teamed up with the one and only @marthastewart48 for @hudsonriverpark auction dinner.  A+ photo bomb: @maxxiko @c_mdi. At least we didn’t start any 🔥 tonight
From the test kitchen: mushroom salad
After years in fine dining I wanted to create the perfect neighbor spot in an area with so much energy. Its great to have a cool, lively place to cook and a new home in NoMad. Proud to introduce @WoodpeckerbyDB. Operating in soft-opening mode this week and shaving 20% off every bill as we wrap up trialing some dishes, await the full booze license and work out a couple kinks here and there. Would love your feedback and hope you can come say hello! @WoodpeckerbyDB now taking dinner reservations! WoodpeckerbyDB.com 💯
Throwback Monday that was long time ago 2013-14 menu “Magic ⚡️Mushrooms 🍄 “... back then we used to plate dishes now we just make them eat with hands.. giving up plating is the biggest success of our story.. #gaggan #magicmushroom #miharatofutenbangkok #wetbkk #michelinbkk #ismelllikecurry
From the menu: sea snail broth
Something special for all the Moms out there (even if it’s a little last minute!) Happy Mother’s Day to all! I’m over at @BLTPrimexDB in DC today but we’re showing the love at all the properties!
Chug! Chug! Chug! ❤️ you mom 😘 - 👶 👑 Happy Mother’s Day to the all the rough neck moms #happymothersday
Getting comfortable at the new spot @WoodpeckerbyDB! Opening this Monday! #couchpotatoes
2012 in Kolkata I got inspired by this Bengali sweet called kalajamun.. and then in 2013 onwards we have dish called charcoal .. every few years we changed its inside although the identity remains the same .. from last few years it’s the always a new Ingredient that shows the season what’s gonna be in summer 2018 June menu ?? New menu launching June 2018 80% new dishes from the current one #gaggan #ismelllikecurry #michelinbkk #wetbkk #miharatofutenbangkok
Who can guess the 5 major ingridient in this dish ??? The closest correct answer gets to sit in lab and I cook for u !!! Just comment : what are the ingredients  #gaggan #eatwithhands #ismelllikecurry #michelinbkk
Third episode of my podcast “the Dave Chang show” is now live. Talked with @sptguy33 again about opening @majordomola, the importance of building culture in restaurants, and why failure is a part of the creative process. Download/subscribe at the link in my bio. @majordomomedia @ringer
Hangin around with some buds last night @Tavern62 - Adam Duritz @CountingCrows and @RobThomas @MatchboxTwenty #chewdoin
OPENING MAY 14th, @WoodpeckerbyDB! Bringing pizzas, shareable plates, DB classics and a little extra fun over to NoMad next week. Been working hard on this project with a great team. Excited to throw open the doors! More updates to come, follow @WoodpeckerbyDB for all the good stuff.
Found this gem: we’re over 20 nationalities working together, many of whom speak great English, some not so great. Here’s an example of a Belgian chef trying to spell BEACH CABBAGE BERRY😜😂🤣
This is what happens when you bite into nirvana. The taco de 🦐 from @mariscosjalisco. 🙏@phil.rosenthal @christinatosi @chefstablenetflix @uglydelicious @kcrwevan #netflix #fysee
Rainy sunday thinking about a visit to @detourgallery in Red Bank NJ last week. Great work on display right now. How are you spendin’ your sunday? 🎨 #chewdoin
We’ve all been there buddy @momo_seve
@ssamsauce has been in our kitchens and restaurants for years. Excited that it's available nationwide. Good on Momo Ramen and #goodoneverything #nsfw Get it at the link in my bio.
4 acts of onion or the onoio wow 😮 amazing it just reminds me of Gaggan the whole menu the journey and the playfullness of taste one of the top meals I had in Singapore really tasty food and really well presented @chefjasontan_sg I am big fan of u hope u allow me to cook in ur kitchen soon and love to welcome u to bkk outstanding food future of Asia !!! #asia50best #worlds50best #cornerhouse #gaggan #chefjasontan #michelinstar
Got something buggin’ me about what to drink on Cinco De Mayo 🦗🦗🦗 Playing around with some new flavors up at @Tavern62 this weekend.  Would you drink it?? Let me know! #chewdoin (P.S. also puts a little hop in your step with @pisco_100!)
