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days like this can’t come soon enough⛰ | where are some places you guys are excited to explore this summer? . . . #wildernessculture #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #discoverglobe #fantastic_earth #places_wow #wonderful_places #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #alphacollective #epicjourneycontest #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
Fire in the Yosemite backcountry.. We often think of fire as such a destructive force. But perhaps the most amazing adaptation is that of evergreen trees, specifically Pine & Sequoias, that need fire to release their seeds to sprout. Literally melting the thick resin of the pine cone & clearing the ground for germination. Wilderness has been a pretty good teacher.
Alaska. Simply put, a place I am ill equipped to put into words. My earliest experiences left me hungry for more, & I can honestly say I’m still trying to process my last trip. Being left without words for the way we feel can be a really special thing I’ve learned, that’s where images come in.
There's nothing like that feeling you get after completing one of your goals! I think it's one of the reasons I enjoy climbing mountains so much. Tackling a tough challenge, and being rewarded for your efforts with amazing views and a sense of accomplishment. • This spring I've teamed up with @JackLinksJerky, creators of a new Beef Steak Strip made with 100% beef, to inspire you to push your personal boundaries this year -- whether at home, at play, or in the office. • Show me in a photo how you #raisethesteaks, and tag me for a chance to win a box of Steak Strips for yourself! I’ll share some of my favorites too. 😃 #sponsored
I admit it. I got up absurdly early to watch the #royalwedding As it progressed, I felt in some way as if I was part of a worldwide family since there was coverage and discussion online in so many languages, from so many different countries. . Were we united in a desire to lose ourselves in the beauty and hope of true love or happy endings for a hot second? United in the need to be distracted from all the pain and suffering in the world by the age old idea that there maybe are fairytales and maybe they truly can come true? United by the breaking of barriers that this wedding represented on so many levels? I’m sure there were so many different motivations. But I loved what the Rev. Michael Bruce Curry said during the wedding service after he exclaimed how wonderful it was that two people fell in love and we all showed up for it. Followed by, and even more profoundly, . "When love is the way, there is plenty of room, plenty of room for all of god's children. Because when love is the way, we actually treat each other well, like we are actually family.” . Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did, not just on one day but every day. #loveistheanswer❤️
iPhone Summit views last night atop Steck Salathé. While sitting at the base of the climb we debated whether to bring the real camera or not... it seems like every time you do the camera never comes out or is just extra weight, but then every time you don’t the sky turns to fire & you’re just left soaking it all in.  I guess less time with the camera pressed to my face is a good thing these days, every detail seems a bit more visceral, and I’m forced to really take it in to preserve the memory.  @tedhesser
After nearly six years of perpetual movement, thousands of sunrises and sunsets, some solo and some with souls met along the journey, which are the best places I’ve ever been from Asia to Africa, South America, and spaces in between? Click the link in my bio for the top 10, and please, tell me your favorites here. I love adding to the ever-growing list.
This is the day I reached a new height. I embarked on a solo 4 day backpacking hike at over 4K meters without a guide or anyone but me. I worried it might be stupid or that I couldn’t do it, but I surprised myself and climbed that pass without struggle. Certainly there are some days when I’m not this girl. When I just want to pull the covers over my head and pretend I’m invisible. I know that for everyone, each day can feel like waging a battle or playing a joyful game, or sometimes both at the same time. What takes immense courage from one person may seem easy to another and we each have our own personal journeys and limits. One thing I do know is that the universe answers to courage. What once seemed impossible can become your new norm, like traveling alone, hiking in the wilderness unassisted, or even just opening your front door and stepping into the light when you really don’t want to. What did you think you could never do, only to surprise yourself? Nothing is too small!
having an incredible experience this week in jerusalem and surroundings....follow my insta stories for more
Face muscles stop working pretty fast when you are in cold water. The excitement from this session could only be heard every so often when a guttural yell would come from each of us after a set wave. We were covered head to toe in 6mm of rubber, with a tiny circle for the mouth and eyes. We probably sounded like cavemen trying to communicate as we yelled back and forth with a partially frozen smile. I loved every minute of that session.  @mikeydetemple
No trip down the California coast is complete without a stop in San Francisco! • Just a quick stop though... this place is freaking expensive. 😜
Our #sponsored Business Class experience with @airfrance to and from Paris via JFK, ended with a special treat; departing from Hall L! This meant we were able to experience the newest #airfrance Lounge which is set to be one of their largest and is most certainly my new favorite. It’s premiering in phases and what’s already open is fabulous to say the least. Featuring a @clarinsfr Spa, saunas, showers, detox bar, private VIP area, sleep/quiet room with VR-style headsets that allow you to watch a movie that won’t disturb your neighbor in the next cabana, and more - it did seem like they thought of everything. Since of course that’s all in addition to an expanded hot and cold full day menu plus extensive bar. The furniture and design might look normal from afar but up close it’s apparent that an incredible amount of thought went into every detail. I particularly loved the ready availability of outlets! After enjoying it to the max, we boarded our flight home and enjoyed the same superb culinary experience we had on the flight to France, created in partnership with Chefs Guy Martin and Jean Imbert. It doesn’t come across well in the photo but the roast pork dish that I ordered was one of the best meals I’ve had on board a plane. I’d already been a fan of Air France since long before this trip but I was still surprised and delighted by this entire journey. #franceisintheair #paxex #businessclass #skyteam #rothysinthewild
can’t wait to head back to oregon this august for my first ever all women’s workshop! I think it’s super important for women to get out there and explore the great outdoors together. this workshop is the perfect opportunity to get a group of like-minded women together to learn from and inspire each other. oregon always keeps me coming back with its incredible lush greenery, more waterfalls than i can count, and some of my favorite mountains in the world. if you’re up for an adventure and want to make connections that will last a lifetime, we’d love for you to join us! for this workshop, i’ll be accompanied by the very talented @lisabao. we’ll be focusing on everything you need to know about landscape adventure photography including one on one photo instruction in the field, photo editing sessions, how to maximize the potential of social media, and how to achieve a good work/life balance. don’t miss out on the early bird special, check out the link in my bio or send me a DM for all the details!
