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Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Instagram photos and videos at Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Happy #fathersday to all the fathers out there! This morning we heard a motivating sermon on how to have purpose, priority, and perseverance in the household! "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."
This morning I got to preach from one of my favorite passages where Jesus walked with His disciples on the road to Emmaus and they didn’t even realize it. In opening the Scripture and encouraging each other, they could see Jesus more clearly even in the everyday. #wecandomoretogether
“Go go go!” That was the exhortation today at church. That Jesus sent us with His message into all of our lives. It was impactful and convicting. What Jesus has done is really and actually good news and worth sharing. #forindiana @graystonepc
What is on you're Book List this summer? There are so many great books and stories out their that can help you grow in your faith. Use your summer for the love of God. Read for the Love of God. Live to the Glory of God! #summer #books #iup #cco #readfortheloveofgod  Comment your summer reading below.
Blindfolded Invisible Chairs was epic tonight! #stonepm
This was really well said today. May we be encouraged by how God is working in the lives of others instead of moved to jealousy. #forindiana #wecandomoretogether @graystonepc
Behold the Man!  Jesus is confirmed as the Christ, but the disciples have a different understanding of what that means than what Jesus does. They want Jesus to be a war-lord, a conquerer, a military king, a blood bringer. Yet, Jesus corrects the disciples, and us, and let's us know he came to bring blood, but it will be his own. He has come to "suffer many things and be rejected." He came to die. He came for us. This is our King. Behold the Man.  Mark 8:27-9:1 #church #iup
Getting my bake on this morning, because today is FULL and tomorrow starts early! 🌞  Women, join us tomorrow to have some fun, eat some goodies, and hear & share a story or two. 📚 #womenofgraystone #wecandomoretogether #yourstorymatters #knowandbeknown
We, as the people of God, celebrate the Son of God. @graystonepc #church #iup
Women!  I am not skilled at the fancy graphics thing, and that's okay.  It is more important to me to get this info into your hands via simple photo-of-flyer-with-clipart,  than not to, because I am embarrassed I don't have something fancier to offer.  And that is what this event is all about.  YOU are an amazing woman and the God who made you loves you and you are part of a story He is telling - whether you feel like you have made it to where you're "supposed to be" or not.  We want to gather to have fun, hear stories, and be a little more known, so that NO ONE is left in their loneliness and EVERY WOMAN is encouraged and strengthened as she hears of who God is, what He has done, and what He can do.  We aren't playing games, we Graystone women.  Too much is at stake!  If you are tired of feeling like you're alone in this life, this event is for you.  If you wonder if knowing God can really make a difference, this event is for you.  If you have a story to tell (btw that is all of you!), this event is for you. If you feel like you still have a long way to go (me too!), this event is for you.  If you read this far, you deserve a prize! The best I can offer is a tasty treat, a warm beverage, and a buncha good women the morning of May 12, 10am at Graystone Church.  Can't wait to see you there!