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Game of Thrones

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Now I know who my dad is! Finally! #mydadischewbacca Happy opning weekend #starwars #solo #chewbacca @starwars Repost from: I don’t know
VERY VERY HAPPY ABOUT #soloastarwarsstory COMING OUT ON FRIDAY!!!!!!! 🙌🔥🙌 In other news this FABULOUS new bob is the chicest way to style out some burnt out mother of dragons split ends... #everypunintended #whenyourendslooklikeawildlingsitstimetochop @jennychohair after a decade of good times you make me wanna whip my super fly hair back and forth #🙌 #canigetahellsyeah #❤️ #🔥 @kateleemakeup @petraflannery you light this mother’s fire! All for some of that @starwars love....💋
Well... @goodmorningamerica!!Moments after I arrived on the show @steveaoki knocked on my dressing room door and asked to bend the knee, and as a sword replacement all I could find was a banana.................. THATS the part of this scenario  I’m stuck on?  Go figure. Safe to say the Targaryens have never been as cool 😎😂 @goodmorningamerica #youwakemeuptherightway  #bannanabenders #canwedothiszerogravitydoh? #didntseethatcoming #😎 @starwars
Bring it on Murakami
That time when @jimmyfallon and I went to 70’s prom... mullet? Check. Cheesy grin? CHECK. 💒  #mumgetthisoneinaframe  #onecorsageawayfromperfection  #👏 #🏆 #😎
Oh jimmy baby you got me in the dancing mood! @jimmyfallon tune in tonight to see my FRANKLY EMBARRASSING WOOKIE. Star Wars fans everywhere I apologise 🤦‍♀️ #jimmymakesmeshimmy #wookiewierdnessmakesmefearless #🏆 #🔥 @starwars  Oh and @jennychohair @kateleemakeup @petraflannery YOU GIRLS SLAY! 🚨 xxx
ICE .. this was ICE COLD peoples ... 😠
Some moments ... a MAHUSSIVE jump into bollock shrinking water ... goat marrow (so not delicious) and a home made raft (pretty fucking nifty) @beargrylls #jedimaster
Coffee to go in the beautiful Georgian countryside #georgia #coffee 🇬🇪
Soooooo lovely hanging out with this super cool woman @allymisslove! Love sitting down with smart, empowering women. Despite the white woman next to me repeatedly grabbing her bag and pulling it closer like I was going to steal it 🙄 we managed to laugh and have an incredibly intellectual and uplifting conversation about all the cool shit we’re up to!!! 💪🏽💪🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾 😎😎👸🏽👸🏽#hellyeah #whoruntheworld?#ladieswhobrunch #empoweredpeopleempowerpeople #somanycurls😂 #thankyou #goodpeoples #ohyeahandeverydayracism #youconvinceyourselfyourecrazyandimaginingit #yourenot #racismisntjustnamecalling #london #comebacksoon #yay
Can’t wait to be back out in Ibiza this summer @ushuaiaibiza , playing with some very cool people indeed :)
Go vågå! Our fantastic master- buliders from @vagabygg doing a super job! it’s a pleasure to work with our entrepreneur @torgrimvole and his right hand @henrikgangso But as a bonusfeature - they’re two of the baddest, best and bravest #offpist #freeride skiers there is! Gopro film by #henrikgangsto #buildingahouse #qualitycraftsmanship #vagabygg @grymolvaerhivju Music: @jonathangregorysylviastrand
Have to shout out and give huge thanks to Mourad and his drivers at @redcarpetlimousines for looking after us this past 5 days in Cannes. They went above and beyond including giving restaurant recommendations and suggestions of things to do in the area. You guys rock! Thank you ❤️ #bigthankyou #andthatsawraponcannes
You know that feeling when you get lucky with the timing of a firework boomerang? John Bradley does. And, yes, we lost. 🤩🔥💥⚡️#fireworks #quickonthedraw
how i wave at people i know i’ve met but can’t remember where from
SWIPE! Great works by @lana_dora @ortizm_art @danny_kimchi @jon_quinones_arte Such a pleasure to check out all the fantastic #fanart out there!
