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Kennedy Summers


Almost a #doctor ⭐️MD #Vegan, organic, & health-obsessed🌱 👩‍🎓Master’s in HCA Management: Mgmt@thejse.net

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I really meant what I said before—I’m in a super cool position where I can throw my stuff in storage for a couple of months and literally go anywhere for the summer. Right now, I’m thinking #newyork would be fun because I’d like to get a bit more #culture in my life—I’ve really missed being able to go to the #theater and listen to my favorite #music (#Broadway show tunes...shhh), here in LA. I also really enjoyed road-tripping #europe, even though this time I’d have to be a little more stable because I need to take my #usmle before August. Has anyone tried taking a dog back-and-forth from the #eu? It’s pretty much my biggest hesitation right now! Pointers would be appreciated as I #revolvearoundtheworld 😋😋 outfit @revolve by @houseofharlow1960
Kid in a #candy store🍭 I just found out I’m moving...and I’ve got the whole #world to choose from! I love the idea of hanging out somewhere new for a few months! Where would you go, if you could spend two months anywhere?😍🌎 I just want to go everywhere! #traveladdict #revolvearoundtheworld @revolve @loversfriendsla
There’s nothing better than having a puppy🐶 I seriously feel so lucky everyday that I get to share this little one’s life with him. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having, dealing with people—he’s always in a good mood and just wants to be hugged💕 I will literally almost always choose staying home with my dog over going out😂🙈 But, he’s travel-sized, so when I do go places, he usually comes with😋😋 #crazydoglady 👙 by @tularosalabel for @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld
#perspective is the key to #happiness🌺 It doesn’t matter what happens to you—all that matters is how you react to it. Even though we can’t #control the rest of the world, we’re completely in charge of how we handle ourselves. It’s okay to take a few moments for yourself before #reacting to things, too—you never want to act rashly, and then #regret the things you said or did out of #anger, #hurt, or #fear✨ Choose your words carefully, because they do impact others—sticks and stones may break bones, but words can scar more deeply💕 dress @michaelcostello x @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld
Life sometimes comes at us in the most unexpected ways. I spent the eight-hour flight home from Europe talking to the man next to me, and realized that there’s something so freeing about engaging in #conversation with someone you’ll never meet again, someone who doesn’t even know your name: you can say anything, and it disappears with you when you leave.  He told me that he was newly married, and it was the day before his six-month #wedding anniversary. And me? I was prompted to do the math, and discovered that I’m only a few weeks away from the five-year anniversary of my #divorce.  Part of me still can’t believe that I was #married, mostly just because of how much has happened since then—it almost feels like I’ve lived a second life. Being married taught me a lot—the most important thing being that another human can never make us whole. Not one of us is actually searching for our other half—we’re searching for ourselves. A spouse is a partner, not a missing puzzle piece. No one else is responsible for our feelings or our happiness, no matter how relationships seem on TV.  Another important #lesson I learned from my divorce is that it’s okay to fail. Failing at something so huge was a very humbling experience, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything—I needed to go through that in order to figure out that what was missing in my life had to do with me—it wasn’t a relationship.  And, #failure is something to be proud of, when it doesn’t make you give up and stop living. It’s just a part of #success—without failure, we wouldn’t work as hard, because we wouldn’t understand just how far we have to fall.  Don’t be afraid to let go of things that aren’t right for you. As soon as you do, you’ll find yourself somewhere new, doing things that you never thought possible. No matter how things end, it’s okay to look back at them and appreciate them for what they were to you, at the time.  It’s like the #stranger on the plane and I
You have to be willing to stand up for yourself and #fight for what you believe in. No matter who you are, people will try to stand in your way, or treat you a certain way because they can’t accept who they are. They’re so blinded by comparing themselves to you, and trying to compete with you, that they can’t see their own amazing #gifts and #talents. Don’t ever let those people stop you, or bully you, or make you feel like you’re wrong for expecting them to treat you with #kindness, #consideration, and #respect. Don’t ever let anyone intimidate you, and don’t ever be afraid to make waves when you need to be heard. Remember—the way that people treat you is a reflection of the way they feel about themselves. No one who is normal, #happy, #healthy, and proud of him- or herself is going to go out of his or her way to make your life miserable or more complicated—they’re going to stand up and fight with you💙 #summerootd from @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld 🌺 Top and #knitbikini by @tularosalabel, jeans by @grlfrnd_denim
One of the hardest things about #growingup is learning when to pick your battles. I never really understood what that meant as a kid, because I always felt like I had to be right. I always felt like I had to defend myself and prove that the other person was wrong about me, but now, I’ve learned to just walk away. . If you don’t fight every fight, and don’t NEED to win every #argument, life goes just a little more smoothly. Removing yourself from a situation is oftentimes the best option, and usually the most respectable one. Ego has never done anything good for anyone, and #pride has been the #hamartia of many a great man and woman. . In this age where everything is potentially being recorded, we should always act like a #lady or a gentleman, and treat others with respect—no matter how they’re treating us. The next time that someone makes you angry, before you react, ask yourself—why do I need to win this? Is this situation really going to change my life, or is this just about my #ego? . If it’s something that will change your life, then fight for it passionately; but, whenever you can admit that it’s just your ego, learn how to let things go. . People can talk about you all they want, and others may listen for awhile, but your actions will always speak louder than their words. Volatile and unpleasant people will eventually dig their own graves—let them. . No matter how hard it is to walk away, remember: when a crazy person and a sane person are yelling at each other, they both look the same from a distance. #patience is a virtue, and the #truth always comes out in the end. Don’t throw yourself onto a sinking ship, no matter how long it seems like it’ll stay afloat.💜 Yesterday’s #revolvearoundtheworld pool party dress by @revolve from @majorelle_collection. I am so obsessed with #knitdresses for summer!!😍 pic @johnsonsportsent #bikini @tularosalabel
