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Michelle GD


writer | photographer | noticing tiny moments | helping others do the same. #tinytinymoments + #justfivethings + #sometimesmondays

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The first one.  #iamgiddy #ripereveryday
Currently sitting at my desk.  Currently sharing in discussion with an incredible group of women who have joined my class, Intention for 7. Currently inspired by these women and the work they have begun...it’s just seven days we’re sharing, but such goodness already, and it’s only day two. Currently an empty mug but a very full heart. . It’s not always easy to put oneself out there. But holy wow it’s almost always worth it. #loveandcommunity #intention #weholdmagicinside
A pack of expired film and the flowers out back.  Happiness. . I’m sharing Polaroids plus some thoughts on the @viewfinders_io blog.  If you fancy a read, you can hop over by following link in profile. 💗 . Any creative projects making you happy these days?
For the coffee. For the card pulled. For the walk with birdsong.  For the yard work done.  For the lunch made by someone else.  For so much else. #justfivethings #saturdaysaturday #gratitude #tinytinymoments #ilovecircles #cheers
I mean, come on. Would you just look at those perfect little spirals?! . #ilovezinnias #flowersflowers #inthegarden #fridayfriday
I’m putting the finishing touches on my (free) offering Intention for 7. We begin on Monday. Registration closes Saturday, so don’t wait much longer to sign up for daily emails of what I hope will inspire you....to move gently, to move steadily, to move with heart. You in?? . Just follow link in profile to register.  I hope you have an excellent day. xo . And if you’re not inspired to join, that’s fine too. I hope you have an excellent day as well. xo . #tinytinymoments #justshowup #shine #mgdself
Hello, Monday. Hello, sweetness. Hello, you.
There’s movement and stillness at the same time. Which feels contradictory.  Except that it also feels reconciled. . Do you know what I mean? . #justshowup #shine #tinytinymoments #fridayfriday
Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. ~Edward de Bono~ . #paintedtoes #spraysidewalkchalk #loveher #creativity
We need to do better. . Let us be those creative dissenters who will call our beloved nation to a higher destiny. To a new plateau of compassion, to a more noble expression of humanness. ~Martin Luther King, Jr~ . #belove #dolove #inlove #fourthofjuly
I’m getting ready to run my FREE offering...Intention for 7...later this month {July 16-22}. I ran this class a couple of years ago and it turned out to be a wonderful gathering of heart-filled souls. If you’d like to set and work with a special intention...for 7 days...in community...I’d love to have you join us.  You can read more on my site (link in profile...Intention for 7). It’s going to be sweet. And (always) powerful. . My gift, from me to you.  Pass it on, as inspired. xo . #justshowup #shine #dothedoing #intention
Sometimes Mondays look like sitting on my sister’s porch. . What’s your Monday look like?? . #sometimesmondays #tinytinymoments