Dansih cartoonist wulfmorgenthaler today : ‘Han Solo wants spaceship with separate bathrooms’
The beginning of something new
A big thank you to the Georgian production & team, the Belgian production & team, and to the Finnish team. YOU were amazing and safed this difficult journey.
Happy Day to this one (I did contemplate using our Car sing alongs to celebrate you) Nearly 3 decades of friendship .... met you on a plane and I’d never seen such a fabulous creature, I didn’t know clothes extended beyond jeans and a stone roses T-shirt.. .. we’ve been through SO much and in and out and underlying of all of it is good old fashioned LOVE ... my titty bum, shizzy pops ... big smooches, I hope you’re spoilt rotten 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗oh and the rest are cause I know you’ll laugh 😊
Thank you @stellamccartney ❤️ @amfar @festivaldecannes hair grown by me and styled by @bentalbott and genius make up (as always) by @beau_nelson #thankyou #whatanight #firstcannesever #beepic #endaids #amfar #channellingmyinnerdianaross
Hey Barbie, you wanna go for a ride?
Hurra! 🇳🇴 Norway’s #nationalday #17mai in #nationalcostyme with my lovely wife @grymolvaerhivju 💥#constitutionday
What up instaworld… it’s your absolute LAST CHANCE to come hang with me on the Game of Thrones set in Belfast!!! Because I’m such a kind and loving leader, I want YOU to get an extra 100 entries with the promo code KHALEESI. 🔥Now, don’t leave your dragon mamma waiting.....ENTER with the link in my bio or at omaze.com/got And yes, the pooch (Molly) is my dragon replacement when I’m not filming. Not quite as fast but you should see her carry me home... OH WAIT YOU COULD IF YOU ENTER THIS COMPETITION!!!!!!! 😎🚨👏 #doitforthedragons  #itslamosttimeforawinner #mynewsunandstars? #saverofnursesandbringerofjoy  #awinnerhasanewname #anditcouldbeyours! #boombaby #❤️ #😎 #🙌
This is my spa treatment!! #georgia
If you have accreditation at @festivaldecannes head over to Palais de Festival Screening Room H tomorrow, Friday 18th May, at 12pm (noon) to watch ‘Run’ by #alexlanipekun which is in the #shortfilmcorner2018. My debut film as a producer! #festivaldecannes2018 #cannes2018 #runshortfilm @runforyourlifefilm #shortfilm
She did a beautiful job with only one product, one ?!!! I know, hard to tell cause it’s applied with the lightest of touches .. . I give you Ted (2 and a half) top blender #naturalskin #gifted
BECK #screenshot #steinar - All the 4 new films is avalibel on #cmore and #tv2 #zumo now! Last two is directed by @jorgenbergmark Tune in and ENJOY! Ps. In US its possible to find other BECK films on @mhzchoice and they’ll soon popp up on #bbc4 @cmore @cmoredanmark @cmorefi #peterhaber @piatjelta #jenniesilverhjelm #månsnathanaelson #annasp #elmiraarikan #filmlance #beckisback
Hey guys. My latest mix/podcast is up on Soundcloud , Mixcloud and ITunes. Link to soundcloud in Bio.  Featuring tracks from @ferreckdawn @pezntofficial @silviocarrano @meandmytoothbrush @alexkenjiofficial @lucaguerrieridj @giannibiniofficial @polym0d @piemofficial @shibasanmusic and more :) enjoy.  #dj #housemusic
💥!ITS BABY’S FIRST CANNES!💥These insanely talented ladies have literally been pulling rabbits outta hats (and 8 bags) getting my touché on the red carpet feeling like an intergalactic yacht owning ladies boss 💃 #🙌 #solobaby!  @jennychohair @kateleemakeup @petraflannery @narrativepr all up in the Star Wars sauce ❤️🏆🙌🚨
I see you girl... 🚬🧜🏻‍♀️🕯🌿#streetart #cannes #france
Selfie takeover by horse. Selfich bastard.
