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Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Instagram photos and videos at Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Future SB2Wer if we can keep her church outbursts to a minimum β›ͺ🧐
Welcome home 🏑
Pray for Pastor Andrew. He is wrongly imprisoned in Turkey.  What does it mean to serve for the name of Jesus? Pastor Joe preached upon this and shared great examples from Creation, Star Spangled Celebration, and SB2Ws. Great job everyone on #campsunday!  Next stop for us is Summer Institute for the CCO!  #iup #sundayfunday #sunday #church #serve
Just like the download of this photo, our understanding of worship needs to be reframed! That has been the sermon series this month: Reframing Worship.  Worship includes singing and attending Sunday service, but it is SO MUCH MORE.  Come!  Join us this morning to worship the Lord together in the usual way AND have your vision expanded to see how worship is a lifestyle, not just one hour of the week!  8:30 and 11am - followed by the Camp Sunday picnic.  You don't want to miss it!
I waited all morning to hear the words “it was awesome!” When I talked to Brooks after his first day as a Summers Best Two Weeks camper!!! SB2W was such a huge part of me growing up, I am so happy that it is still around and Brooks can attend! I know Kevin thinks I am crazy about how excited I am about this, but he will find out!!! #sb2w #imthird #romansrule #mybabeisgrowingup #2ndgeneration
Good reminder this morning as we consider how we are moved by what God has done and how worship is more broad than simply singing. #worship #stewardship #givingsermon
Reframing Worship: Sabbath This summer, Graystone is reframing our perspective on worship. What does rest and sabbath have to do with worship and God? I guess we will find out today! Check out this series on our website. www.graystonepc.org #church #foripa #forindiana #loveiup #worship #hga
Happy #fathersday to all the fathers out there! This morning we heard a motivating sermon on how to have purpose, priority, and perseverance in the household! "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."
This morning I got to preach from one of my favorite passages where Jesus walked with His disciples on the road to Emmaus and they didn’t even realize it. In opening the Scripture and encouraging each other, they could see Jesus more clearly even in the everyday. #wecandomoretogether
“Go go go!” That was the exhortation today at church. That Jesus sent us with His message into all of our lives. It was impactful and convicting. What Jesus has done is really and actually good news and worth sharing. #forindiana @graystonepc