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Wife to Isaiah, Fur Mama to @bigfatbartolo, Sales for @stay.golden.co and @matchlessco

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Today I met my #22victories breastfeeding goal! Seattle was born with a tongue tie. This prevented her from latching correctly and in turn damaged my nipples and kept her from gaining weight properly. I was pumping after every feed and tube feeding her my breastmilk to help her get the nutrition she needed. While we were waiting for the date to arrive when we would have her tongue tie clipped I developed mastitis and clogged ducts on both breasts. I had a 103 degree fever and a lot of pain. It was emotionally difficult being too weak to hold my sweet baby. All I wanted to do was snuggle her. But, once we clipped her tie Seattle began her journey of being able to latch and suck effectively. I grew in confidence (and stopped wincing quite as much as before) and today on Day 22 I can say I feel like a stronger person and I’m thankful I went through the hard work to give Sese this nutrition and bonding. #22victories is all about having the support and resources you need to push past those first difficult weeks of breastfeeding. If it wasn’t for Isaiah and our amazing, God send lactation consultant, Jane, who text with me night and day to give me in the moment advice, I don’t think I would have succeeded at exclusively breastfeeding. Thank you, God for my community and for placing knowledgeable people in front of me to help get me to Day 22. 📸 @stephholt
We got some much needed sunshine and exercise with @kristiniskrater today. It’s so nice to have a football field with a track so close to our house. Looking forward to many more of these baby wearing walks as the weather cools down.
Mama, Daughter & Aunt Pidge Hangouts at @cremacrema - if there’s one thing I’ll for sure teach this girl it’s what good coffee is. ☕️👶🏻
@stay.golden.co breakfast date with family ☕️🍼🍩🍳🥓
Isaiah is back to work today, so it’s just us girls (and Bart) around the house. Seattle is learning the art of taking selfies. We’re settling in nicely. 💖😊
Family couch snuggles, rewatching The Office. Perfection.
These are a few of my favorite family photos that @stephholt snapped of us. I’m so in love with my sweet family👩🏻👦🏻👶🏻🐶
Today Seattle and I went on our 1st Mama Daughter Date. We listened to Destiny’s Child Independent Women in the car and visited @paigenicolereed at @temponashville. Another great addition to the Nashville coffee community and a successful outing for The Kallman women!
Today we brought Seattle to visit @stay.golden.co, @blackabbeybrew and @black.abbey.parking.lot - this little lady has so many people that were excited to meet her. We love that she’s #growingupbrewery and coffee shop. Here’s to hoping her palate is stellar. Maybe she’ll even be a super taster!!!
Isaiah has wanted to be a Dad since he was a teenager. But, there was a time in our relationship where we thought maybe we wouldn’t have kids and then with the miscarriage we had to come to terms with the idea that we might not have a choice in the matter. Seeing Isaiah now being Dad to Seattle is one of the most redemptive, beautiful pictures of love and servant heartedness I’ve ever experienced aside from how my Dad loved and cared for me. He’s patient, kind, selfless, understanding - he’s washed countless pump parts, is there to help with every feeding, has changed way more diapers than me... I loved my husband as much as I knew how to before Seattle was born, but there’s this new space that’s opened up in my heart - not just towards Sese, but towards Isaiah - to me he’s the most attractive man I’ve ever met and I’m so grateful to parent side by side with him.  Also, shout out to @stephholt who took the most swoon worthy family photos for us.
“Now all these tastes improve Through the view that comes with you Like they handed me my life For the first time, it felt right” Sweet Avenue by Jets to Brazil 💖 There were a few moments during labor that some of my favorite songs played. Isaiah would remind me during contractions why the song was so special to us. I would just weep and let those feelings empower my contraction to be productive. Sweet Seattle, you were so worth the work. I would do it a million times over just to call you mine.
Being Sese’s mama is teaching me anew of how deep the Father’s love is for us. Knowing my feelings for her are just a fraction of what God feels towards us is overwhelming. Our friend @stephholt was over the other day. She noted how Seattle didn’t have to do anything but exist and all these people love her. At one point, during a rush of pregnancy hormones, I was afraid I wouldn’t love her. My sweet doula reminded me that love isn’t just a feeling - it’s a commitment. So in those moments of waking up at 3 am to nurse I remember how that’s a mirror of God’s love for us too. He’s 100% committed to us - more faithful than even I can be to my sweet daughter. I’m in awe.
It’s as if she has always been a part of our family. I can’t imagine life without her already. Sweet Sese, you are so loved. Thank you, God for this incredible gift and for answering our prayers.
So far Mom Life is 13/10. Duh, it’s hard work, but it’s joyful and the best, most worthwhile work. As my sweet mother in law said - it’s a sacred time.
🎶And I thought, be still my heart. This could be a brand new start, with you. And it will be clear if I wake up and you’re still here with me in the morning. 🎶 The Postal Service - expressing all my emo feelings since 2003. Also, my baby is perfect and I’m forever in love.
We’d like to introduce everyone to Seattle Eilonwy Kallman - born this morning, 8/31/18, at 5:21 AM at home in a peaceful water birth. This sweet girl weighs 7 lbs 15 oz and is 19 inches long. She was meant to be a part of our family and she fits in perfectly. We are all doing so well.
@homedepot date with @bigfatbartolo. Come on Bebe Sese!!! We are ready to meet you!!!
Sister Sister 👯‍♀️ Having a little day date at @cremacrema. I’ve been medically instructed to relax, rest and have fun - so that’s what I’m doing 💅🏻