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All my training, all the sacrifice culminated in this moment. #donkeykong #teambuilding @updownmke #winning #petepost
Listened to a presentation by Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky on culture with a small group of business owners. Classic Capitalism v Social Capitalism - Classic Capitalism focus is on shareholders while Social Capitalism focus is on stakeholders or the people making the business run. Is it true that the more we fixate in profit the less profitable we are?  Certainly some stats would prove that to be true. Social Capitalism IS NOT Socialism but it is a model that puts it’s focus on culture and the employees. This equates to improved productivity, efficiency and retention which equates to PROFIT.  Connect, build culture, be clear on your Why and bring the profit. Doing good for the world and making money is a beautiful thing. #culturetrumpseverything #connect #capitalism #grow #helppeople #buildleaders #petepost
Glute activation. Part 1. Mini bands are a great tool and can be a key part in getting or big house to come join the party and fire the way it should. This is an easy activation exercise to implement at the beginning of a workout to “turn on” the glute medius.  #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #gluteworkout #glutemedius #babygotback
Super speedy workout today. Self activation ➡️ glute wake up ➡️ front squat core block ➡️ single leg good mornings and overhead squats accessory block ➡️ Tabata sprints for a finisher. We’ll break down all these components in some future posts but for now enjoy watching Pete go up and down reallyreallyreally fast. #oldmanstrength #oldmanspeed #oldmanfast #oldmanstrong #legday #reflexiveperformancereset #selfactivation
I like building things. My optimism is a huge plus as it allows me to start things with less fear. Optimism can also allow me to start things, try things, under estimate the magnitude of things...like this house that has had a project going, let’s be honest, multiple projects going for close to 2 decades. We have been bold in our vision and unaware of how long. But I am now at a point that I can see the end such as paneling the hood I just installed over our stove. Trim work is going up this weekend and then paint the week of 10/1, shelving and doors for the cabinets I built installed before the end Of October and our kitchen is DONE!  It only took 18 years along with every other square inch of the house. Business and life are quite similar, you are never done. That’s good news!  Keep growing, keep tweaking (not twerking), lean into learning new skills, trial/error and assess, start again. Swing hard in case you hit it! #buildsomething #failfastfailoften #list #icandothat #finish
Chelsea here, back this Monday working on that left glute medius. This hip anchoring corrective is addressing stability and firing issues. Correctives can be frustrating... and boring. I want to be back to pulling heavy deadlifts now, not working on seemingly invisible movements. But I KNOW I’ll be better off for it in the long run. So here we are, doing tiny toe touches. Butttttt... check out that better lordotic curve on the deadlift. #correctiveexercise #glutemedius #leftglute #gluteactivation #strengthtraining #traindontexercise #traindontworkout
You can tell I don’t do a food blog, because I always forget to take a photo before I dig in. Cauliflower fried rice with vegetables and pork. This is a spectacular use of riced cauliflower!  Taking a pass on grains/grasses does not need to lack flavor. Our bodies really struggle with digesting grasses and this is a great alternative for rice.  #keto #grainfree #tastee #iwouldpayforthis #petepost
This is a shot I took on my way up “The Grand” in Wyoming. #relaxedintensity  A couple of conversations I had today with folks that came in for #beactivated sessions today brought me back to this incredible day. Climbing the Grand checked so many boxes for me - big nature (standing in awe of His creation), good friends to engage with AND trust on the journey, plenty of laughs and physical effort that took me outside my comfort zone. We left on our adventure at 1 am hiked, climbed, hit the summit and then climbed, rappelled and hiked down getting to our cars at 7 pm. Awesome day!  It reminded me of grinding through days with focus and relaxed intensity instead of a frenetic pace constantly searching for the end of a task in order to quickly get after the next one. Both clients came in today with their version of anxiety and “squirrel pace”. Both left with a sense of fluidity, peace, focus and relaxation and still engaged with their day. The power of finding your parasympathetic breath, getting zone 1 firing and kicking your cheat patterns to the curb!  Breathe deeply, enjoy an event with loved ones and while you are grinding take in the view!  #breathe #beactivated #comfortablebeinguncomfortable #pushboundries #petepost #connect
Work the BIG HOUSE. Glute series coming these next couple of days. We all need to have back - it’s our bodies’ powerhouse.  #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #babygotback #workthebighouse #gluteworkout #glutestrength