Who needs gloves when climbing?
Dark #disneyxcoach Magic Mirror @coach
Welcome to my library  #georgia 🇬🇪
... . I didn’t know I did this gesture so often .. photo cred: Varys
Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks Mama...for everything 🙏🏻❤️ you are funny, you are smart, you are interested, you are incredible, you are powerful, you are absolutely magical, you are....you, and that’s what make me so happy. I will always carry you in my heart, and when in doubt I will listen to your words and do the right thing ❤️ love to all mothers all of the world. 🙏🏻 also #love and #gratitude to my #wife. Seeing you being an #awesome #mom to our #wonderful #daughter brings #joy and #happiness to my #life #every #single #day...#thankfulfather
New behind the scenes photo of Jon Snow and Daenerys 🤪 - via @gotscns
Seville scores!!! #gameofthrones
My beautiful wife Nukaaka performing right now.  Tonight DoCharity hosts a Charity Evening in Copenhagen. The goal is to raise money in order to help Nakuusa help the next generation  in Greenland. 1 out of 3 have been sexually abused in Greenland and many children are struggling with horrific statistics of assaults amongst other painful topics.They have the highest suicide rate in the world amongst young people. Nakuusa means in greenlandic “let’s be strong together”. Nakuusa is a collaboration between the Greenlandic government and Unicef Denmark. The aim is to joint effort to action for the Greenlandic Society as a whole with focus on children and young adults.  If you would like to contribute with a donation (only danish citizen can participate) MobilePay 64 405 - DoCharity  #nakuusa #unicef #docharity #docharityball
Ne?? Tamam, tamam!  #tamam
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
New mix time again. Where is this year actually going ??? #dj #housemusic @shibasanmusic
Be mine? ❤️
Remember first headshot day? I chickened out of posting this for obvious reasons. But here you go. Don’t say I don’t ever share with you guys.  My 18 year old self.  A strange hybrid of Meatloaf and Saint Brigid.  Clutching my instrument !  LOL #batoutofhell #halo #notevenawig
birthday present from ma numba 1 🖤💜 bc you’re my #seven my #eight and my #nine
Honestly I’ve been working on so many new things and collaborating with old friends on new music recently.  I’m so excited to share it with you over the next few months.  Not long now :)
Apparently some people get turned on by photos of “Springer Dunlop”. I know, he is an extremely handsome cat! Happy Friday everyone!! #elegant #on #instagram #not #so #much
Springer Dunlop likes his morning paper. First he reads it. (He is very concerned about Donald Trump and the climate) THEN he takes a huge #shit on it...a little present for the next reader. That’s often me!!
Meet “Springer Dunlop” He is a cat!!! Also he is a big fan of wine and his new leash. It’s red. His favorite color. Regarding wine he’s into Rosé. Especially if it’s from Mallorca. The sculpture on the right, his left, is Jens Flemming Sørensen. He likes the sculpture cos he likes good art....what a cat!!! Next step for Springer Dunlop is to learn DOG-language...it’s a good thing to speak at least two languages when you’re a big city cat. #andthenyoubecameoneofthoesecatpeople #bonus #info #the room next door continued until 3am last night...Well done neighbors!!