During the brief moments that the sun hit our cold bodies, Alaska felt almost tropical.
California dreamin’! We had a blast cruising down the coastline on US 1. • Part of the route is still blocked by a huge landslide (just South of Gorda), however you can continue over the mountains on a road called Nacimiento-Fergusson, and through a military base, then drive back out to the PCH and keep going. • HINT: At the top of Nacimiento-Fergusson, there are some fun dirt roads to explore! 🚚  #seemonterey @SeeMonterey
Navigating through dense ice requires patience and skill. The @auroraarktika moved at a snails pace, weaving through puzzle pieces of pack ice, forcing us to enjoy the moments of stillness where all we could do was wait, and take in all of our surroundings. When the wind stops, it was surprising just how warm it could be. That’s the beauty of this method of travel, you literally become a part of the environment, even if just for a moment.. @ritonkulous on the bow of the Arktika
When I look at this photo, I wish I’d taken this same perspective as a video because then I could more adequately share with you the visceral memory I have of this moment. It was just before mum and I met @kasiadietz and her mum at @caretteofficiel. The sun was shining so brilliantly as to almost be blinding and I remember the heat on my face being surprising. It was so unusual for Paris, I thought. A breeze made the leaves above my head sound like a musical instrument, tinkling with the kind of charm I only seem to find in Europe. I could hear multiple languages around me and the happy harmony of laughter that transcends language and accent alike. I was so happy!! • Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris. It’s located in the Marais, at the junction of the 3rd and 4th arrondissement. Most credit its charm to the regularity of the facade that surrounds the green square, the architecture of Louis XIII. It is perfectly symmetrical at an exact 140 x 140 m. The perfection of the layout of the chestnut trees and flowerbeds always distracts me from the buildings though. I can stand or sit for hours distracted by the shadows on the ground, admiring how ideally planned it all is. How lacking in randomness when so much of the rest of the world seems so imperfect and catastrophic lately.... alas, this time friends were waiting with a plate of macarons and a glass of rosé. So @paintthenight and I did tear ourselves away 😉 #placedesvosges #seeparis #meetparis #shotoniphonex
Is it Morocco? Namibia? Abu Dhabi? Nah, it’s Peru! It blows my mind that one day I can be hiking in snow, spend the next in the Amazon jungle, then be sliding head first down a dune. I never realized how diverse Peru could be! #fromwhereidrone #discoversouthamerica
If you visit Paris, but you don’t share a photo of a café...did you actually, go to Paris?! • I saw this beautiful one on the feed of @secondcitymom not too long ago and it reminded me that mum and I never did stop back at @sebastiengaudardpatissier after we passed it early in our trip, last month. I’m drawn to it nearly every time I’m in Paris based on the color of the chairs alone (my favorite) and yet I have never stopped in. It’s close to the Tuileries and all I can think about today is how lovely it would be to grab a treat from here to enjoy while seated under the trees, in the shade, watching fellow visitors and locals going about their day. Le sigh, NEXT TIME! There will always be a next time for Paris et moi. #parisjetaime #shotoniphonex #seeparis #meetparis
Walking through a dark, creepy tunnel of cypress trees. We felt like we were in a horror movie… 👻
Love your Mother. 🌏
Happy Mother’s Day to all those who are mothers and will be Mothers soon! What’s a recent trip you’ve taken with yours? Or want to take? • This is my mum @paintthenight taking time to stop and smell the lilacs (my favorite) during our recent trip to Paris. I’m so grateful to @airfrance for giving us the chance to travel to France together in Business class so I could give her an early Mother’s Day gift. We loved it so much! #franceisintheair #mothersday #hostedtravel
It’s in moments like this that we allow our sense of wonder to overcome our fears.  Alaska
Springtime in #bigsur at Bixby Creek Bridge! What a beautiful week it’s been for road tripping California’s PCH. Add this trip to your bucket list!
Only 48 hours and three spots are left for the Alaska trip in July/August! Join for a week of adventures including whale watching, glacier hiking, whitewater rafting, and a warm bed each night AND/OR a week of backpacking in the backcountry, completely off the grid, armed with only what we can carry. It’s a fantastic trip open to adventurous women (with photo workshops with me)! There’s seriously nothing like the Last Frontier. Click the link in my bio to join!
