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Aimee Shackelford ⛽️


CEO of Social Bolt, a social media management and consulting agency. Partner of Exotics On Cannery Row. Manager of goldRush Rally & Fuel Run.

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Thank you for a great show and for feeding me Dim Sum 😋🏎 @ferraricollector_davidlee . Awesome lunch next door at OoToro Sushi 🍣 with @supercarblondie @hingwaleejewelers #carsandchronos
Putting together @goldrushrally is no easy task. @rawmean and myself put countless hours into making it what it is.  Without us, there would be no #goldrushrally , that’s a fact. Today someone reached out to me and thanked myself and Ramin for all we do. Normally, I shy away and don’t take compliments, but today I’m taking this one. Many friendships , business relationships and more have happened because of this rally. Remember the two people that bust their ass the most to make it happen next time you forget to send an invite our way. 😉 #justsayin And a shout out to our 15 staff members who help us make the entire rally possible!
Pagani and @goldrushrally . Two of my favorite things. Happy Friday everyone! In just about a month I will be headed to Boston to celebrate the ten year anniversary of #goldrushrally . Looking forward to seeing new friends and old. #grx2018 #pagani
The @raesrautomotive Tachyon Speed is an all electric hypercar that’s straight out of Mad Max. #badass #evhypercar #electricvehicle #ev #madmax #tachyonspeed #raesrautomotive
#tbt @goldrushrally 2014 driving through Intercourse, Pennsylvania. So many epic things going on in this photo. 🤣 #goldrushrally #intercoursepennsylvania #pennsylvania #amish #pickles #1horsepower
I asked participants of @goldrushrally to post up their favorite moment on @goldrushrally ever. I’ll be sharing them on the #goldrushrally Instagram Stories. This is still my favorite moment. Crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa with three Bugattis  and our Two Camera Car Rolls Royce leading the pack. The bridge has zero traffic  so it appears we are about to jump off one of those cool @hotwheelsofficial launcher ramps. Good times! Photo credit @taylorlynnfoundation  ll @bugatti @bc @mrmarksolomon @rawmean @johnlhill @theonetruemo @mrgyc @goldenyachtcharters
Looking forward to seeing @supercarblondie again this Saturday at @carsandchronoswalnut and Sunday at @inmemoryofpaulcarshow. Also any troll posts will be deleted. If you have time to troll, you hAve no life.... #roww #goldrushrally
I hope to see everyone at @inmemoryofpaulcarshow coming up on Sunday, May 20th. This is for @reachoutww . 100% of the proceeds will be donated. @codybwalker @puristgroup #carsncopters #roww #puristgroup #inmemoryofpaul
Today marks the end of a three day experience I will never forget. Thank you @michelinusa for not only teaching us the importance of tire safety, how tires are made and why it’s a no brainer to choose a quality tire over a budget tire, but also for bringing together 21 Women involved in the Automotive World on some level. To be able to get to know 20 other women who like to burn rubber and talk cars was an unforgettable experience. I now have 20 lifelong friends all thanks to #michelin. ❤️ #womenindrive #michelin #michelinusa #ps4s #greenville @giautomotivegroup @bl_steel @flyinglracing @lesliefhaas @ericaschrull @trims440 @purki1 @millakins @luvmybluesbb @turbokatt @theelegantenigma @lambojules @hybredmedia @girlsdrivefasttoo @righteouspics @corvettemuseum @pcanational @agirlsguide2cars @cccmanhattan @bmwcca @southerngermanation @oscarelli13 @lewlew_lemans @jacksonmotorsportsgroup @madmedia @lemanskartingsc
There’s nothing like learning about a product hands on. Today the #womenindrive group got to test out #michelin tires against its competitors at Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds. We went through six different exercises and truly learned a ton! Thank you @michelinusa @michelin @giautomotivegroup @bl_steel @flyinglracing @lesliefhaas @ericaschrull @trims440 @purki1 @millakins @luvmybluesbb @turbokatt @theelegantenigma @lambojules @hybredmedia @girlsdrivefasttoo @righteouspics @corvettemuseum @pcanational @agirlsguide2cars @cccmanhattan @bmwcca #michelin #ps4s
Day two of the Women In Drive event put on by Michelin . We learned a ton at Tire School and had a blast at LeMans Karting - SC! Thank you #michelin ! #womenindrive  @michelinusa @michelin @lemanskartingsc @giautomotivegroup @bl_steel @flyinglracing @lesliefhaas @ericaschrull @trims440 @purki1 @millakins @luvmybluesbb @turbokatt @theelegantenigma @lambojules @hybredmedia @girlsdrivefasttoo @righteouspics @corvettemuseum @pcanational @agirlsguide2cars @cccmanhattan @bmwcca
We all had a blast at @michelinusa Tire School! Now it’s time to go karting at @lemanskartingsc ! #womenindrive #ps4s #michelin #michelinusa #lemanskarting @giautomotivegroup  @bl_steel @flyinglracing @lesliefhaas @ericaschrull @trims440 @purki1 @millakins @luvmybluesbb @turbokatt @theelegantenigma @lambojules @hybredmedia @girlsdrivefasttoo @righteouspics @corvettemuseum @pcanational @agirlsguide2cars @cccmanhattan @bmwcca