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Napa, California

Instagram photos and videos at Napa, California

Let’s talk about serving sizes and food labels for a second! While exercising is so important for your overall physical and mental health. If you are trying to lose weight educating yourself about nutrition is the SINGLE most important thing you can do. * * I used to be the girl that would workout HARD and then go eat a cheeseburger, French fries and soda because “I worked out”...did you know that 1 McDonald’s Big Mac, a large French fry and soda has 1330 calories in it....for 1 meal! that’s more than half my daily calorie intake! * * With that being said, you can also eat too much “healthy food” there have been plenty of times where I mindlessly ate carrots and hummus, scooping big dollops of hummus on tiny carrots. Same thing with apples and peanut butter! PB is great! But has a ton of calories! * * The first pic is  1 SERVING of carrots(3 oz or 9 ish carrots) and 1 serving of hummus( 2 tbsp) * The second pic is my lunch (hummus and carrots plus a stuffed pepper) * And the third pic is the food label for the hummus. I stress to my clients to understand how to read food labels. First, i have them read the ingredients, if there is something you can’t pronounce PUT IT BACK! Next, I have you read the label, did you know that all the numbers listed on the back (calories, carbs, sugars) are the amount in 1 serving? So if you are going to have 2 servings of something you will double those numbers..make sense? And lastly, I ask...is it smart? Is it something you want to have in your house? Something you would be proud to give to yourself? Your children? Your friends? I’m telling you this last one has saved me TONS of money 🤣🤣 * * So, if you’re still reading this here’s a few tips 👇 1️⃣ measure your food out! If you are having carrots and hummus scoop out the hummus you are going to have measure out your carrots and EAT THAT! Don’t just have an open container of hummus and full bag of carrots sitting out. The more that’s out the
napa behavior 🍇✨🍷 #agelikefinewine
Next 4 days will be an epic anniversary. @b_wak
It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Thank you @fuelingpassion and @eurostampacalifornia for the incredible work day lunch meeting. #napavalley
Line ‘em up! Barley Gin’s going to bottle today.
going to parties with a baby is a lot better than going to parties without a baby cause everyone just wants to look at him and talk about how cute he is and I’m an expert in that. except I still don’t have a good answer for “who does he look more like?” cause I have no idea.
Siblings quiet time together!!! ❤️❤️😊😘 #ohbabywallace #madeleinessecondyear #jamesonoliverwallace
My first nephew Jakob 💕