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👨🏻‍🔬Formula 4 Success 🔹 🔹 🎥DynamicUtube-Link in Bio
👩‍👧‍👦Happy Mother’s Day!-Here’s a Lifehack😎 🔸 🔸 📸Dynamic Photography 🔸 🔸 🆒Link in Bio
💪🏼How you celebrate losing 25 pounds and 2 pant sizes...in 5 weeks 🔹 🔹 2 months ago, Stephanie was driving an 18 wheeler across the U.S.-Don’t ever let your circumstances define who you are or how you live 🔹 🔹 She’s going to return back to the road in a few weeks, but there will be a program in place for even more improvements down the road (pun so intended) 🚛
👩🏻‍🏫Shoutout to all the teachers 👨🏻‍🏫 🔹 🔹 Who don’t get the appreciation they deserve 🔹 🔹 Miss Barbara is one of those teachers. From her first 5K, down 15 pounds, with the 10K in sight...it has been nothing but a pleasure
Hmmm....and we are worried about “Gluten Free”. Let’s get packaging squared away first
3 months ago I made a bet with Joseph. He asked me to help him with his first ever physique competition...as well as mine. Our bet was if he placed Top 5, he would let me sponsor every show he did from here on out 🔹 🔹 Well, he placed 2nd...and I couldn’t be more proud. He experienced a loss in his family a week before the competition and it could have easily distracted him. Staying disciplined throughout this was my coaching point from the start 🔹 🔹 Even though I found out that I can’t actually “sponsor” him, nor do I wish to write another physique competition program (it takes A LOT of time), it was worth every second to see him CHANGE 🔹 🔹 But I have shaped someone else to do my work for me, and it will be Joseph. I asked him when we first met, what his end goal in life was. He said it was to get into the Health & Fitness Industry...well, here he is. @muscleboundplayboy will be coaching military personnel competing in physique shows 🔹 🔹 Even though I had never once competed in a physique competition, nor developed a program for one...I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to challenge myself. Now, I planted my seed, and am moving on. Doing everything I can to make this world a better place and coach people not to simply be better PEOPLE, but to become COACHES. Coaches for CHANGE 🔹 🔹 I’ll eventually get around to documenting my experience, writing this program and the coaching theories I set in place, and will post it online for you guys. 🧠Takeaway: Don’t let the FEAR of never doing something, stop you from doing it 🔹 🔹 Congrats brotha, you deserve it...and your cousin is smiling down.
🌍The Week of Change... 🔹 🔹 It’s happened. Except 6 months...not 3. No VISA, just passport 🔹 🔹 You are gonna want to hear the rest 🔹 🔹 You know where the link is☝🏼
🌍The Week of Change.... 🔹 🔹 It’s happened 🔹 🔹 You are gonna want to hear the rest 🔹 🔹 You know where the link is☝🏼
🧠The Book of Change...written by a traveler 🔹 🔹 🤷🏻‍♂️Anybody wanna join? 🔹 🔹 https://youtu.be/vOKV9kXHHNg
🧠The Book of Change...written by a traveler 🔹 🔹 🤷🏻‍♂️Anybody wanna join? 🔹 🔹 https://youtu.be/vOKV9kXHHNg
🧠I have a lot of serious decisions to make the next few days. But here is an update of where I’m at.
So this happened 2 hours before I launched DynamicU 0.2. I hate to laugh, but how Ironic. As for now, The Book of Change will have to be put on hold. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon. I’m sorry guys. This is a lot, and I’m tired. I’m going to sleep. I’ll keep you guys posted.