@goh_f  aka GOHSAN  Me aka GAGGAN  @malvaez_mario_ aka @meatlicious = GOHGAN X Meatlicious on 13.5.2018 for reservations contact Meatlicious limited seats it’s not a pop up it’s a jam  session of 🇯🇵 x 🇮🇳 X 🇲🇽 We don’t know the menu yet we don’t know the Ingridients we will just cook with fire 🔥  For reservations  Meatlicious Reservation Team Tel/Whatsapp : +66 91 698 6688 (13.00 onwards) Email : meatlicious.rs@gmail.com Line : @meatlicious FB/IG : meatlicious Ekamai Soi 6, Sukhumvit 63 Bangkok  #gohgan #gaggan #gohsan #lamaisondelanaturegoh #meatlicious #miharatofutenbangkok
Another chilly one in NYC but looking forward to tmrw- Catch the view and grab a bite BURGER NIGHT 🍔 @DrifthouseDB every Tuesday night! Live music 🎶 at 6pm, $29 beer/wine, burger/lobster roll/chicken milanese & salad/soup... See you down the shore! #chewdoin #seabright #jerseyshore
@titleedesigns want me to look like a 🦋 ..... #gaggan #miharatofutenbangkok #wetbangkok #titleedesigns
From the menu: A plate of Venus clams and razorclam
Instagram pals, can I ask you please to follow @inuajp - it’s a new restaurant in Tokyo by my soul brother @thomasfrebel • I’ve worked closely with Thomas for nearly ten years. I can directly relate so much of noma’s success to his work ethic and spirit. He's the most talented and hardworking chef I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. It was very hard to see him go. But if he ever was to leave noma, it had to be for the chance to live and work in a country that we’ve both come to love very much through our travels. With Inua, Thomas has the opportunity to find his voice as a chef and make an imprint in one of the greatest food cultures on earth. This wasn’t so much a goodbye as a continuation of our shared creativity, just a couple continents apart. With all of noma behind him, we wish him the very best. • BTW, the picture is from one of thomas’ many research trips around Japan, It’s Box fugu from matsushima island near Fukuoka
Pineapple Tartare, Cilantro, Pink Peppercorn and @regiisova caviar. #hybrid #caviar #regiisova
Grateful to have the opportunity to share culinary knowledge with future generations. Thank you Cornerstone Academy for visiting us at @_tfl_. #mentoring
@perseny, colleagues call her the heart of the restaurant. Aracely Warner @chelitin has been part of our team since we opened. Her memory for guest details is unsurpassed. Maternal & optimistic, she is known for her consistently warm & positive attitude. She’s mentored many by relying on her core values--consistency, responsibility and respect. For Aracely, “every day is a good day and brings a new experience or challenge." . “When I applied for the job, believe it or not, I did not know who Chef Keller was at that point! When I told my classmates that I had been called back, they said: ‘No way!  Do you know who he is?’ When I Googled him, I fell in love with his story and how @_TFL_ was born.” . With a background in culinary management from @iceculinary, Aracely started out as a Hostess before switching to Reservations. "As the mother of two smart and beautiful girls, Shaniza and Skye, I had to make a decision between working on the dining room floor or in Reservations. Being in Reservations allows me to spend more time with my family" [which, for Aracely, includes getting up at 5:30 AM to make sure her daughters have homemade lunches for school] and still be part of hospitality." . For Aracely, the best part of her job is being able to take care of the guests by making them feel special — asking about dietary restrictions, getting them a signed menu, giving them a personalized cookbook. “Once we had a guest call for a reservation.  She was very sweet, but unfortunately we didn’t have any tables available so we placed her on the waitlist. She was so genuinely grateful that she sent me flowers. To this day she sends me holiday cards with good wishes for my family.  Her name is Ms. Classy (yes).” .  The obvious pride Aracely takes in her work stems in part from her role as a mother. When she makes sure her daughters are properly fed every day and introduces them to new cultures through food as diverse as pig's feet, foie gras and even crickets,
Happy anniversary @mentorbkb! The past 10 years have been significant not only for our foundation but to our culinary heritage as well. We are thankful for the thousands of individuals who have been part of our story. @danielboulud @gavinkaysen #jeromebocuse #bocusedorusa #roadtolyon #mentorgrants #mentoryoungchefs #monsieurpaul
Celeriac shawarma • No meat is used for this, only root vegetables. Maybe it’ll make the menu for our upcoming vegetarian season • Cc. @mette_soberg
Add a little sweetness to your game #goblue #kplusm #finalfour
Another great egg hunt  @adhoc_addendum #yountville! Wishing everyone a Happy Easter weekend.
