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When it comes to habits, are you an “all-or-nothing” type person, or do you tend to fail when you fully restrict yourself? .  Most people believe “everything in moderation” is the best way to balance HEALTHY and INDULGENCE, but if you are an abstainer, then this sets you up for disaster! .  Read my blog post to find out whether abstaining or moderation best suit you. Comment below with your style! Here's my secret...I'm a bit of both! ;) . https://search.google.com/local/posts?q=Dr+Meghan+McNaughton,+ND&ludocid=12319053508859057477&lpsid=409245125330251223 .  #healthfulhabits #fonthill #fonthillwellnes #gretchenrubin #hoalifestyle #selfimprovements #naturopathicmedicine #mindandbodyhealth #mindandbodybalance #abstainers #moderators
A healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Indulging sometimes, being more active others. You can never out-exercise a bad-diet, but that should not be the goal anyhow. I think most of you know that already 😊 . Allow yourself to enjoy life and pick and choose when it matters more/less. . Not sure wheee to go next to improve your health? I work with patients to determine diet and lifestyle factors specific to their needs and to get them back to feeling GREAT! . If you are ready to feel your best again, I can help you!  #naturopathicmedicine #healthylifestyle #fonthillwellness #pickandchoose #beyourbestself #getbacktofeelinggreat
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Are you feeling motivated to improve your health and be your best self?  Make a commitment to your health and wellness by booking your appointment today!  #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #newyearresolutions #youdeservethebest #lastinghealth #fitforlife!
DAY 25 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar – GIVEAWAY ALERT!  MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish everyone a very happy and relaxing day! Take the time to enjoy each moment today and truly cherish the joyful spirit of the season!  As a thank you for participating in my advent calendar and following my daily wellness posts, I am GIVING AWAY a FREE bottle of digestive enzymes!  Enter to win with a like and comment on which post was your favourite! (Due to the cost of shipping, the giveaway is limited to individuals within southern Ontario) #merrychristmas! #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #healthyadvent #fonthillwellness #christmasgiveaway! #digestiveenzymes #digestivehealth
DAY 24 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - SUNDAY FITNESS – Mall Walking Do you have last-minute shopping to finish? Make it an active outing by walking at a fast-pace and dodging the extra people as you zoom through. You might just finish your list more quickly too!  Whatever you are doing today, turn it into a more active activity! Turn walking into fast-walking, cooking into a dance party, or park a little farther from the store and walk if you are running errands!  Happy Christmas Eve!  #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #sundayfitness #healthyadvent #mallwalking #happychristmaseve! #makeitactive
DAY 23 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - IMMUNE BOOST – GARLIC  Garlic is used to prevent the common cold and in treating bacterial and fungal infections. Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic that packs a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral punch! Garlic is also great for lowering cholesterol and thinning the blood. While garlic supplements are available on the market, it’s best to leave those for treating more serious infections. For cold and flu prevention, simply add more garlic to your meals!  #foodasmedicine #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #garlicpower #healthyadvent
DAY 22 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - RECIPE – HOT TODDY Since I couldn’t pick just one, here are the links to 3 tasty beverages (1 hot, 2 cold) to get you in a festive mood! Hint: These are non-alcoholic drinks, however, you can always spike it to make a nice adult drink ;) https://againstallgrain.com/2017/11/01/paleo-mulled-apple-cider-recipe/ https://therealfoodrds.com/sparkling-cranberry-kombucha-mocktail/ http://www.insonnetskitchen.com/virgin-ginger-mimosas/ #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #healthyadvent #hottoddy #kombucha #healthymocktails #festivedrinks #adultsonly #mulledcider #couldntpickjustone
DAY 21 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - RECIPE – Ginger Snaps Ingredients •1/3 cup + 1 tbsp cashew nut butter •4 tbsp cashew milk •4 tbsp coconut oil •1/3 cup coconut flour •2 tbsp arrowroot flour •1/8 tsp salt •¼ tsp baking soda •½ tsp cinnamon •¼ tsp allspice •½ tsp ginger •½ tsp vanilla How to prepare •In a food processor, blend the cashew butter, cashew milk, coconut oil, salt, vanilla, and spices. •Mix in the flours until well combined and the texture is firm enough to roll into 1 inch cookie balls. •Disperse the cookies on a baking sheet, lightly pressing the balls into disc-shaped cookies. •Bake in the over at 350F for 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Ideally the cookies should be soft and chewy. Over-baking will make them crumbly due to the coconut flour. •Enjoy!  #fonthillwellness #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #healthyholidays #healthyadvent #gingersnaps #glutenanddairyfree #sugarfreebaking
DAY 20 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - WEDNESDAY QUOTE - Don’t get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction.  This quote speaks for itself! The holidays often bring extra stress to people having to juggle work, the multitude of holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and family gatherings. While undue tension can arise, always remember that you have the choice to engage in conflict or simply take a deep breath and walk away. With a bit of practice, you might just find that situations or people no longer trigger you…  #mentalwellness #justletitgo #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #beyourbestself #healthyadvent
DAY 19 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - FESTIVE SPICE – PEPPERMINT  Peppermint is an amazing herb! It is cooling, tasty, and soothes many ailments. The research strongly supports peppermint in improving digestive upsets, including Irritable bowel syndrome, excess gas, and bloating. It is also helpful in reducing tension headaches, nausea, and muscle spasms.  Next time you feel a little gassy and bloated (perhaps after those big Christmas dinners?), sip on a cup of peppermint tea to soothe your tummy!  If gas, bloating, and indigestion are common troubles for you, consider talking with a Naturopathic Doctor to identify which foods are causing you problems and to improve your digestion!  #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #peppermint #botanicalmedicine #ibscare #foodsensitivities #letstalkdigestion #tensionheadaches #healthyadvent #plantsasmedicine
