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Hungry girl in culinary school 👨‍🍳 Melbourne 🇦🇺

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Pretty in pink! Pepperberry kangaroo with wild rosella jus. So much to study for our game and specialty meats assessment tomorrow 😢 but at least I get really gorgeous takeaway dinner like this after. 🤣
Shellfish à la Grecque. Blue swimmer crab, seared scallops, calamari, mussels with olive oil, shallot, tomato, white wine, lemon, coriander, and parsley.  Delicious but part of me died throwing away all that crab fat when we blanched the crab and picked the meat out for this lol. The best part is eating it from the shell!!! 😂
Miso marinated salmon with crispy skin and prawn head oil. The start of fish and seafood week! 😍  @williamanglissinstitute
"You're very... particular" is a comment I get a lot when people see my work (cooking, art, day planner lol) 🤣 The tidier the better!  Second go at deboning and skinning quail for a galantine! For assessment day as well 😥 @williamanglissinstitute
Chicken kiev! A supreme cut flattened then wrapped around a log of garlic parsley butter. All our mouths watered when chef cut his open in the demo (2nd pic) 💦💦💦 Apparently years ago they used to dress this up to look like a chicken 😂 So the bone sticking up was it's head, and they added fanned out pears to make a tail! So good lol! @williamanglissinstitute
Chicken wings marinated in garlic, ginger, lime, sambal oelek, soy sauce, and brown sugar then baked til golden and caramelised 🍗 I wish I had more than three!?!?
Not bad for my first go at a chicken I reckon? 🍗 Left a pinch too much flesh on the carcass but I'm happy with my other cuts.  Clockwise from top left: carcass, 3 frenched 'wings', breast halved, 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs, supreme (breast with bone for kiev). Nobody wanted to take their carcasses home so I nabbed like 6 to make into stock tonight! 😍 #nofoodwaste
Soufflé omelette. 😍🍓 Fluffy meringue folded with egg yolks, flour, butter then baked for a few mins til golden. Gently folded in half WITHOUT CRACKING and flipped onto a plate. Berry compote and icing sugar to garnish.  Chef said my batter was 👌 and I'm so happy lol. I feel like I'm making progress.
Managed to get a few snaps of today's assessment! Our most ambitious menu yet, even our chefs said we might struggle.  1. Falafel (x2 serves) 2. Polenta chips 3. Roasted garlic aioli 4. Couscous salad 5. Sweet potato timbale (x2) 6. Ratatouille pie 7. Soufflé omelette 8. Berry compote  Finished in just under 3 hours thanks to some obsessive planning hahahaha. 😥
They say you never make the same mistake twice in the kitchen! 🔪  Throwback to my second or third week of culinary school. Haven't cut myself since 😅
Boil em mash em stick em in a stew! Potato day!  I love croquettes, grew up eating Japanese korokke made by my mama. 🍠 I even made chorizo croquettes for my tapas themed birthday last year! Though I prefer panko than traditional breadcrumbs.
Only pic from today's assessment. Really enjoying making fresh pasta. 🍝 L-R tagliatelle, pappardelle, and farfalle.  Tagliatelle was turned into creamy dreamy carbonara, which I'll be having for dinner later 😍 I also have some slow cooked bolognese at home that I'm looking forward to draping the pappardelle with!!!
A very srs student 😄
Chunky roasted veg risotto, cause how can you do a rice class without one! 🍚  Brownie points cause I read the footnotes and made a parmesan crisp (shaped like a pringle haha) and balsamic glaze to garnish 😅 #sokeen
A surprising favourite from yesterday's class. Brown rice and freekeh salad with capsicum, currants, spring onions, toasted cashews and pinenuts and... TERIYAKI DRESSING. No wonder it was yummy lol. Saving this recipe for future picnic type events.
Memories of Chinese restaurants growing up - every parent orders corn soup for their kids 😅  Corn egg drop soup with glass noodles for rice and noodle day!
Of course we cannot do egg day without... scrambled eggs on toast! 🍳  I normally prefer a crispy fried egg with runny yolk but have to say, there's something really nice about creamy buttery scrambled eggs.
Vegetable frittata. Can you guess today's theme?  The spares are gonna be my brekkie the next couple of days hehe.