In case you missed my #instastory, I’m back Stateside! I had an incredible time in #europe, seeing friends in between my solo tour! I spent the last few days doing a road trip in #france and #switzerland all by myself! It was so much fun, but it wasn’t without a bit of #misadventure! My first rental car committed suicide while I was traveling through the Swiss countryside—at midnight!! AGH😳 Good thing I had international data on my phone, though, because I just booked a nearby hotel and waited for the tow truck to come get it! I always encourage people to take a solo trip at least once in their lifetime, but definitely make sure you’re prepared in case of an #emergency like this one! Someone did stop to help me, but I didn’t unlock my doors or roll down my window! It’s never a good idea, no matter how innocent someone seems. Even though the situation was a little sticky, I think it’s a really funny story, now!😂🙈 I’ll definitely do a #roadtrip by myself again, but I won’t be driving alone after midnight anymore—even in the #usa! Happy to be be home, and happy to have had the experiences I did.💛 I’ll share more stories in future posts :)
I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I absolutely love the #beach. #cannes has such a great vibe and I love being just inches from the sea! It’s a beautiful day here in #france, and I’m so happy to be able to spend today with kind people💛 Also, for anyone who is wondering—this trip was paid for with my #crypto earnings! Everyone I know in LA is so tired of hearing me talk about crypto, but I swear that if you know how to read charts and can do your own research, it can be a great #investment. It allows me to work from anywhere, and that’s a real blessing for someone like me who can’t survive in office life! If you’re looking to learn, I recommend a #daytrading book that I used called “How to Beat the Market Makers at Their Own Game,” by Fausto Pugliese. He taught me how to tape-read and understand #stockcharts, and it’s changed my life for the better. I’ve even sent a copy to my little brother and a ton of my friends! #notanad! Lol I just genuinely love the product and think it’s a simple way to become familiar with the skills you need to do #stocks!
Tea and cuddles with @miss8maria💁‍♀️ We met last summer in yoga class and were lucky enough to get to meet up in #cannes this week! One of the best things about having #friends from all over the world is that, when you #travel, you find that you always seem to know someone! Last night’s tea and coffee at #hotelmartinez was a great way to catch up! Their patio has the cutest atmosphere💕 pic by @ms.vera1
Be kind, because you never know what someone else is going through.  The hardest thing I face is the fact that I’ve never had a #family or a good support system. Everything I’ve done, I’ve had to do it alone. Every struggle I’ve faced, every hardship I’ve endured, and even every success I’ve earned, I’ve had to experience alone.  Sometimes, I feel like a kid staring through a shop window at #christmas: I can see what love and support look like, but no matter how hard I press my face against the glass, I’m unable to cross the invisible barrier that separates me from the things I’ve always wished I had.  I’m #grateful for my independence, and the fact that the difficult life I was handed has given me the #strength and fearlessness to create the incredible life I have. It’s been an uphill battle, but I’ve worked so hard for everything I’ve achieved; and, there’s not one person in this world who can say I owe them anything.  Still, there’s a big difference between being lonely and being alone—and I’m okay with being alone. Sometimes, though, I do get lonely—especially when things get tough and I’m not sure what to do.  The biggest challenge I face isn’t med school or the #usmle—it’s surrounding myself with healthy people who actually like themselves, too—instead of people who only see others as rungs on their social-climbing ladders.  Someday, I know that things will be easier than they are today. But, today, I woke up just wishing I had someone to talk to, someone to give me a hug and say that things are going to be okay. Even though this is my “normal,” I don’t want it to be. I hope someday I’ll be able to experience the unconditional #love that seems to come so easily to everyone else. But, even if I don’t, I know I’ll be okay, because I always have been.  No matter how things seem, just know that we’re all going through something. We all fight different battles, and sometimes all people need is a little
The #romanforum was awe-inspiring. In the #usa, our buildings barely last ~50 years. The weirdest part about that, to me, is that the Romans created domes and *new* structures from nothing. Their creations were almost all innovations! Even now, we’re building upon a lot of their ideas, and I really don’t understand how we’ve managed to architecturally evolve backwards, while some of civilization’s oldest structures are still here! Buildings like the #colosseum and the #patheon have survived fires and #earthquakes—and I can’t even find an apartment in LA where someone didn’t screw the cabinets in on a slant😂🤦‍♀️ We’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing minds in our lifetime (*#StephenHawking, #elonmusk, and #stevejobs), but, as a whole, we’re not challenging ourselves to reach further than our ancestors did. But, WHY? We’ve been spared the challenge of forced innovation for survival, yet we’ve opted to take the cheap/easy way out. We’ve seen certain materials withstand the tests of time and the elements, yet we’re still creating #buildings that collapse from minor earthquakes. There’s a #quote I read once that said, “If no one thought differently, then nothing new would ever be accomplished.” Well, you DO think differently, so don’t be afraid of that power. PLEASE, don’t let your talents and creativity be stifled by the limitations of others. Each one of us was blessed with a mind unlike everyone else’s, and we have to be strong enough to push through the inevitable social pressures and judgements that come with that—even when they’re coming from those who are close to us. You’re the only one who lives inside your head, so you’re the only one who actually knows what you’re capable of accomplishing. YOU are the only thing that can truly stand in your way—everyone and everything else needs YOUR permission to do so. Every adversity in your life can be sidestepped with the right amount of