Do you like to visit museums when you travel? • Since I wanted to do a mix of cliché and less expected things during this most recent trip to Paris with my mum via a job for @airfrance - I was so thrilled when @parisjetaime offered us two Paris PassLib booklets to use for the duration of our trip. It includes access to le Metro, soooo many museums, plus a bus tour and a boat ride on the Seine. It was that pass which enabled us to make an unplanned stop @madparis late one afternoon as we were walking down Rue de Rivoli. Because we didn’t need to take the time to buy tickets or wait in line, we were all set to just stroll right in basically and enjoy the exhibits without delay. We wandered down darkened hallways punctuated with glittering jewels, black and white photos and punk art motifs enthralled with the strange yet beguiling mix of decorative art history. Yet it was this view from an upper balcony that caused me to pause the longest. I can’t deny that old or new, I have a love affair with architectural vignettes. Particularly those featuring leading lines. It’s that distraction which I’ve given over to a lot more lately in an effort to have a tiny bit more of a “theme” to my feed. After years and years of making my primary living from photography, it struck me this year that I still don’t have a signature of any kind. In fact, I have many. This type of moment is one and if you don’t mind, I think I’ll continue to seek them out to share with you. 🙏🏼 Merci #parisjetaime pour la PassLib. ❤️ We loved having it and would highly recommend purchasing it for your next trip to Paris. #hostedtravel #madparis #alanament #archilovers #leadinglines #shotoniphonex
The first thaw can be a pretty magic time. Rivers wake up from a deep winter slumber & slowly creep their way from Glacier to Ocean. In its wake, a literal kaleidoscope of color as spring begins to be revealed. This is one of my favorite aerial photographs of Iceland I’ve ever taken. Been back many times.. never seen it the same.
Hands up for Machu Picchu! This was at the end of four days hiking along the Inca Trail during the first week of my first ever #bmtmadventures tour. I was blown away not just by the place, but the people who came on the tour. We formed such a close bond in such a short amount of time and I’m forever grateful for you guys for putting your faith in me on this first tour! Click the link in bio to read all about the Inca Trail (and how you can join me on this trip next year!) 💚 #peru #machupicchu #incatrail
Every trip to Paris is wildly different for me, always depending on who I am with or whether I am traveling alone. When @airfrance asked if I’d review their Business Class product with my mum for an early Mother’s Day I was excited to try and show her a combination of the more cliché aspects of my favorite city and hopefully a few things that were a little more “off the beaten path.” I think, and hope, that’s what we ended up accomplishing. What do you think @paintthenight? • Yet I have to admit it was often the more cliché spots that did thrill me most during this visit. I’d never been to Paris when it was SO warm (nearly hot) and SO green; so they had a new face on them that I’d never seen before. Standing here on the edge of the Tuileries, looking down the gauntlet of marvelous hedges to the majesty of the Louvre, hearing the birds in the trees, feeling the sunshine on my face, and my favorite language swirling around me as people came and went...was some kind of heaven. I grew fed up with NYC after 8 years of living there part or full time and I’ll tell you the reason I’ve never tried to move to Paris even though I dream of it: I don’t want to lose the love like I did with New York. I want to always believe that Paris is a good idea. I always want to be a lover and not a hater. That, I can do when I’m only a visitor. And that’s why I know there will always be a next time and I will never be done visiting Paris or in fact any part of France. Merci for always being willing to come with me when I do 🙏🏼😘 #parisjetaime #atoutfrance #meetparis #seeparis #franceisintheair #hostedtravel
It’s lunchtime and I’m craving this kale salad from @ralphlauren on Boulevard St. Germain in Paris. • I blame @kerrywashington and her STUNNING gold #ralphlauren gown from the MET Gala Monday night. Ever since I saw it, I can’t stop thinking about the mother/daughter date we had while in Paris celebrating all things RL. I’ve been wearing the designer, or stealing my mum’s RL pieces and wearing them, for as long as I can remember so it wasn’t possible for us to be in Paris and not do lunch at Ralph’s. I was so glad we did because it lived up to the hype. I loved every little detail and how perfectly set apart the garden is from the bustle of the city just outside the walls. Like my beloved Ralph’s coffee shop that used to be on Fifth Avenue in NYC, I’d go here all the time if I lived in Paris. Like everything Ralph and Ricki have created that I know of, it’s a magical little world all of its own; neither entirely French nor entirely American. It’s just, Ralph Lauren. 💙 (And no, nothing about this was sponsored! I hate that I even feel the need to make that clear but these days, I know people will wonder.) #ralphsparis #ralphlaurenparis #rlhome #parisjetaime
“Huacachina is a bit of a drive from Lima, but this tiny town snuggled into the base of the desert's giant sand dunes is worth the trip. There's nothing like a desert sunset, and if it comes after the adrenaline rush of plunging down a giant sand dune on an old snowboard then all the better” - @jfur07 on the final day of #bmtmadventures in Peru.
Road trip time! @anna.everywhere & I are driving down the coast of California’s PCH this week, trying to find all the cool spots. Like this one at Point Reyes National Seashore north of San Francisco. • You can follow along on Insta Stories to see what we’re up to! • Have you driven the PCH before? Let us know if you have any tips!
After watching the sunrise from the ground, we decided that for our next morning in Bagan, we would experience from a higher point of view before exploring some of the 3,000 temples and pagodas in the area for the rest of the day. So we packed everything we needed for a hot summer day in our @deuter Futura backpack before finding ourselves in a hot air balloon basket. This was just the beginning of a day to remember in a place that I've been dreaming to visit for 10+ years, and finally it happened! #mydeuteradventure #deuter #sponsored
New video up on YouTube of this amazing lagoon in Bali’s Nusa Islands. If you haven’t seen my newest videos I switched up the style to be a lot more behind the scenes of these photos and the blog (you can see the drone controller in my hand here 😂) It’s a lot more fun and real talk! Click the link in the bio to watch and let me know what you think!