1️⃣DAY until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 April 2️⃣9️⃣—DynamicUSA 🔹 🧔🏻Let me be frank, I’m no politician. Nor do I want to be. That being said...I’ve realized some things lately. Thinking about the last 5 years, I’ve met a lot of people. I mean, A LOT 🔹 5 jobs, 9 homes....West Coast, East Coast. Military, Government. 9-5, stay at home. Old, Young. Strength, Endurance. Athlete, Rehab. City, Country. Republican, Democrat, Straight, Gay. Rich, Poor. Legal, Illegal. Christian, Jewish. White, Black. Fat, Skinny. I’ve met a lot...I’ve seen a lot 🔹 You think you have it bad...I thought I had it bad. I think we get complacent at times and forget about the bigger picture. We get comfortable in our routine, and limit our exposure to a lot of things 🔹 I’m not sure how many people have met as many people as I have in the past 5 years, so I feel like I should be responsible in sharing this information with you guys. At least from my perspective 🔹 I never intended to care about this stuff, I promise you that. But when I started to see a correlation between our nations health and politics, I had no choice. Having a background in History, I’ve been exposed to social, economic and political eras through the world. I’ve seen the history of change, so how ironic that my purpose is change 🔹 This chapter won’t talk about tax reforms and Russian Collusion, don’t worry. Instead I want to talk about the ideologies we have chosen to accept, and how they play a role in your life. My goal is to just show you a different perspective without stepping on any toes. It won’t be easy, but this context is a start 🔹 I have some pretty interesting ideas in here...I think you will enjoy🤓 🔹 🤷🏻‍♂️DynamicUSA: April 2️⃣9️⃣
2️⃣Days until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 April 2️⃣8️⃣—Energetics 🔹 🧔🏻I made a last minute change. Surprise surprise. I originally was going to unlock my chapter about programming. I even wrote it all out last night so I wouldn’t have to tonight...how ironic 🔹  Instead, I want to talk about ENERGY. It’s not that I dislike programming (I actually do, but you will hear about that soon enough), it’s just that I realized HOW MUCH content I have on it...so it must be important? But seriously, programming isn’t going to make or break your life...energy will 🔹 So, what do I mean by “energetics”? Great question. Thank you for asking. I state it simply, Energy is Life. It exists in everything and we need it to live. I’ve noticed certain themes with people of late...they are either missing it or misusing it. People are either tired or wasting energy on things that they shouldn’t 🔹 They shouldn’t? That’s pretty bold Caleb. I know...but when I hear someone complain about being tired, I want to slap them along side the head and tell them to quit watching Netflix for 2 hours night 🔹 But I don’t...instead I have been trying to figure out how to explain energy in a different “sense”. A way that makes sense. A way that you understand. A way that we can live by. A Dynamic way 🔹 You will learn about the fundamentals of food, and how our bodies use it. What’s more important than food...? Well, the people who control it. I break down the process of the FDA, and “surprised” would be an understatement 🔹 Energetics isn’t just food, oh no. Food is only a small piece of the healthy pie. You will finally get a better understanding of how fluids, sleep, oxygen and the oh so popular...STRESS, play a role in your every day life 🔹 If you are to learn anything from DynamicU 0.2, I hope it’s from something in here. Something from Energetics. Something from Life 🔹 🤷🏻‍♂️Energetics April
Music has been the single thing that has helped me get through so many low points in my life. Music that makes me feel a certain type of way. Music that has a message. A message that I can relate to 🔹 🔹 Tim Bergling (Avicii) played one of the biggest roles in my life, and I never even met him. That being said, it wouldn’t feel right to not recognize him 🔹 🔹 Mr. Bergling, I know we never met, but I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for sacrificing your life to do something that made people happy. All of the lives you changed in 28 years. I can respect that. I can relate to that. Your message will live long after your passing, but I’m sure you already knew this...rest well my friend🤜🏼🤛🏼
