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UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

Instagram photos and videos at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

Little Wishes™ celebrates children’s passions and now Maritza can enjoy her love for painting in the hospital with her new art supplies! Her Little Wishes bags were also stuffed with new sweatshirts to help keep her comfy during her radiation therapy. “Maritza was very excited and thankful. She and her mom were all smiles after receiving her wishes!”- Rachel, Child Life Intern. #childhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #gogold #artsupplies #childlife  #littlewishesorg #nurses #makingadifference #whatsyourpassion #bringingjoy #everyday #childrenshospital #coasttocoast
Yesterday my husband and I attended a Celebration of Life memorial service at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital where Hudson was treated and passed away. It was an emotional day being back at the place where we lost Hudson, with so many families who unfortunately knew exactly what we were going through. But it was also nice to talk about Hudson with people who are familiar with our journey, to cry openly and know no one would be judging us or feeling uncomfortable and to honor our son with a beautiful rose ceremony.  There was another couple there who also lost their child at only 2 days old. Their daughter passed away only a few months ago and their grief was so raw. Seeing them transported me right back to those first few months after we lost Hudson. They are in the thick of the storm where time stands still, where it’s impossible to see the future and where you are desperately trying to escape the present and find your way back to the past where things turned out the way they were supposed to. I recognized their pain as my own, because it was.  I wanted to hold that couple and tell them that the fog would lift. That the pain would never go away, but they would learn to live with it as a part of them. I wanted to tell them that they will never be the same, but they still have power over their life. They have purpose. They are still their daughter’s parents. With each passing breath, moment and day it will get a little easier.  I wanted to tell them but one thing I know about grief is this: you have to learn its lessons on your own, you have to walk your own path in your own way on your own time.  For any of you who are still in the early days of grief, please know you are not alone. There are others that know your pain who walk beside you, who have walked this path before you and who will unfortunately walk this path after you. Whatever you are doing to get through each day, I’m proud of you, it’s exactly what you need to be doing. Keep going, keep
Thanks everyone for your thoughts/prayers. We brought Emmett to the ER on Thursday after he spiked a fever and started vomiting ... all very sudden. We were admitted and he seemed to be getting a little better, but then started having some respiratory distress and had to put on high oxygen. We were transferred to the PICU (Pediatric ICU) for that reason, and so the nurses could keep a closer eye on him. He is still on IV fluids only and getting plenty of respiratory treatments. Sometimes I think these episodes should be easier because we’ve been through the routine so many times (it’s his 4th ER visit this year and second hospitalization in the past month)... but there are so many parts that remain difficult. We appreciate your thoughts... Emmett will be okay, hopefully after just a few more days here. ❤️
This Kid.  You couldn't even tell she has been having sezuires again.  She deals with them as they come and then it's back to seizing the day.  As we were leaving the hospital today she ran up to a total stranger and gave him the biggest hug.  He said "how did you know I needed that". I am so proud to call her mine. #hollandtourguide . #pachygyria #infantilespasms #epilepsywarrior #advocatelikeamother #careaboutrare #ilovesomeonerare #uclamom #uclasleepovers #mattelchildrenshospital
Today I am #grateful for the amazing Child Life Specialists @uclamch Here are just two of these very special humans who do all they can to make children’s hospital stays as joyful as possible 💕🙏💕
On August 10, Richard had the opportunity to meet with and deliver ENF Loving Tabs shirts to Child Life staff members Tracey, Kellye, Marla and Katie at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital. BIG thank you to them for such a welcoming visit. @enf_hope  #enfhope  #heartandsolerun #lovingtabs  #childhoodcancerawareness  #pediatriccancerawareness  #cancersupport  #uclamch  #uclahealth  #mattelchildrenshospital
Facebook reminder of 5 years ago today.  My nephew Brolach was at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital waiting for a heart transplant.  He was never alone, family was always there.  His mother stayed pretty much every night and I would come 3 times a week to give her a break, along with other members.  I would post on Facebook his updates and would request prayers.  One night I was at a restaurant and a woman came up to me and said ‘are you the woman with the nephew waiting for a heart?’ She said that she was following me and has been praying for him.  The night of his surgery we were all there... before they took him away, one of the doctors said ‘wait, let the family give the blessing.’ #ucla #uclamattelchildrenshospital #hearttransplantsurvivor #hearttransplant #hesokaynow #grateful #thankyouthankyouthankyou #blessings #powerofsocialmedia
Doctor let the girls play with his tools today.  They had a great time.  Have I mentioned that I secretly hope Irelynd becomes a neurosurgeon?! . #pachygyria #specialneedssiblings #epilepsywarrior #twinnanigans #uclamom #medstudentinthemaking #twinmomlife #advocatelikeamother #ilovesomeonerare #careaboutrare
Still unsure of what it is thats making our girl so sick. Vomiting wouldn’t stop so Zo had to get her stomach pumped....through her nose. Zoe’s G-tube was somehow pulled out about an inch today, her fever is 103 and she just had a urine Cath done. My daughter told me again today that she doesn’t not want her life. Zo told me that she is very depressed and wants medicine.  This road, this path, this journey that somehow was “chosen” for her is my worst nightmare.  As of now, this perfect human we’ve created is lying in bed lethargic. Zo is beat but I am praying that the double dose of IV antibiotics (4th round she’s had in 4 months, mind you) will start to kick in over night and that she will wake feeling a bit better in the morning.  Thank you to all that have reached out, your continued prayers are what keeps us going. #shesmyhero  #chdwarrior  #strokesurvivor  #ucla #pleasemakeherbetter