Photo fun with shapes and sun. I was recently asked by @DaysInn to spread the word about an awesome summer job opportunity for aspiring photographers. They are hiring a "Sun-tern" to travel the country (travel is paid for!), capture sun inspired photos, and make $10K to do so! Link is in my bio if you want to apply! (daysinn.com/suntern) #daysinn #sunternship #seizetheday
A morning to remember in beautiful Bagan, watching the sunrise and the hot air balloons in the distance with @delphinepolson.  Shoutout to the folks at @deuter who equipped us with their new Futura backpack and its Aircomfort Sensic back system for maximum comfort and ventilation, a lifesaver feature especially in places like Bagan where temperature can climb over 40°C in the summer!  More info on www.mydeuteradventure.com  #mydeuteradventure #deuter #sponsored
The Acrobats.  I could sit hours and watch these traditional Intha fishermen use their unique and dying technique to catch fish on Inle Lake.  Shot for @djiglobal and @visit.myanmar  #mavicpro #mymyanmar
A few million years ago, a body of water retreated. Layers of gypsum were left behind - broken down by wind and water till all that remained were fine grains of sand. Now, shimmering shapes in a constant state of change make for one of the most mesmerizing landscapes. 😍
Nighttime in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 12,000 feet. ✨⛺️
Smiling ear to ear after an incredible two weeks leading my first ever #bmtmadventures tour. I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it would be to finally hang it with a few of you guys for two weeks. It was so inspiring, uplifting, and adventurous. My cheeks still hurt from all the times we laughed until we cried, and I’ll never forget all of the amazing things we saw and moments we shared. For those of you who didn’t go but are wondering how it went, it’s all at the link in my bio! (Plus, pre-register if you’d like to join next year!)
I’ve spent the past four days on the road. First in a U-haul and now in a passenger car. I’ve logged more road miles in this venture than in the whole of last year and I’ve seen more of my own country in this round of driving than in the last several years combined. Though all for the second, third or umpteenth time since it was back in 2016 that I met my goal of having been to all 50 states. I tell you all that to explain that Paris feels very far away right now. Physically and emotionally. Yet I need and want to finish posting about it because I’m not ready to go into detail about all the upheaval my personal life is going through right now. Until I am, I’ll stay mostly here via social media; in the bubble that is a warm afternoon on the Seine, a glass of rosé in hand and the woman who gave birth to me by my side. 🇫🇷 #parisjetaime #shotoniphone
Some of the gear I packed for my Mount Whitney hike. Two days to reach the summit at 14,500 feet. Watch my story for more details! 😃
Walking the trail of the Incas (which is still 85% intact, just the way they built it) was one of the most interesting and gorgeous multi-day hikes I’ve ever done. Impressed is an understatement, both by the guides and porters and the gourmet meals they made, and the beauty of the trail itself. I’m thinking of repeating this trip again next year. Would you be down to hike this with me? #bmtmadventures
🙏🙏 #repost @rencontresarles ・・・ MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER BROWN YO SOY FIDEL Le portrait d’une nation rassemblée devant le passage du cortège funéraire de Fidel Castro. 📷 : @michaelchristopherbrown, Cuba, 29 Novembre-4 Décembre 2016.  Avec l’aimable autorisation de l’artiste. ---------------------------------------------- MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER BROWN YO SOY FIDEL Portrait of a nation gathered before Fidel Castro’s funeral procession. 📷 : @michaelchristopherbrown, Cuba, 29th November-4th December 2016. Courtesy of the artist.  #rencontresarles #arles #photography #exhibition #exposition #photographie #documentaryphotography #cuba #fidelcastro
Celebrating my birthday in the Amazon jungle of Peru was an experience I'll never forget. From pink river dolphins to sloths galore and hanging out in a treehouse over the water with the #bmtmadventures crew as we finish up our first ever adventure tour was a better gift than I could have asked for. As I usually do, I wrote another open letter to my younger self with the answers to 20 questions I often pondered in my 20s, about love, success, and life in general. Click the link in my bio to give it a read. It's an uplifting one, promise.  thanks @amazonia.expeditions (🎶: Lagartijeando - Gran poder)
A perfect blue-bird day traversing to the 14,500 ft summit of Mt. Whitney in April. • Can you believe this is California?! This state has it all — beaches, deserts, forests, and high-altitude mountains. @visitcalifornia
I was instantly transported back to the wonderful sensory overload that was Rajasthan last month when I walked into @saintjamesparis and discovered this central atrium. Similarly to the blue & white interiors that I posted about in India, this black/white/red design was so graphic that it inspired instant love. Had the streets of Paris not been calling me, were this hotel almost anywhere else, I would have wanted to stay here for a long time capturing all the angles and opportunities this space might gift the camera. The work of Bambi Sloan, the eccentric yet elegant interior design is classicism, elegance and downright daring all in one. Yet the interior design was not the only thing I loved about our stay at this @relaischateaux property. Our room with its cozy textures and beautiful art, the food presented by Chef Jean-Luc Rocha and his team which was a delight, mum & I were over the moon for the cocktails made by @dedelweedys in the library bar (she has studied the cocktail arts around the world!) and I adored the garden with its hot air balloon-inspired tents that echoed the wallpaper inside. A nightcap of Taittinger champagne accompanied by the most stunning etched glasses was the icing on the cake. The only thing I didn’t personally get to test was the Geurlain Spa. Le sigh. Perhaps next time 😝 #saintjamesparis #relaischateaux #hostedstay #boutiquehotels #bambisloan #hoteldesign