3️⃣Days until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 April 2️⃣7️⃣—What is “Health & Fitness”? 🔹 🧔🏻Finally, something about losing weight and building muscle. It took until Day 5 to actually talk about working out...why? Honestly, it’s my least favorite. Not that I don’t care about it. I just don’t like what it’s become 🔹 I wonder how many people would workout if they couldn’t post it on Instagram? I’m almost thankful for it, because who knows what some people would be doing otherwise. But why does it upset me? They aren’t hurting anyone...they are exercising. They are doing what I want them to do 🔹 Context. Simply, context. When it comes to doing anything in life, I believe the reason WHY you are doing it, is just as important as the WHAT you are doing. Curious? Shoot, let’s use Health & Fitness as an example...You can trace it back to the Roman Empire, and Gladiators. Health & Fitness has evolved through the centuries, and I’m concerned where it’s heading after 2018 🔹 Thanks to the emergence of social media and business ethics, Health & Fitness has evolved into an image. It’s visual. We want to “look” a certain way. We want to lift a certain weight. We are visually stimulated. And it’s been a perfect storm 🔹 We want to look a certain way, so we follow those ideas until have it. We follow the things that are popular. We follow what we see on TV. What’s so wrong with that...? 🔹 When we follow, we assume. When we assume, we don’t understand. If there would be ONE THING that every single human being SHOULD know...what would it be? I hope it would be understanding how we live...how we work 🔹 This chapter, “What is Health & Fitness?” that’s exactly what I am going to do...teach. Or do my best to. I want to give people insight on the current state of the Health & Fitness industry, along with a comprehensive understanding of HOW UR Body Works. From there, things get crazy...From self-assessment
4️⃣Days until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 🔹 April 2️⃣6️⃣—ConsciouslyU 🔹 🔹 🧔🏻Is it possible to start a sentence with, “don’t take this personal, but...” and it actually work? Well, let’s find out 🔹 🔹 Don’t take this personal, but...I don’t agree with you. I don’t agree with anymore. Just like none of you will agree with me. We may share common beliefs, but no two people can actually agree, it’s impossible 🔹 🔹 In order for YOU to agree with ME, YOU would have needed to live the exact same life. I’m just giving you my perspective on certain things that you can’t see. So understand that first and foremost...for context 🔹 🔹 Have you heard of the term “Mindfulness”? It’s one of my favorite words. I define it as, having a conscious awareness or understanding in a specific moment 🔹 🔹 Keyword:Conscious 🔹 🔹 I am finding myself having conversations with people...wondering if they are listening to a single word I’m saying. I try to give people the benefit of doubt, and I assume they are NOT purposely ignoring me when I tell them to stretch. Instead, I’ll assume they are in fact listening...just misunderstanding 🔹 🔹 Being ever so curious, I have been trying to understand why people misunderstand. Isn’t it ironic...the reason ended up being one of my favorite words...Mindfulness. We have lost it. Not everyone...but enough 🔹 🔹 I ask people how they are doing, they tell me good, and I thank them for the detailed insight. It’s not their fault. It’s nobodies. We have been programmed to respond to certain questions without actually THINKING about it. We have become automated 🔹 🔹 Remember those concepts I mentioned in HOW to be DynamicUFit? This is where I am going to break them down. Not just applying conscious awareness and neurological adaptations to training practices, but applying them to the way U LIVE...Consciously 🔹 🔹 🧠ConsciouslyU-April2️⃣6️⃣
5️⃣Days until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 🔹 April 2️⃣5—HOW to be DynamicUFit 🔹 🔹 🧔🏻I weighed 200 lbs., cut like glass, and fueled through my ego. I thought I was the biggest and baddest, God’s gift to fitness, Stone-cold, boulder of nothing but...stress 🔹 🔹 I was confused. I was doing what I wanted...not what I needed. You won’t meet many more people who “played” more than I did up through college. I started playing soccer when I was 4 (The age requirement was 5 🤫 ), and played every year but one since. Add baseball and basketball into the early years, and I put a lot of stress on my body for a long time. Don’t forget the foot and knee surgery, and a 6 inch growth spurt in High school...I was a recipe for disaster 🔹 🔹 During this 5 year stretch for me (pun so intended) I changed. I realized I wasn’t able to do simple things (like wash my back), and was constantly stressing out to get my workouts in. Add the fact I was spending more than 10 hrs./week working on myself, and something had to change. I was stressed 🔹 🔹 I started to spend more time stretching before bed because I was having trouble falling asleep, go figure, and realized that not only did it help me fall asleep, but I felt so much better the next day. Being the Einstein I am, I liked this feeling, so I decided to do it more often 🔹 🔹 I can now do things I’ve never been able to do before, and it feels awesome. Not just because the release of stress, but applying a new goal that actually made me FEEL better. So...I applied this with my clients, and wouldn’t you guess it, they felt better too. Not just that, but leaner...stronger...and happier 🔹 🔹 This chapter highlights the fundamental process of change. A Dynamic Change. Applying simple concepts of the body, to a structure built through phases, and you spit out a foundation to grow through. You must first THINK, then CHANGE, before you BECOME 🔹 🔹 Become what you ask?