#kitharington as Milo in Pompeii 🤪
We’re building a community. Let’s play. Link in bio #daisie100 ⭐️
Wow!! I actually grew up and became one of those people who would take their new cat(Springer Dunlop is his name) for a walk........in a leach......just so I could spend some quality time with my daughter...first puzzles, now a cat...parenthood is very interesting...adding new sides to life! Things you thought only VERY old people would do...I’m now doing...smiling/enjoying/...this can only mean one thing, either I’m getting older or the world is getting younger ? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Considering taking up knitting but it might just be too much at the moment...you know, it is still only 2018...on the other hand, what’s more masculine than a man making a small sweater to his cat? #cat #stillovedogs  #ps #myneighborsnextdoorhadsoloudsexitwokemeupsoihadtothinkaboutsomethingelse #hotellife #belfast #theyarestillgoingatit #room69 🤾🏼‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️#long #live #my #happy #place #think #of #the #cat #think #of #my #daughter 🙉🙉🙉🙉
Myself and HM delighted and proud to accept the @bafta special award on behalf of the entire @gameofthrones team at the craft awards this evening. Much deserved recognition for some of the very finest craftspeople working in TV. #gameofthrones #bafta 💪
Lovin’ the new final season costumes! #gameofthrones #sandiegocomiccon @blackcatstyling
Always good to meet my good friends the @sannederoo and the much too handsome Ciro!
Milano. Beautiful
Water shortage is a reality for almost half of the world’s population. 1.9 billion people face potentially severe water scarcity. But if we work to protect key ecosystems, restore degraded forests, and adopt nature-based solutions, we can help make water accessible to everyone. On #worldwaterday, and every day, let's do our part to preserve our most precious resource. #everydrop counts! @undp
It’s been nearly 30 years and every single day she somehow proves herself to be even kinder, even funnier and even stronger than I have ever known her to be before. She’s a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day. ❤️#happymothersday #mothersday
Today is Rik Mayall day. He was my first favourite actor and, to be honest, hasn’t slipped too far down that list since. Had the ability to make me and probably millions of others hurt from laughing and when he left us way too early, aged 56, we lost a true one-off and I lost a genuine hero. A huge part of the comedy movement that tried to stop it being the stomping ground of the racist, sexist and homophobic. He would have been 60 today. I loved him. ❤️ #rikmayall #rikmayallday
On tonight kids ... @beargrylls and I ... mad adventure.... 🙌🙌🙌 @nbc
Thank you @fiveseashotel for a wonderful stay during @festivaldecannes. I’m finding it quite difficult to leave this perfect little spot... and a BIG thanks to @ratravel for organising everything #fiveseashotelcannes #ratravel #howdoigetthisinmygarden #sopretty #perfectlittlespot #thankyou
Good man Mick!
Love this pic .  Credit to @clarkterrell for the pic , taken at south Texas comic con. #dj #house #music #texas
National gallery of Ireland.
Find someone who looks at you the way I look at Conleth Hill. ❤️
The merch @moneylinetees is too funny! 😭 15% off your purchase, use promo code "Cyber15" at MoneyLineTees.com . ✅LINK TO BUY IN BIO!
Comment your favorite reaction 😜
"Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you"
The #royalwedding we all want to see!
Kit Harington in Seville today currently filming GoT season 8!
RED/BLUE. Once in a lifetime you get to see a show by someone who is probably one of the most important artists in the world at that moment in time. Tonight, for me, was that night. #kendricklamar
Jon Snow always rises up 💪🏽 #gameofthrones
Tormund 😂 - Follow @thronesmemes for more Memes like this!
What show are you watching as of right now?
NYD 2018, Brighton
Derek Jarman's cottage at the ends of the earth
Modern music
Europe tour
Beaaaaauty 🌞
Good vibrations ☀️ 🎶 🤠
My dogs are now international stars shot by @rankinarchive. They don't want to live with me anymore - rumour has it they have their own reality show in the works. Was such an honour to do this shoot for the wonderful @the_blue_cross! A fantastic charity doing crucial work for animals everywhere.
As many of our lovely Thrones SAG Awards lads as I can fit into one picture! Thank you to @burberry for the most beautiful suit. What a brilliant evening - congratulations to all the victors. But it's goodbye sunny LA for now, time to go back to work...
Merry Xmas from London's best pub sing along
My best mate in the whole wide world.