Hey it’s Shelby writing from Peru! My heart is overflowing with joy after this amazing birthday hike to Machu Picchu. Thank you for making it so special, Kristin! This continues to be one of the best adventures I’ve embarked on! -  Words from @shelbyhonestwithyou on  #bmtmadventures in Peru
As I prepare to say goodbye to the windows of the home that @dante.vincent & I have looked out from for five years now, I’m thinking back to the view from our window last week at @saintjamesparis. It was such a great choice on the part of @airfrance to book my mum and I there. The Rive Droite location just a few blocks from the Bois de Boulogne was a delight but no matter what we saw or did, I was still enraptured with this view from room 405 every time we returned, day or night. In a city of endless inspiration for me, this was up there. Those classic Haussmann details in the apartments across the way, the regal circular drive, the sound of the fountain, the birds in the trees... more on the property in my next post! 😉 Unfortunately, I have a deadline to meet and the lots and lots of boxes left to pack won’t pack themselves. If only... 💛 #relaisetchateaux #saintjamesparis #shotoniphonex
It felt right to match the scenery as much as possible #bmtmadventures #peru #rainbowmountains #rainbowmountainsperu
Every year I like to challenge myself, and push my comfort zone a bit. I decided to try some winter mountaineering in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains! 🏔 • So I climbed Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States at 14,505 ft (4421 m) over the course of two days via the “mountaineer’s route.” It was a tough, but exhilarating experience. • To help fuel my adventure, I brought along new Jack Link’s Beef Steak Strips (@jacklinksjerky) made with 100% beef for a quick & tasty boost of protein when my energy was running low. • What are you doing to #raisethesteaks and challenge yourself this year? Tag me in your post and I’ll share some of my favorites! #sponsored
FINALLY! I'm so freaking excited to have received my first copy of PEAKS OF EUROPE - A PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNEY and to announce that my first book is officially released, after 6 months of hard work and late nights.  First and foremost, I want to thank every person who followed me on my journey on a daily basis and who pushed me to create this book. Without their feedback and amazing response as I documented my road trip on my social media platforms, I would never have finished - or even started - this book. Thank you for your genuine support and for helping me push my limits to new heights every day. And thank you Éditions Racine - Uitgeverij Lannoo for entrusting me with this book project.  Now, let's catch up! I will be present my book and signing copies of it in different Belgian cities, so bring yours or order it now on www.peaksofeurope.eu (link in bio). All pre-orders and orders received today will be shipped this week so don’t waste any time and get your copy before anyone else!  Brussels:
- Friday 27/04 - 18:00 @ Filigranes  Liège:
- Saturday 28/04 - 15:30 @ Toutes directions - Saturday 26/05 - 15:30 @ Fnac Liège  Antwerpen:
- Saturday 05/05 - 15:30 @ Fnac Antwerpen  See you there!
Starting what will be one of the most difficult weeks of my life channeling the happy vibes of this moment last week in Paris with @kasiadietz and our two artist mums. Such a sweet moment basking in the sunshine next to Place des Vosges at @carette_paris as @paintthenight and @basiadietzzieba_ceramics compared notes on being artists both accomplished at multiple mediums and their mutual love of Paris. Since the focus of my visit was on work / making my mum happy, there wasn’t time to meet with all of my friends but seeing Kasia was so important because we have an upcoming collaboration that we needed to have a final discussion about. I can’t wait to premier that to you later this Spring - mostly because it will benefit a cause very close to my heart!! If you don’t know already, Kasia is also a multi-talented artist, designer, writer and guide. If only every day of my life brought the chance to spend such quality time with three so very talented women. Yet I remain grateful that I had the chance at all. In my favorite city no less!!✨ Hoping your week is off to a good start and that the days ahead bring much goodness your way. 💛 #parisjetaime #caretteparis #carette #shotoniphonex #flatlayfood #meetparis
Last ski shoot of the season and I must say, we came away with what I feel are some of the most beautiful photos I’ve taken this year. I love watching athletes perform their art on the snow and in the sky. Swipe to the right for some bts footage of Dave. @jacksonhole
We spent a night along the shores of Lake Eyasi, a large salt lake in the fertile Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. 🇹🇿 • The area feels very different than the hot, dry grasslands we’ve been traveling through up until that point. It’s wet and tropical, with large palm trees full of squawking birds. • I climbed up to a high viewpoint to watch the sun set over a mostly-dry lake. During the wet season, it can actually get pretty deep and attracts groups of wading hippos cooling off in the salty water. • Just published a photo essay from Tanzania on my blog, use the link in my bio to check it out!
Bathrooms around the world: Russia Edition 🚽😆
Last week, I was digging through boxes of old shit and found a bag filled with a bunch of crumpled old 35mm negatives from my early days living in a van and bumming around the West Coast.  I hadn't seen them in years and thought they were gone forever.  Going through these seven year old memories, I was overtaken by a wave of nostalgia.  I was 23, broke, sunburnt and looking for something that I'd never had the time or inclination to track down. “Young, dumb, and full of cum” as Gary Busey once described a similarly naive Keanu at the onset his similar journey.
