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®🌊 ——————————————————— ◇El huracán Irma & el Terremoto de México ha dejado un camino de destrucción que será sentido por muchos durante años. Para los desafortunados será la vida. Necesitan nuestra ayuda. Es un tiempo para la acción! ➸Estos buenos amigos @wavesforwater tienen las botas puestas ayudando a la gente y están llevándole agua. Fundada por @jon_rose años atrás.  Si estás buscando ayudar y un buen lugar para donar, este es un lugar confiable. www.WavesforWater.org ◆Hurricane Irma & the Mexico Earthquake has left a path of destruction that will be felt by many for years. For the unfortunate will be life. They need our help. It is a time for action! ➸These good @wavesforwater friends have their boots on helping people and they are carrying water. Founded by @jon_rose years ago. If you are looking for help and a good place to donate, this is a reliable place. www.WavesforWater.org ——————————————————— ☞  The New  Magazine ——————————————————— 📷@chrisburkard ✨👏 ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶ #mardelplata  #mardel #mdp #nwemagazine #revista #revistadigital #revistamardelplata #lafeliz #chapadmalad #ocean #mar #playa #findetarde #viajeros #sunset #surmardelplata #findetarde #acantilados #chapadmalad #publicidad  #surfing #surfart #mardelsur #carilo #lajolla #comunidadmarplanauta #güemes #lasantaola #lasantaolamagazine #💦———————————————
Jeremy Jones is a true inspiration to us all! THESE ARE HIS WORDS, please support!!! Inspired by the devastation in the Caribbean by Hurricane Irma I am auctioning of the special board to raise funds for @wavesforwater.  The #mindexpander is a new model @jonessnowboards are releasing this season. This is one of 3 of the original Mind Expander prototypes. It is a board I have been working on for years with @chris_christenson73.  @Chris.Crossen, @nick_russelll, @turtlebaker and I are the only people to ride it.  I normally keep a board like this for archives but I wanted to do something special that hopefully can raise money for the Hurricane victims. I immediately had the idea to take this board and get my neighbor @chris.crossen to do art on it and auction it off.  I love his art and often use it on boards and clothes.  Caribbean local, Otto Flores (@ottoint) reached out asking for help. It sounds like fresh water is the first hurdle to over come. The locals say Waves for Water is kicking ass getting filters out but they need more resources.  So from the mountains to the tropics, here is a little help.  Godspeed!  Ps I will be participating in the auction. So in the off chance the computer picks me, I assure you it is not rigged :) Link in profile to enter 👆  Thanks for the help @protectourwinters !  PLEASE REPOST 🙏🙏🏾 Jeremy Jones
Hurricane Irma has left a path of destruction that will be felt by many for years. For an unlucky few it will be a lifetime, as many islands like this one here are completely uninhabitable. The Caribbean & Florida need our help & we don't need to wait till it's over. It's a time for action.. more than just sending good thoughts & prayers to those in need. My friends @wavesforwater are on of the most legit relief funds out there that actually have boots on the ground helping people. They are already in place with their main effort to bring people clean water. Founded by my good friend @jon_rose years ago. If you're looking for a good place to donate, this is a good one to look into. www.WavesforWater.org 🙏🏽 . You are the answer people..
#surfline sent me an email at 5am reminding me it was #worldwaterday so I hopped in to surf with @michsanto and when I got out I saw @wavesforwater inspiring posts along with @kingaphilipps @gonunez @murphydeesign So here is my #seaglass #nofilter