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East Village, Manhattan

Instagram photos and videos at East Village, Manhattan

Sang along to Evanescence last night ironically but also not really because I knew all the words. Feeling a bit like my 14 year old self today. πŸ–€πŸ₯€
My reason to smile ❀️
When you have been friends for so long and arrive for ramen brunch looking like twinsies....#bestie
lights lights lights
Oskar is exhausted from the bus ride ( that 🐢🐢 were  not supposedly allowed. ) they were so quiet.  She is tired but loves to be with her yellow 🎾.
essentials #πŸ‘›
#announcement: I had #sex #tonight.  In my mouth.  My fav #pizza in #harlem has been #dethroned THAT FORK WAS LEFT OVER FROM THE CARPACCIO; #judgenot #foodporn is the only #porn I care about. #celibatelyfe