A few weeks ago, on a distant planet,  we had a party celebrating the one year birthday of @moviemountain.  My life has a had a lot chapters, from living in nyc working in fashion to, in a lurkint around the west coast in a van  and now making shit in a studio on a mountain top in Washington.  I’m so pumped on the stuff we’re working on and for everyone that’s supported us along the way.  Here’s a little video with some of characters from the first year of making stuff! @memmonz @kaikorsmo @theshelbyfoundation @timothytickle @lex.lore @j_ere_m_y  @kylestephensnow @krotchy @nightjarillustration
Early morning tours for earning turns, and later, snacks. I’m forever grateful for protected spaces to escape to, and appreciate organizations and brands that help protect and maintain these special lands. Brands like @Nature_Valley, who has committed to donating up to 3 million dollars over the next three years to the National Park Foundation (@GoParks). Now through Mid-May, grab a box of Nature Valley Oats N’ Honey granola bars and support the cause - proceeds will go to support our national parks! #naturegives #findyourpark #encuentratuparque #ad . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #wyoming #neverstopexploring #warrenjc #bpmag #outdoorwomen #womenwhoexplore
A crisp sunrise/moonset. Taking this photo, I reminisced on a day around this time last year when I skied this peak with my Sweetheart. We got ourselves in a situation that could have been avoided, and both ended up setting off slides that ripped down the face and poured over the 200ft cliff ban below (thankfully either of us were caught). Then, once in the “safety” of the trees, I skied right up to a mountain lion who was wandering through the forest... a whole separate story. Being deathly afraid twice in a day is certainly a shock to the system, and a reminder that these places are as powerful as they are beautiful. Stay safe out there my friends.  P.S. Can anyone name this mountain? @jacksonhole . . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #wyoming #neverstopexploring #warrenjc #bpmag #grandtetonnationalpark #buckmountain #backcountryskiing
When a boy in this village along the shore of Lake Tanganyika is age 4 or 5 they may join the fishermen, swimming alongside the boats to scare the small fish, mostly Dagaa, into the nets.
Traditional Intha fishermen using their conical nets on Inle Lake. Head over today’s story to see more of this unique fishing technique that can only be found in this part of Myanmar and the rest of the world.  Shot for @djiglobal and @visit.myanmar  #mymyanmar #mavicpro
I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s been such a gray winter in Wyoming and I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in about 37,829 days. I also have a hard time getting motivated to take photos during constant overcast, so here’s a little throwback to spring of last year. Winter posts to resume tomorrow. 🌻❄️ . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #wyoming #neverstopexploring #warrenjc #bpmag #jhdreaming
February in Lofoten: 3 hours of early morning light, 3 hours of late afternoon light, 10 hours of northern lights and very very little time to rest. Experiencing winter there has been another dream of mine coming true, and sharing it with a nice group of participants was even more satisfying.  Sign up to my newsletter on my website and don’t miss out upcoming workshops!
"The spark". Even one spark is enough to burn down entire forest. Some time ago there was a beautiful forest in Patagonia. Now - only dead skeleton trees remaining as a precaution for all the people visiting this unique area.  Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Night sky of the Southern hemisphere is unbelievably beautiful! I took this vertorama during my photo workshop in Patagonia in April. Mountains are covered with snow already and sometimes early mornings atmosphere is crystally crisp. This is vertical panorama (vertorama) of 2 horizontal photos: #nikon d850 + #nikkor 14-24, #gitzoinspires systematic tripod, f/2.8, upper frame iso 4000, 20 s, lower iso 800, 190 s.  #patagonia #astrophotography #torresdelpaine  Danielkordan.com
This April we tracked 2 puma families in Torres del Paine for my photo workshop groups. Both groups were so lucky to witness not only a single puma (which is called "elusive animal" and so hard to track!), but even little cubs! I've already announced Patagonia workshop for next year, don't miss it, sign up at Danielkordan.com #chile #torresdelpaine #puma #nikon #d850 + #nikkor70_200mm
Namibia - a place where ocean waves break into sand waves of the desert.  Danielkordan.com  #namibia #desert #namibdesert #nikon
After hiking 23 km over a Fjord in Greenland, the Arktika was a welcome sight. Arktika is a Dutch built ketch-rigged oceangoing sailingyacht that is fully equipped and certified to sail around the world. The hull shape is directly derived from the famous Colin Archer which is known for good sailing characteristics in northern waters. I’ve  learned a lot about this boat during the weeks I’ve spent living on it. I don’t consider myself much of a sailor or even a seaworthy person at heart but I’m always happy to call this home.
Thanks for bringing so much joy into my life, especially our two sons ( and Alpacas :). I know I tell you this everyday but, I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day  @brea_face
I’ll never take these things for granted. I promise. .  Last light over the Pacific. #sonykandotrip In the sky with my good friend @renan_ozturk
A glimpse of gold breaks through the clouds. Lofoten, Norway, last February.  I’m currently in Myanmar, on my first culture-focused photo trip since I decided to pursue a career in photography, and I have to say it’s been incredibly refreshing so far. While I’m busy curating some images to post here, don’t miss out my daily documentary photo series in my stories.  Shot for @djiglobal
