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Lola Wingate


Happily unmarried senior businesswoman and mum on my way to more discoveries about the world and self.

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Artist Dwight Hwang who was on the boat and wanting to catch some unusual specimens holds us an Irish Lord. He has been working his gyotaku magic at the shop. Gyotaku is an art form of inking the fish and making an impression on handmade paper. #fishingforgyotaku #gyotaku
Pulling up a cod
My son Dusty and his wife Evie off loading some ice onto the boat for our fishing trip yesterday.
Coming in from a fishing trip yesterday we walked past this stack of crab pots. Eagles were hanging out watching us walk by.
The Empress Hotel. I love this Grand Old Hotel.
An intriguing red door I came across today.
Door handles inside the Empress Hotel.
A water taxi in Victoria Harbor.
This was the largest butterfly I think I’ve ever seen.  Anyone know what kind it might be. The edges of its wings are a little frayed. It looks like it’s been around for a bit.
Love the English breakfast habit of serving tomatoes along with eggs cooked to perfection, hash(browns), as  this breakfast place did. Their tomatoes were half roasted and half just plane.  Loved the sourdough toast with great berry jam. They also served a Smokey roasted tomato sauce and a green chili sauce made from scratch. Yum!
Downtown Victoria BC. Having a great time here in this beautiful city. The weather is perfect. I’m so thankful for bringing able to have this experience for a few days.
Now I want to come every season.
Some of the flowers at Butchart Gardens
To buy wine or liquor first you must find a liquor store because it’s not sold anywhere but a liquor store. After asking many people we found this one which had sooo much character. It was worth the effort. Very gracious people very accommodating.  This one i would highly recommend. It’s right around the corner from The Bug Zoo.
Victoria Events Center last night where the event was a swing dance band. It was right around the corner from our hotel. The price of admission bought a drink. Great entertainment. The dance floor got crowded as the night wore on. It was the best entertainment ever. #victoriaeventcentre
Victoria is full of flower baskets. All over the city. So beautiful. #victoria
Combining into Victoria Harbor on the ferry. Gorgeous day in Victoria.
We saw this on the road yesterday. This morning again, getting in line for the ferry to Victoria. A Danish couple on their way around the world. The countries in yellow are where they’ve been. In case your wondering it is custom made