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Camden County Animal Shelter

Instagram photos and videos at Camden County Animal Shelter

Here is the last of our stars from this month’s Animal Shelter photoshoot! This sweet, large mixed breed is Roxy. She’s about 2 years old and very friendly. Don’t you just  want to take her home!! Contact the Camden County Animal Shelter to adopt her!  Please share to spread the word.
⚠️NEW FOSTER ALERT⚠️ • Meet Pebbles & Bam Bam🖤 these 4 week old siblings have had a rough start to life so far 😿 separated from momma, upper respiratory infections, parasites & diarrhea. They’re dehydrated, malnourished & underweight. We’re treating them with a series of meds combined with prescription diet. They’re also scared, so I’ve been getting a lot of hisses 💕 it’s fine - we’ll turn those hisses into kisses in no time 😽 i think Pebbles is already starting to warm up, but Bam will take some time & love❣️ • • These babies remind me why I became a foster & how much of an impact fostering has💗 is it hard sometimes? Sure. Is it stressful sometimes? Yup. Does it save kittens’ lives? Yes. So is it rewarding? Absolutely! 😻 if you’ve ever considered fostering, go for it! @ccasnj and tons of other shelters are always in need of more fosters. Apply & save kitten lives today!!
This is Patty, a female grey shorthair mix. This adorable little kitten is just 2-3 months old.  Please help us find her a forever home. Contact the Camden County Animal Shelter to adopt this  adorable kitten!
t was fun doing a photoshoot with Scooter, a beautiful 1 year old large, male,mixed breed .  He was so playful and had a very sweet personality. Please consider giving him a forever home. Contact  the Camden County Animal Shelter to adopt this adorable puppy!
My new super cute houseguests are terrified. They’re on full stranger danger alert. They’re crying for their mama. And they’re wondering why this new milk doesn’t quite taste right. My heart is so sad for them. These babies are looking for a permanent foster home. So let me know if anyone is interested😻 •• Now it’s time for the name game! It looks like we have 2 females and 1 male. Drop your suggestions below ⬇️ #bottlebabies #neonatalkittens #kittenseason #kittensofinstagram #spayandneuter #foster #fostering #fosterkittens #fosterbabies #fosteringsaveslives #ccas
‼️Almost 50 kittens again‼️ They just keep coming in and we need foster homes. • • • “I can’t foster, I’ll get attached.” - Of course you’ll get attached and will probably shed some tears when they leave. But remember that foster parents play an important role in helping animals get to their forever homes ❤️ “Can I adopt my foster Animal?” - Of course! As long as the foster parent meets All adoption requirements, foster parents have first choice to adopt! Paperwork is still required as well as the adoption fee. “I don’t have the space” - As long as you have a bathroom, spare room/bedroom, laundry room or large closet you can foster. They’re small, they don’t need much space 😻 • • •  #fosteringsaveslives #foster #fostercare #foster #ccas #adoption #adoptdontshop #adopt #kittensofinstagram #kittens #kittenseason #kittensofig #spayandneuter #beafoster #savethemall #babes #beans #cute @ccasnj
Some people are afraid that religion will tame and emasculate you.  Well for C.A.T. that turned out to be true. 😂🐈🔪
Kitten nursery is almost up and running! 😻 This is going to be a big game changer with the amount of lives we will be able to save! Me and Sara are beyond excited ❤️ stay tuned, the reveal will be coming soon 🎉 #kittenseason #kittennursery #shelterlife #lifesaving #savethemall #nokill2025
Guys. I am so excited right now. Our kitten nursery is about to be completed.  This has been TWO years in the making. I honestly was at the point where I though I’d never see it completed but now it is almost Ready to be filled with kittens!  @medicalgoddessxraymachine and I are so excited to get this nursery up and running and be able to save so many more lives. 😻😻😻😻 #kittenseason #kittensofinstagram #kittensofig #kittensofinsta #kittens #catsofinstagram #catsofig #catsofinsta #fosteringsaveslives #kittennursery #savethemall #lifesaving #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #ccas @ccasnj
We are so full right now 😭 We have so many kittens in need of foster homes..please consider fostering 🙏🏻 It’s so easy, so rewarding, and so much fun 😻 We also have a bunch of cats and kittens ready for adoption too 💞 As always feel free to ask me any questions or just stop in and say hi 👋🏻 • • •  #kittensofinstagram #kittensofig #kittenseason #kittens #fosteringsaveslives #fostercare #fostersneeded #foserkittens #foster #adopt #donate #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #ccas @ccasnj
Our #seniormodel Annalise made a new friend! “Everyone meet Clyde, a 2 year old male poodle mix who is just sooo cute. I fell in love in 10 seconds and you will too. Clyde needs a loving forever home. If you know someone who would be a good match for him, please contact the Camden County Animal Shelter to adopt this adorable puppy!”
Here is just a handful of kittens that are in need of foster care! Fostering is extremely rewarding and fairly easy! If you’ve ever contemplated becoming a foster parent now is the time to make that leap. Have questions, comments, concerns? I’m all ears 👂🏼 Feel free to email me at ccasfoster@gmail.com to get more information or to start your fostering journey ❤️❤️ #kittensofinstagram #kittens #kittenseason #shelterlife #volunteer #foster #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #ccas
Some puppy lovin’❤️🐾
@bestfriendsanimalsociety is definitely lucky to have you! Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be my best self. You’ve made such a big impact on everyone at the shelter, go save some lives in Texas🐾  P.S. make sure to put some sunscreen on that egghead so it doesn’t become a hard boil egg! Don’t forget about us🧡