If I’m going to live to be 102 I am at best middle-aged. If I’m going to live a more average life expectancy then I am certainly over the hill. Neither of these possibilities bother me in the least because I feel fantastic and truly believe age is just a number. I have spent the bulk of my professional life watching the evolution of social media with the bulk of my experience coming from face to face interaction.  The massive upside of connecting with an audience on social media is quite apparent. I still find myself spending the bulk of my time connecting with people face-to-face, one on one, in person. I would attribute much of how fantastic I feel and function to the connecting with others in person, asking questions, listening to nuance and sharing my self in an authentic way.  Today was awesome! I had an opportunity to get started later than normal and connect with my wife this morning. I was then able to spend some very meaningful time with my son as we shared more of each other with each other. I then “inefficiently” drove to a number of meetings with people and thoroughly enjoyed the rich interaction. It is an exciting time, a great time, to be living while we get to figure out the dance between virtual and actual connectivity and how they maximize our messaging. Peace and love.... #petepost #facetoface #connect #bestill #grow @coachgiff @chelseaahorne @janellefitmarks @newliferecoveryresources
Hands down, one of my favorite movies of all time!  Great sound score, filmed beautifully, memorable characters, tunnels, secret passageways, teamwork and unexpected plot twists. I have appreciated using movies as a metaphor for life lately. I often think that ease and predictability would be awesome. Work hard and get exactly what would be expected, it keeps working, nothing breaks and you enjoy the fruits of your labor as you spend time with family, friends and the people you work with. But that script would make a pretty boring movie and certainly a boring life. I have participated in a lot of change the last 18 months. I have grown to be quite comfortable being uncomfortable. Struggling is the juice of life and plot twists keep us tuned in. Without a quality adversary there is no battle!  With nothing breaking there is no chance to learn a new skill to mend. Tragedy at any level allows for “heroes” to emerge. Our human condition means we make mistakes, thank God!  What a great opportunity to connect, grow, learn and do heroic stuff!  Swing hard baby!  #plottwist #create #failfast #evaluate #grow #livelarge #fear #petepost #uncomfortable
Chelsea here, quick clip from Monday’s leg day. Working on not losing lordotic curve at the bottom of my deadlift and what the heck is up with that left glute medius?! Focus for the next few weeks will be on correcting that internal femur rotation and getting that left glute to fire just as well as the right.  #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #progress #legworkout #legday #deadlift #rdls
Interesting start of the day. One of the challenges of running a small business for me is the “committee” in my head. We have a vision, we are committed to that vision but I struggle with measuring the progress. Without metrics my default emotion is we are failing. The reality is my self imposed timelines don’t always match up with the reality. So, do you press a new reality into existence or work with the “now”? An engaged staff meeting, hearing the stories from each person and some discussion of the role of the ankle/foot in firing of the big house (glutes) followed by a great breakfast @simplecafemilwaukee, journaling my prayers (writing them out keeps the squirrel on the aforementioned committee in check) and coffee at Colectivo. Poof-I’m in a better place and so is the business. What a blessing to work in this city and appreciate the incredible Fall we are starting. Peace and love....#setgoals #review #measure #adjust #doitagain #buildleaders #influence #psalm46:10 #petepost #eatveggies #bacon
Nope that’s not me but I am front squatting again today because repetition is the mother of success. You need to grease the groove. Unlike some programs that promote muscle confusion, I want smart muscles that are trained to produce strength and power. The other burning question...” is everyone really working for the weekend? Does everyone really want to find a new romance? Are we all really going off the deep end? And, finally do we really need a second chance?” 80’s music is cranked in this place.  Line drill finisher :20 on :10 off x 8. #oldmanstrength #petepost #legday #smartmuscles #repetition #train #dontworkout #basketballfit
I was having a conversation with someone about the big effort he is putting in to fulfill a dream. This guy is grinding and it is tough going. He has a plan “B” as well. As we were talking a thought I had heard recently reminded me that we often need someone to invite us to start but rarely need permission to quit. Do we simply stop?  Keep going!  There was a time that the dream was clear and you were passionate about the direction. Don’t stop!  I had a client 28 years ago tell me to never change industries. He wasn’t suggesting I don’t tweak things and improve but he told me to stay the course. This came from a man who began his career selling headlights and tires and went on to be one of the most successful car dealers in the Midwest. Refine, assess failure, seek expert instruction and continue to get after it. #gitsumtaters #dontquit #failfast #adapt #keepgoing #petepost #tenacity @erwinmcmanus
One of God’s best examples of unconditional love on this planet. I think work is much better with dogs on-site. #fuzztherapy #rhodesianridgeback #bobandtedsexcellentadventure #unconditionallove #puppies
No knee pushups. They are too darn easy. If regular pushups are too challenging, bring the ground up to a manageable height, don’t drop to your knees. #pushup #pushups #personaltrainer #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #nokneepushups #elevatedpushups