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She got camera in one hand and cake in the other📸🍰 #mywanderlost #jeaninspires #hungrywandering ✉Dm for collab. 👇Cafe for Vintage addict

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Life is complicated But I always make sure my table isn't👌  #hungrywandering
Let your Monday be like a Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Friday!  #jeaninspires
Trust me There's always one piece of clothing in your closet You have bought for ages, but just don't wear them for no reason Say hi to my precious top I have been hiding for a year👋
Denim is always a good idea
When the food bell rings🛎
🔦Finally found one good thing about Monday -The only day you can wear the exact same outfit as yesterday without anyone knowing😏 Anyone with a second reason?
Guess what's in my hair☻☻
The best thing about taking random pictures are the funny stories that happened behind😛 So guess what happened with us and the truck behind
There's still certain things that can't be replaced for example Keeping a handwritten diary✏  #hungrywandering #jeaninspires
Hang on there girl!
Are you satisfied with your life?  I am, just lost
Here is team 'WTH is royal wedding' trying to blend in the grass behind her  今天是什麼日子? 來讓我們靜坐3分鐘 #520  #wanderintaipei
Every photo is 👌 with 🕶  #mywanderlost #wanderintaiwan #wanderinkaohsiung
Procaffeinating. [n] -the tendency not to start anything until you've had a cup of coffee  Can you relate?  #hungrywandering
What is the habit you quitted which made you so proud of yourself For me, its TV series  Proudness💯💯💯 (☝️one day this word will be invented)  #jeaninspires
Everything great starts with a grateful heart  Btw, am I the only one who got rejected by mom when I asked her out for mother's day meal🤧  Haha we're fine👌👌 Just spent some quality time together (like 1 hour) at home enjoying mother's day cake(of course) then both head out with for own business😀 Cheers to all mothers and fathers😘😘
🎤To the left to the left
Are you team smartphone or team internet🤔  Last month I succeeded with almost 1 week without internet And guess who's my lifesaver! Sudoku!! I think I solved 5 daily challenges a day🤔😂 #mywanderlost#wanderintaiwan#wanderintaipei#jeaninspires