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Anastasia Cooper


PVD, BOS, ATL, DMV, Conquerer of Anvil's 100, lover of cool underwear, waiting for my owl. I take terrible photos of really good cocktails. 👭🌈👔👖👞

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This handsome lil guy had a big day yesterday. First, he got his doggo license and became official. Then, @bockrathb took him to Rock Creek Park for a hike and saw sooo many squirrels. They lucked upon a lake and it turns out Corbin is a professional swimming dog!!! Today, he's all tuckered out and is napping by the window. 😍😍 #adoptdontshop #jackrussellterrier
Happy almost Father's Day! Cocktail of the weekend is a Southern Porch Rocker - Elijah Craig Small Batch, peach, ginger, lime, and mint. It'll be available Saturday and Sunday (and of you ask nicely, possibly Friday).
Version 2 is frosty AF!!! Aesthetically, I prefer version 1. Ginger infused simple and ginger infused pimms haven't given me what im looking for so I'm going to break down and make a ginger syrup. Also, I went bougie tonight and replaced the seltzer with LaMarca. And now I'm drinking LaMarca.
The truth behind creating any cocktail is there's usually a mess left in the wake. I was listening to The Lion King soundtrack (don't judge) and the scene where Pumba says "They call me Mr. Pig!" popped into my head. I laughed then thought up version 1 of a drink. "They call me Mr. Pimm's, ya bastahd". The garnish is the remnants of everything I used to make it.
Instead of the big, corporate pride, I've decided to spend this Pride Sunday supporting a local, women-owned business that serves the community 24/7/365. The entry price to today's event is actually a donation to TransLaw. Happy Pride DC!
Yes. There is an official drink for The Belmont Stakes. Yes. I made it for service tonight. It's delicious! The Belmont Jewel.
Yaaaasss!!! @bodybuildingcom order coming through less than 36 hours after being placed! 2 month supply of protein and aminos for $70. Those protein samples also made a solid appearance! Time to get these muscle gainz and fat losses.
Sooo the Caps have  chance to win Sir Stanley's Cup tonight. Why not make a drink in their honor? #allcaps Also, don't be fooled. I don't make drinks for weaklings.
My dog doesn't do selfies but he's all about some snuggles. Happy #nationalsmileday!
Post vacation self-care. Luckily it falls on #nationalmintjulepday! Also that bath bomb is lookin' riiiiiight!
"Which way to Muscle Beach"! What a perfect shirt to end this trip! Thanks for the good times @bockrathb. Also, you get that 📷 cred.
If your shirt, underwear, and socks don't all have doughnuts on them...then do you even eat doughnuts, bro?
I couldn't decide if I wanted my glasses on or off. Then this selection of photos happened.
I call this "The Evolution of the Butterbeer Selfie". We took it, the sun "is too bright" for Brit, then she's embarrassed of my butterbeer 'stache.
If you think I came ALL the way to LA and the first thing I bought was a pair of @theellenshow briefs, you're absolutely right.
I've never been to LA before. This goob surprised me with plane tickets for my birthday/Christmas. Today, I go to LA. #letmetellyouboutmybestfriend #thatswhatfriendsarefor
Trying to take a selfie of my new shirt for Pride 2018 and lil dude and Brit came through with an awesome photobomb!
Me - "Brit, take a picture of us in these matching bandanas!" Korbin - "😒😒" 📸: @bockrathb