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Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Instagram photos and videos at Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

The Jubilee Conference has been a part of the CCO for many years now. Here is a picture of students we sent from IUP. In the original photo there are a lot of future CCO staff. Graystone and IUP has always been a ministry sending people into ministry. *** As a group, we are still going to Jubilee every year. Join us in February for the time of your life! #tbt #throwbackthursday #cco #ccoiup @ccoministry
Pursing community! God made us a family through Jesus Christ! "There was something about the truth of Jesus that changed their lives." Ryan Mowen #iupgoes2church
A little reminder from G. I. Williamson about why we "do church" on the Sabbath - a celebration!! šŸŽ‰  Join us for worship this morning at 8:30 or 11a.m. "And can it be that I (we) should gain an interest in my (our) Savior's blood?" Yes, it can!  Let's celebrate!! šŸ™Œ
Even with the rain, worship carries on!  This morning our service is focused on God's Word. What does it mean we trust the Word of God? In what ways are we to submit to it? What is it? Join us for the 11:00 service to join us in the celebrating!! #iupgoes2church
11:00 Church Service 12:00 FREE LUNCH! Join us for an amazing meal cooked just for you! On the 2nd Sunday of each month we will serve up a free lunch for college students. Hope to see you there #iup #ccoiup
It's great to have the choir back with us!  This morning we are talking about following Jesus with our WHOLE lives! We enter worship, not to be fed, not to get an emotional high, not even to feel good about ourselves, but to worship the one true God! Less of me, more of Him. Praise our God! #church #iupgoes2church #iup #ccoiup @ccoiup
Here's a snapshot of what is happening this fall at Graystone.  Colin and I will be leading the marriage class again this morning on the principle: HAVE SERIOUS FUN.  We would love to have you!  Or you can check out one of the other classes; there are great classes for kids too!  9:45 a.m. the ball gets rolling, and worship following at 11 a.m. (Or if you are an early bird, there is an 8:30 service too!)
Have a great first day of school gang! I’m praying for you all!
What a fantastic morning! To kickoff the academic year, we stood as one to dedicate ourselves to the mission of God! What does God have on your heart for this year? #iup #foriup #indianaproud #iheartiup #cco @ccoministry
It was great seeing some fellow campus ministers at church today! Looks like we're growing! #newparents #theokg #iup @ylcollegeiup @rufnational @ccoiup
This morning's missionary moment focused on Tracey and Amia Redd. They went to Uganda, shared the gospel, and were blessed with hospitality of the locals. The church's missions is not STAY, but GO!  Prayer purposes us. What are you purposes to do? @graystonepc @amiamuntah #iup #iupgoes2church #prayer #uganda #church
A little convicting reading, perfect for a Sunday morning!  It was like, "Here's your Sunday morning wake-up slap in the spiritual face!" #itsaheartproblem #theworshipremedy #godfirst #youareworsethanyouthink #godismoregraciousthanyoucanimagine ***Worship services to reorient your heart at 8:30 and 11 am at Graystone (or similar times at a church near you)!*** ***Colin and I will also be leading a new marriage Sunday School class at 9:45 and you are very welcome!***
Reminder: NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS! Becoming Your Best Us (a marriage class for everyone) STARTS TOMORROW, August 26, ends the last Sunday of September! (Room 201)  Colin and Heather Ashe will be facilitating.  Drag along your friends; we can all use a little help in our marriage, whether we have been married a day, a decade, or half a century!  Having your spouse in the class is not required.  No need to be married to come, either; anyone interested in what building a healthy marriage looks like is welcome.  Can't wait!! #moreawesomelessawful
YOU are invited to welcome new college students (and meet the seasoned ones!) tomorrow evening at Graystone!  The CCO's mission is not only to introduce students to Jesus and reach campuses, but also to teach young men and women how to be a part of the body of Christ in the local church.  Come hang out and welcome them to our Graystone family! #ccoiup #graystonepc #churchfamily #homeawayfromhome