6️⃣Days until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 🔹 April 2️⃣4️⃣—Who is DynamicU? 🔹 🔹 🧔🏻I have a very unique relationship with people. Not just from the coaching side, but the personal side as well. 5 years ago, I wanted nothing to do with people...am I glad I changed 🔹 🔹 It all started with Hector Ramos, my very first client at OneLife Fitness. It was the very first time someone actually NEEDED me...and little did I know, I actually NEEDED him 🔹 🔹 For the next 3 months Hector was like my best friend...because he actually was. I could be myself around him and in return, he trusted me. He didn’t care about what kind of degree I had, because I didn’t even have one. He cared because I cared...and I cared, because he cared 🔹 🔹 50 pounds later, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was a different person. He was a happy person. I can’t explain the feeling of being responsible for something like this...other than Love. I loved this feeling, even though I didn’t know what it was, I NEEDED more of it 🔹 🔹 From this point forward, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind, that I had something different. I could feel it...and I ran with it. All the way to L.A., and back again. Then up to D.C., and back again. Now I’m here... Finding myself caring more about people’s own health than they do...when only 5 years ago, I could care less. I have found myself in relationships with people who I never would have imagined even speaking to on the side of the road. Shit, I write programs for a woman at 7/11 who aided my gummy bear addiction🙃 🔹 🔹 This chapter, for context, is Love. Here you will find all different kinds of people. People who are old and people who are young. People who are black and people who are white. From people who are fit and people who are fat. No matter their social title, I care the same. I Love the same. 🔹 🔹 This is for everyone who has played a role in my life, whether small or big... Thank
⏳The Countdown To Change has begun.. 🔹 🔹 7️⃣Days until the release of DynamicU 0.2 🔹 🔹 💻Starting on Monday, April 23, I will unlock a different chapter of DynamicU 0.2, which will be the “Table of Context” to  DynamicU and The eBook of Change 🔹 🔹 🗓Each day this week, I will “Countdown To Change” with releasing a chapter title, along with some “context” 🔹 🔹 April 2️⃣3️⃣—What is DynamicU? 🔹 🔹 🧔🏻It has taken almost a year, but I can finally answer this question. Explaining myself to people seems to be my biggest weakness, and that’s no exaggeration. It’s not that I can’t do it...it’s that I don’t like it, and that’s how I define weakness. 🔹 I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, trying to figure out how I can do this better. When I can’t explain myself, it upsets me. In order for people to understand me, I have to explain myself...so the more I find myself explaining, the more I find people misunderstanding. 🔹 So, I wanted to take the time to sit down, and explain myself the BEST way I can. In today’s social media world, I have no choice but to do it here. Remember...it’s not because I enjoy it. It takes me away from doing the things I do enjoy. Remember... I’m not doing this for me. 🔹 What better day to do this, other than on my birthday...Monday, April 2️⃣3️⃣? 🔹 PS, I’ve been working on a few things...and they might catch ya by surprise 🤓