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Penny Lowles


Student Nurse πŸ’‰ Elephant fanatic 🐘 Most likely to be found running πŸƒ

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Sale Fell Selfie and aeroplaning down the hill. #lakedistrict #cumbria #salefell
Back in Cumbria for a few days. It was nice to be greeted by this beaut sunset. #cumbria #sunset
Kind of forgot to take many photos today because I was too busy staring in awe at the views but my first visit to Loch Lomond did not disappoint and I had the best company. #lochlomond #restandbethankful #scotland
@mordant31 earned himself Jog Leader of the year with this little beauty today. #runningman #glasgow #skyehalfmarathon #berlinmarathon #glasgowfrontrunners
When you haven't had a proper drink since New Year because of training and someone says Polo. Thank you for a fabulous night Birthday Boy @andrewp998 πŸ’• #polo #glasgow
The things you see when walking through Kelvingrove on a Sunday evening. Good to see the Suffragette Tree has had a bit of colour added to it. #votesforwomen #suffragette #kelvingrove #glasgow
Oh how I've missed you πŸ’ΏπŸŽΈπŸŽΆ @frankturner #frankturner #recordstoreday  #glasgow #bemorekind
The Manchester Marathon was unbelievable yesterday. Went in wanting Sub 3:45 and finished with 3:28:42. The 50 mile weeks and early mornings payed off. The support along the course was amazing and well done everyone who ran it. #manchestermarathon #glasgowfrontrunners
Easter Sunday stroll up Ben Ledi yesterday. Beautiful views all the way up and put the world to rights with the best company. #benledi #scotland
The last long run of Manchester Marathon Training done βœ… more highs then lows but that may have been cause of all the bloody hills we ran up. #manchestermarathon #glasgowfrontrunners
2 weeks until Manchester Marathon and my number has finally arrived (phew). Thanks Oz for lending me 'The FrontRunner' to get me in the mood. Felt sore and tired out running today but I saw two other FrontRunners out on their runs and a dog on a canoe β€πŸƒπŸŒˆ πŸ• #manchestermarathon #thefrontrunner #marathontraining
Marathon fuel box number 2. Totally acceptable eat everything on Marathon day right? @the_tribe_way #marathontraining #manchestermarathon #tribe https://wearetribe.mention-me.com/m/ol/sn2he-penny-lowles
And relax! Longest run of Manchester Marathon Training done! If you turn the route outline on its side it looks a bit like a rabbit 🐰 #marathontraining #manchestermarathon
Today's 36k. It was a bit hilly.  #marathontraining #running #glasgow
So apparently you can run 21 miles on a treadmill. It's wasn't fun or pretty but I sure had good company (and better then breaking a leg in the snow). #dreadmill #marathontraining
Not the fastest 4 miles ever and alot of stopping to pet dogs frolicking in the snow but it was alot of fun. If you are mad enough to go for a run wear snow/ice grips (you can get them from @run4it_ ) and take it easy. #snowday #marathontraining
Yesterday's Marathon Training with my fave people. Soaking up the Vitamin D at Cuningar Loop. #marathontraining
2017 Rainbow Relay was a success! Great turn out, didn't rain and we came 2nd πŸƒ 🌈 #glasgowfrontrunners #lgbthistorymonth @danol16 @lgbtys