Today we learn from the generations marching before us. Those whose voices demand to be heard - these brave and dedicated young people. We hear you and we are with you. “C” is for change. #marchforourlives #neveragain #enoughisenough #henry
From the time when neighbors, tourists and friends used to line up at the blue door to today, our reservations policy and philosophy remain the same. For more than 10 years, Iris has been a voice of @_tfl_. Literally. As she answers phones and makes reservations, her gentle tone instantly puts guests at ease. Playing an often unseen, yet always critical role on our team, she is integral to our success. . Born in the Philippines and raised in CA, Iris has been with @_tfl_ from the beginning of her career.  She took culinary classes and became interested in pastry. Although she once aspired to a role in the kitchen, she found that her natural talents and interest lay in serving guests in Reservations. . “Chef Keller gave me advice that it is all about determination. After a year in reservations, he gave me the chance to join the pastry team as a commis so I could test my skills and gain knowledge. After realizing the kitchen was not my place and the intensity was not for me, I was still determined to be a part of this industry. No matter in how big or small a role, I was determined to remain with the company and returned to the reservations team.” . Because she believes that “everyone within our restaurant group contributes in one way or another to making memorable moments for all of our guests, whether by simply making a note about a birthday celebration or executing an unforgettable meal,” she emphasizes the importance of details when it comes to guest relations: “I received a call from a guest who dined with us several years ago. When she moved overseas, she misplaced her menu. She simply wanted another copy to reminisce about the time she celebrated their anniversary with us. I reprinted the menu, but before mailing it I asked Chef Keller to sign it for them. Although she did not ask for Chef to sign it, I thought taking this extra step would make it extra special. A menu means a lot to guests; it can evoke the unique memory of their dining
Chocolate cake the K+M way. #kellermanni #extravirginchocolate #kplusm #goodforthebodygoodforthesoul
Briana Valdez is the owner of @homestate in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA and an alumna of our restaurant group. @helloitsbreezy is about to open her second location in Highland Park and a third later this year. It was the memory of her Grandmother Lala whom she watched hand rolling tortillas that inspired her to follow her dream of opening up her own restaurant. . “Since moving to LA in 2000, I had dreamed of opening the restaurant I wished existed here, one that served the food from my home state: Texas. I knew I needed experience to realize this dream, and set about finding it.” . “In 2009, I read that @bouchon_bistro was planning to open a LA location. I had been fortunate enough to dine in Yountville and fell in love with the whole experience. I quickly decided to try to get my foot in the TKRG door. I was hired as a host and look back on those four years as one of the most exciting, intense and ultimately gratifying of my life.” . “There, I learned about food and hospitality, but also about dedication, about the importance of details, and about collective and personal pride. I was fortunate to have great teachers including @chefthomaskeller @lauragcunningham. I am still humbled by their commitment to excellence, and often speak of my time working for them as my ‘Restaurant University.’ Leaving Bouchon to finally open the restaurant of my dreams was like a graduation.” . Briana shared with Laura and me her motivation for HomeState: to tell the story of Texas through food. We encouraged her to pursue her idea and served as advisors along the way. We felt strongly about Briana fulfilling her dream outside of our restaurant group. . “It's the honor of a lifetime to showcase the dishes of my culture and to create a community in the best possible light. I rely on the lessons learned at Bouchon: to provide the highest level of service, the most exacting attention to detail, the best quality ingredients and to do it all with an unshakable sense
