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East Hampton Village

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The summer is the perfect time to try  adventurous new dishes! Like summer garden pasta salad from East Hampton’s own @inagarten !! If you need help finding the freshest ingredients from farms, markets and more, look it up in @hamptonslifesaver , of course!
STAY THE COURSE.  In this season I’m trusting God to guide my steps and fill in the blanks as I go confidently into a place my fears tell me I can’t flourish.  ___ Over a few glasses of wine my friend Derrick blurted, Jade stop playing you are either ready to make a mark and blast out your shell ๐Ÿš ( he understands I’m a true introvert) or  continue to be a regular shmegular degular but I want you to know you are not a regular shmegular degular chick! Earlier we had discussed some plans of mine and how I was going to execute the vision and he laid down some hefty legal advice and allowed me to see a bigger picture. I wasn’t even thinking on his level ( that’s why I always consult with him) and he allowed my mind to explore possibilities that seemed far fetched but happens every day in business. Why play small Jade, he asked? Why skip “this” important step because you may not fully get it yet, he asked? I know you’re fancy in the Hamptons but these nuggets I’m dropping you here in South Central, LA is going to make you super fancy, smarter, and protected and the back yard bbq roared with laughter, high fives, and get this money antics. I grasped on to that free floating wisdom, tucked it away, and began the google search later that night..And still currently working out that aspect. ___ STAY THE COURSE & TRUST GOD and his Angels he sends along the way.  Hat by my cousin @justrudebrand  RUDE- Remember U Deserve Everything  Rocking my husbands guess denim ๐Ÿ‘•.. My Grandma Joyce classic gold nugget watch .. ___ Jade  #godsplan #staythecourse * * *’* #leopard  #katespadeshoes #leopardbag  #creative  #blackgirlswhoblog  #sneakers #introvertlife #thehamptons #moneymoves  #leapoffaith  #bludenim  #discoveryou #sustainablefashion  #trustgod #takerisks #executetheplan #beconfidentinyourself  #message #influencer #vinatgestyle  #vintagestreetstyle #createyourlife #denimshoes #natureviews
๐Ÿ˜Ž Happy Fathers Day Dad #happyfathersday
wearing my pajama shirt IRL bc it's Saturday and I'm cool like that โ˜€๏ธ
Sometimes you need a break in a beautiful place to seek the small moments that save you. #gainingperspective