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The Camel

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TOMORROW! Back home! Richmond I love yall, all the hate and all the support motivates me !  #dieyoung #dirtroadboiz #virginia #vuu #vcu #richmond
Squid does the south
look @ that burger. that's a nice burger
#burgerweek 🤤
Last night felt like a huge family reunion. I was so happy to be surrounded by people I haven’t seen in a really long time and to see us all come together again just like old times. Still to this day, music brought us all together and that’s truly something special and something we all will never lose. I wish every person that was a part of last night could have been in this photo, but the love felt last night by everyone and for everyone is present here. If you’re reading this, go tell your friends that you love them gosh dang it!
The boys are back in town~
@wearescientists @thecamelrva @thecandescents #rvashows #wearescientists #welovescientists #indierock #synthpop #synthpopmusic
Rockers of the world unite!!! Thank you so much to everyone that was part of our Camel show this weekend! It was amazing to hear the crowd singing all the lyrics and it made us feel so good to play in RVA again. We love you!
@drandallblythe took some sick pics of the show last night, thanks for the support!
I’ll never enjoy another guitar as much as I love my Rickenbacker 650’s  Photo: @drandallblythe
Thank you to all who came out to a show on this past tour and tonight! It was incredible!! An even bigger thank you to those of you who have opened your living space up and allowed us to lay on your floor, couch, or bed!  We will never be able to express how grateful we are for the support from our friends, family, and others who have helped us  over the years. It’s just the beginning of where we wish to be one day but with your continued support, it’s what keeps us going.  Thank you so much!  Photo Credit: @drandallblythe ❤️
#richmond #rva #nofilter
So proud of my dude @burkesolo he's doing work and I couldn't be happier. A few years a go he was opening for folks, now he's headlining!!
i ran into the devil babe, he loaned me twenty bills
3 years is too long to go without hearing them!! You guys were amazing and kept it real per usual. Thank you thank you!! 💜 p.s. please come back asap
Last night was so dope