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i stan xxxtentacion


drake mom kinda cute, she could get it #explore

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Good night luvs, enjoy 🖤
Winnie Harlow is cancelled because this bitch got the nerve to talk about darkskin women when she got all them damn spots on her skin? Girl bYe! I like the fact that she's comfortable in her own skin but sis don't get too comfortable 🙄 I'd rather have dark ass skin than that skin she got 🙊 and I really liked her ..
Umm ... Queen Naija fans was mad because there was a video of her sticking her ass up in the air and she was doing the most and all I said was "Now she doing too much" SKSKSKSK 💀 now all they asses replying to my comment mad ASF Queen fan base is full of 11 year olds 😭😭
Y'all Queen Naija fans be so pressed ...they always wanna ARGUE!! 🤷🏾‍♀️ They be really coming for me like she that special 💀
Back again ...
Queen is pregnant by Clare bare already and I'm so confused
I'm back y'all 😂
I love X but this is FUNNY (And when he was alive he laughed at this video too so don't get butt hurt)
iconic moment
Hair goals 😍
Nicki exposed 6ix9ine, 50, Young thug, and some more rappers kskskksks
Nicki straight snapped on Barbie Dreams WTF
*Listens to fefe for the 100th time* Me:
I want these 😍