Kapow! I’d never witnessed anyone drop @jacksonhole’s legendary Fat Bastard until two days ago. And then I was lucky enough to see it happen twice! Both of these boys (@dr.huckinstuff and my friend Dave) sent massive front flips and landed them flawlessly.  About the shots:  Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV Lens: Canon 16-35 f2.8 Settings: Burst mode (7 frames/sec) ISO 100, 1/1600sec, f/4.0 (I wish I’d changed my aperture a bit for the second shot to maintain better focus, I just didn’t realize that he’d be skiing into frame so much). As far as combing the images... it literally took me hours in Photoshop. I didn’t want to simply stack the images as some of the frames would have put the skier overlapping the last, so I traced around the person in each individual shot and then copied it into the first image, where I was able to manually move them into a position where they weren’t overlapping the last frame. So that means that the rotation you see may not have taken place at that exact spot in the sky. I’m not a Photoshop wizard and I only use it occasionally for very specific things, so if you know of a better way to do this, please let me know!  Oh, and another quick side tip for ski photography: Try not to mess up the snow in front of your shot. It makes such a big difference to have clean foreground snow and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed this up. 😂 . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #wyoming #neverstopexploring #warrenjc #bpmag #skiing #jhdreaming #tetons #fatbastard
One of astonishing mornings in Patagonia. Mist was rolling over mountains opening surreal scene: sharp peaks with perfectly still reflections below. Air was heavy with humidity after the nights rain and snow. Just a couple of minutes of revelation with nature - and mountains were closed again by the thick fog.  Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine #nikon #d850 #lucroit gnd 4 stop soft #gitzoinspires tripod
Quiver trees in Namibia are probably the funniest trees I've ever seen. They remind me more of a giant broccoli 🌳 nevertheless these fancy trees were used by aboriginal people to make quivers from their hollow part.  Danielkordan.com #namibia #quivertree #keetmanshoop #nikon #astrophotography #gitzoinspires
Patagonia is a place of a nature force. You can encounter the moments of true revelation of nature. Amazing sunsets with lenticular clouds, wilderness of nature and enormous Andes ridge mountains. Beautiful red colors frame mountains in April, fresh snow lays between the waterfalls and on tops of diamond peaks, birds are singing in the woods and almost no tourists disturb this serenity in fall season. Pehoe lake is among the most spectacular places in Chilean Patagonia. I've just opened vacancies on next year's photo tour in Patagonia. Check Danielkordan.com to join.  #patagonia #torresdelpaine #pehoelake  #nikon D850 + 14-24 nikkor + Gitzo systematic tripod + #lucroit Landscape filters 3 stop nd + 4 stop soft gnd
We organize a very special event this October in Mongolia. Every year Eagle Hunters festival takes place in Mongolia. But we decided not to be in the crowd, but bring our own festival to just a private group of 12 photographers. Sign up by following the link in bio.  Moreover, after a private festival we visit the most stunning mountain locations with 3-5 eagle hunters to make beautiful photos of West Mongolia. It'll be a trip where you can mix a cultural experience, portrait and genre photography plus practice in landscape. Mongolia is the land of wild beauty and untouched nature. We will stay in traditional Ger camps and photograph not only landscapes - it's a great mix of nature&cultural experience. After the Private eagle hunters festival and mountain landscape we continue to South Mongolia into the Gobi desert. Photos by our awesome local photography guides @bayar_tert and @erdenebulgan_photographer #mongolia #photoworkshop
Scotland, Glenfinnan viaduct. That's a real Hogwarts express train! Once or twice per day it's passing from Fort Williams to Mallaig through this beautiful viaduct.  Danielkordan.com #scotland #glenfinnan #hogwartsexpress #train
It's time to publish photos from my recent photography workshop in Patagonia. Finally I have a week at home to process some photos! It's been a busy year starting from adventures in Antarctica, Namibia and Patagonia! This photo is a focused stacked image shot on Nikon D850 + 14-24 nikkor. Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine #gitzoinspires #lucroit #nikon
A collection of star trail images I was lucky to make in Namibia this March. Namibia nights are so peaceful and silent - I was happy to enjoy bright stars of milky way while my camera exposed thousands of photos.  #nikon #d850 + 14-24 #nikkor 25 s, f/2.8 iso 4000 each shot (300~700 shots each photo). Locations: #deadvlei #quivertree  forest, #sossusdunelodge #spitzkoppe  #gitzoinspires  Danielkordan.com
a place beyond the pines 🌲
So, a month ago I returned home after 6 weeks of hectic travels in Namibia and Norway, thinking I would finally have time to relax, go through all my photos and edit them. The reality was much different to be honest!  For the past three weeks I almost didn’t leave my desk once. I’ve been busy with finishing the edits of my book #peaksofeurope, going through all the different steps of publishing that involves a lot of color check and re-re-edits of the photos to make sure they look on paper exactly like I see them on my monitor.  Tomorrow will be the final day of a 5-month-long process as I just have a final check to make with my publisher before sending the files to the printer! 🙏 I seriously cannot wait to show you the final result!  Now that I’m almost done working on my book, I’m already planning my next adventure which will start in... 4 days! It seems like things aren’t going to slow down for a while actually, haha.  Here’s a shot I took on my last day in Lofoten last month during a scenic flight that was for the books!
I'm very happy to announce my cooperation with Skylum, Luminar as their ambassador. It's so awesome to have alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop which you can get once and forever without any subscriptions. And even more awesome that this young fast growing company is willing to support photographers and improving the app every day.  Check the app now following the link in bio and stay tuned for our epic projects together with Skylum!  Photo: Tuscany, Italy 🇮🇹 #luminar #skylum
They say happy girls are the prettiest right? Pics taken with my beautiful mama on our last evening in Puerto Vallarta. Anyone else out there make time for mother/daughter getaways? @grandpalladiumvallarta @palladiumhotelgroup #findyourelement . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #🇲🇽 #neverstopexploring #beach  #puertovallarta #mexico
Seasons.  The reason why I keep coming back to the same places again and again, especially those that I cherish the most.  The first photo shows the situation in the Lofoten end of February. The second photo was taken end of May, both when the sun was very low in the sky (4pm for the first one, 1am for the second one). Two completely different experiences and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which was my favorite one.