DAY 18 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - MODALITY MONDAY – HERBAL MEDICINE  Did you know that many plants (including some common vegetables) have medicinal properties?! In fact, many pharmaceuticals are originally derived from plant compounds! Take Aspirin for example, which was developed from White Willow bark (Salix Alba). Both the pharmaceutical and botanical forms help with pain relief! Herbs can help treat many conditions, including digestive upsets, menstrual problems, sleep difficulties, and pain management. Turmeric, licorice, hibiscus, lavender, and ginkgo are all examples of botanical medicines.  Since some herbs can interact with medications, it is important to talk to your Naturopathic Doctor before taking something new!  #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #fonthillwellness #healthyadvent #botanicalmedicine #plantsasmedicine #naturecure #turmeric #ginger #licorice #hibiscus #ginkgo #lavender
DAY 17 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - SUNDAY FITNESS – Ice Skating  What’s better for being active in the winter than a skating outing with family or friends?! Not only is it a fun way to stay fit, it can also be a social activity, improving mood and motivation.  If you live in Niagara, there are public-skate times at some of the local arenas or you can check out the new outdoor rinks at Fort George or Gretsky winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake!  WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE OUTDOOR WINTER ACTIVITY?  #fonthillwellness #naturopathicmedicine #healthyadvent #sundayfitness #notl #skatingforhealth #gretskywinery #fortgeorge #getsomefreshair
Hosting over the holidays? Here are a few of my healthy, tasty treats to serve at your next Christmas party!  Find the recipes on my advent calendar posts! They are dairy, gluten, and refined sugar free!  A special thank you to Chris @athirdspace for the beautiful pottery to display my creations!  #healthyniagara #naturopathicmedicine #fonthillwellness #healthychristmasbaking #tastytreats #glutenanddairyfree #beautifulpottery
DAY 16 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - IMMUNE BOOST – VITAMIN C Vitamin C has long been known for boosting the immune system during cold and flu season. In fact, the research shows that oral vitamin C can shorten a cold by 1-1.5 days. While Vitamin C may not decrease your risk of catching a cold, it is an important part of overcoming it…and it is dose-dependent!  Comment below with your favourite vitamin C rich food! #eatyourvitamins #beatthatcold #naturalhealthcare *Warning - there is only so much Vitamin C your body can absorb when taken orally, which is why IV’s are the preferred route! High-dose of oral Vitamin C can cause some digestive discomfort and loose stool.
DAY 15 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - Patience  Tis the season for kindness and giving, but with all the hustle and bustle, we often get lost in our own priorities. Instead of sporting a sour mood, have a little extra patience and let go of unnecessary stress. When you find your patience being tested, take a deep breath, count to 8, and remember that it isn’t serving you to be upset or stressed.  Redirecting your focus to something positive will be a healthier, happier solution for your mood!  How do you find your happy place?  #mentalwellness #patienceandgratitude #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #positiveperspective #healthyadvent #justletitgo
DAY 14 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - RECIPE – Dark Chocolate and Fruit A simple and healthy snack!  INGREDIENTS •Sliced fruit of your choice (I used organic apples and tangerines) •70-85% Dark chocolate (dairy-free) •Mixed nuts for garnish  HOW TO PREPARE •Slice fruit and arrange on a plate. Optionally garnish with mixed nuts for a nicer presentation. •In a double boiler, melt the dark chocolate until runny. •Drizzle the dark chocolate over the fruit. Alternately, you can dip the fruit in the melted chocolate to coat. •Allow to cool in the fridge until the chocolate solidifies. •Serve as-is or dip in your favourite nut or seed butter!  #fonthillwellness #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #healthyholidays #healthyadvent #darkchocolatelove
DAY 13 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - WEDNESDAY QUOTE – Be the reason someone smiles today  Tis’ the season for goodwill and cheer! Spread the happy feeling can be as simple as holding a door, going the extra mile for someone, or giving a compliment. Helping brighten someone’s day goes a long way towards building a warm and supportive community! #thrivingcommunity #asenseofcommunity #fonthillwellness #healthyniagara #naturopathicmedicine #humpday #wednesdaywellness
DAY 12 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - FESTIVE SPICE – GINGER  Ginger is a warming spice that is delicious in recipes and kicks flavour up a notch!  Did you know that ginger is a natural treatment for nausea, stomach aches, and morning sickness? It improves menstrual cramps and is as effective as sumatriptan in treating migraine headaches according to recent studies! Ginger is also great for the colds, flu, and coughs!  You can get more ginger by adding fresh ginger slices in a tea or soup, sprinkling ginger in baking or main meals (for a little kick!) or taking a standardized ginger supplement if treating migraines, cramps, or morning sickness.  Not sure if it can help you? Let’s talk! Book an appointment to get to the root of your concerns! #healthyniagara #naturopathicmedicine #warmingspices #gingerforyourailments #periodproblems #morningsickness #coldandfluseason #indigestion #migrainerelief #fonthillwellness
DAY 11 – Dr Meghan’s Advent Calendar - MODALITY MONDAY – NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE One of my first areas of focus with patients is nutrition. Not only is it the foundation of health, eating the right food for YOU is important for feeling your best! If you aren’t digesting well, you might have symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, headaches, brain fog, breakouts, or joint pain to name a few! Food sensitivities can wreak havoc on your system and cause some surprising health problems!  If you want to get back to feeling yourself, lets talk about which foods might be aggravating your system and which will make you feel ALIVE again!  #foodasmedicine #naturopathicmedicine #healthyniagara #eatyourveggies #nutritionmedicine #getbacktofeelinggreat #fonthillwellness