Un autre sud que le nôtre... #sicestpaslebonheurcayressemble
In his own words, Dan Bunter (@fearsome5) is not a “typical” server. And that, he claims, has a lot to do with where he works. For him, @adhoc_addendum is a special place that allows the evolution of its team members to progress organically, naturally. That is what happened to him. He started out with us eleven years ago, when Ad Hoc was still a “temporary” restaurant. He started illustrating our menu and wine list chalkboards “by accident”; the chalkboards have now become one of our signatures, and Dan’s artistic ability is now recognized throughout Yountville and beyond. . “The chalkboards announce the day’s menu but we also use them as an art form to celebrate milestones, births and honor departing,” Dan explains. “They embody our ‘it's all about family’ ethic, and have been the way I have personally expressed that sentiment.” Our chalkboards also note events beyond the walls of Ad Hoc, such as the passing of Leonard Nimoy, David Bowie and Chef Paul Bocuse. Our guests look to the chalkboards as a way of keeping up on current events.” . Working at Ad Hoc rekindled Dan’s early interest in art. “As a child and well into my teen years, I would draw beside my mother, who was an amateur artist, a painter. She passed away when I was in my early 20’s and I stayed away from art for a long time. My art began to flourish again because of the opportunity Ad Hoc gave me, starting with the chalkboards. This past decade I have focused more attention to my art and have illustrated for many projects.” . “Working here is much more than a job. The ‘it’s all about family’ philosophy brings out the best in me and our team. We’ve grown our families together and look out for each other. The Ad Hoc schedule allowed me to take my children to school as well as be there for them when they got back. I even got to homeschool my children’s first grade. “Working here has transformed my life in giving me back my identity as an artist and
4 years since I know him 8 times we created #gohgan we cooked not only in bkk or Fuk but Kyoto Seoul and Macau with many of friends either cooking or eating with us  This Sunday 13.05.18 we celebrate 🔥 cooking with @goh_f and me jamming with @malvaez_mario_ we will only cook tasty simple (maybe) comfort food  Will it be Japanese/Indian/Mexican ?? Everything Will be cooked on slow fire  Using only seasonal Ingridients and I will for the first time cook beef curry similar to gohgan8 only 1 day, this is not fine dining it’s simple jam session food with Mexican Japanese and Indian ingredients Now we open more slots for reservations  Meatlicious Reservation Team Tel/Whatsapp : +66 91 698 6688 (13.00 onwards) Email : meatlicious.rs@gmail.com Line : @meatlicious FB/IG : meatlicious Ekamai Soi 6, Sukhumvit 63 Bangkok #miharatofutenbangkok #meatlicious #lamaisondelanaturegoh #currynight #gaggan #gohgan #wetbkk  Note: forgot wines by @drula9 maybe this is trials for wetbkk  @mr.lambwool thanks for most of the 📷  Btw: we don’t know the menu until we cook 👨🏽‍🍳
“We only have one Earth, so we need to take care of her.” -Sen. Gaylord Nelson #earthday
10 years of work distilled into THIS book. I am so proud of the last 2 years of work together with our head of fermentation and incredible writer @david_zilber - the book is out October 16, 2018. Preorder it now via link in bio or with your favorite local bookstore! (Also follow our fermentation team here @nomaferments)
so good. 🌶 crawfish from @tae_shik__ and the @momofukudc team #patio #uglydelicious crawfish everywhere
Fresh ingredients - We make a kind of “pesto” of the common Danish wood ant. The paste is used for barbecued cods head
Which egg would you choose?