patiently waiting to see this amazing array of colors again 🍂🍃
looking down at one of the most impressive waterfalls in alberta 💦
kickin it on the na pali coast 🤙🏼🚁
when you’re at the tulip festival and all the blogger girls wanna know where you got your outfit 🐕🌷
On my way to the greatest show on earth, who wants a ride? 🔥 | Had an awesome time out in Lemoore, California this past weekend at the WSL Founders’ Cup with @Jeep. It took Kelly Slater over 12 years but he successful created the longest open-barrel, man made wave in the world. Even though we were over 100 miles from the beach, that didn’t stop some of the world’s best surfers from coming together to experience this one of a kind event. Needless to say, this was one for the record books! 🏄🏻‍♂️ #jeepwsl #ad
taking a moment to appreciate the little things in life 😊
dear summer, i can’t wait to see you soon! ☀️
adventures are better with your best friend by your side 🐶
farm worker near mahale, south of kigoma
The last 5 weeks have been absolutely hectic, with trips to Namibia shooting wildlife + sand dunes, and Norway leading a workshop in the Lofoten. Very little time spent editing on the laptop as I was outside every single day shooting, shooting and shooting again. I came back home with 1Tb of photos just for those two places, and I’m excited to say I’ll be staying home for the next month, going through all the images I brought back with me in order to share the very best with you, although you guys already saw a glimpse of Namibia in my recent posts. But more to come, I promise :) In the meantime, here’s a quick one taken in Uttakleiv beach a few days ago. As I was walking around in order to find an interesting foreground to shoot the Aurora, I stumbled upon Ed, a local from the islands, who had just set up his camp for the night. The wind was strong that evening and it felt like it was -15°C, though Ed didn’t seem to be bothered too much by the Arctic cold. A great night it was!  #lofotenworkshop
This was fun though try, funny to downclimb, and funnier yet when I think about the fact that I have no idea how to tell if a coconut is ready anyways. Thanks to my mom for documenting my attempts. @grandpalladiumvallarta @palladiumhotelgroup #findyourelement . . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #méxico #🇲🇽 #warrenjc #bpmag #puertovallarta
When you know you’re about to get pummeled during your surf lesson but you gotta keep it cool for the photo. 😜(plz give me tips for tomorrow if you’re good at surfing!) @grandpalladiumvallarta @palladiumhotelgroup #findyourelement . . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #unpackadventure #surfing #mexico #warrenjc #bpmag #puertovallarta
Low sun & golden light. Nap is over, it’s time for a hunt.  @erindinamibia
What do you see?
Swimming as Meditation: The Importance of Recess 101 #alanwatts #ripply #absorbed #cannonball @krotchy @moviemountain #theprofessorrabbit
in bristol next week! #retweet @martinparrfdn Tickets now available 🎟 🎟 🎟 06 FEB 18 photographer @michaelchristopherbrown will join us in #bristol for an artist talk and #photobooksigning. Michael will discuss photographing in Cuba and war-torn Libya, and his seminal 2016 publication Libyan Sugar. For full details and tickets 🎟 click the link in bio or visit our website. Photo - Cubans wait for hours to see #fidelcastro’s funeral procession, 2016.
INTRO TO THE COSMOS WITH THE PROFESSOR: SPACE PHILOSOPHY 101. @moviemountain x @krotchy #hotcarlsagan #thecosmos
Class is in SESSION! The Stoned Ape Theory 101 with the Professor. Here’s the first of a series @krotchy and @moviemountain #terencemckenna #hominids #1000tonberylliumship
HAPPY HOLIDAYZ🎄🌒🌌 #swissfamilyrobinson
⛈👁☔️🔥 @krotchy
STOP MOTION MAGIC going down at @moviemountain for a project we did with @medicom_toy and @Nikesb.  It was all shot with a 400% be@rbrick and a set we whipped in our fabrication shop with a vacuform and lit with LEDz. #stopmotion
5 years ago, I was driving from Ventura to Carpinteria along the Pacific Coast Highway checking for surf and spotted this VW T3 Westfalia.  At the stage in my life, I was spending most of my time lurking up and down the coast of California, surfing by day, stealth camping by night and amassing a near encyclopedic knowledge of hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants from LA to San Francisco.  As a van dweller,  I was always on the lookout for other people living in their vans, and this person's van/drying rack caught my eye.  I snapped a few frames of my Mamiya 6, and went on my way.  When it came time to lay out Home Is Where You Park It with @victoryjournal, I knew I wanted to use this image for the cover.  It conveys so much of what I loved about my time spent living in my van; self reliance, the sense of freedom and discovery of having your own escape pod, and the accessibility of reconnecting with nature (in this case the ocean) on the relative cheap. Every time I look at this photo, it takes me back. The fourth edition of Home Is Where You Park It is now back in stock in my web store (follow the link in my profile or head to store.arestlesstransplant.com) to get a copy before they are gone (I order 1000 at a time and they go fast!) and use the discount code Vanlife10 to get 10% off.  #vanlife
What is @moviemountain you ask?  Watched POOL SCUM and thought WTF?  We put this little video together to answer some of these questions.  Thanks for all of the support and feed back on our first shorts.  We have some bitchen projects in the pipeline and pumped to do more 🙏🏻🙏🏻
POOL SCUM EPISODE 3: THE REBUTTAL.  #poolscum was such a blast to work on and we would love to make more episodes.  A great way to support this project and future ones is through the @moviemountain the Patreon.  You can watch the whole piece edited together and pick up shirts and socks.  We made Pool Scum as an example of how Instagram can be used and as proof of concept for what we are doing at Movie Mountain.  A bunch of people but in hundreds of hours of hard work on it at @moviemountain.  @memmonz was the special effects supervisor,  @kaikorsmo was the lead fabricator and set builder, @lex.lore did the wardrobe and helped with props, @timothytickle made the miniature pants and worked on props, @kylestephensnow spent months animating the puppets, @theshelbyfoundation provided moral support and made miniature beer cans, @nightjarillustration did the matte painting and tshirt painting, Warren Lee did the sound design, @classichenbo interned for a month.  I hope you guys like it and thanks for all of the support and great feedback 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