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Внимательность. Внимающая😌 . Как иногда это не просто выбирать в пользу себя! Услышать своё тело, знаки из пространства рядом, замедлиться и сделать то, что вытащит к свету, а не наоборот. . Внимать это и про принятие, и про слушание, и про впускание другого. Когда мы кричим, мы не слышим. Когда мы хотим получить удовольствие, необходимо расслабиться. .  Когда мы "шумим", устраивая хаос вокруг себя и в своей голове, то все сферы начинает "штормить". Кажется, что это какая-то тревожность, травмы, а зачастую обычная усталость, которую мы даже признавать не хотим, всё тянем и тянем, пытаясь на издыхании что-то там провернуть "великое". .  Но пространство потихоньку раскрывает прелесть проживания по-женски. Когда результат не менее велик, но не на усилиях и силе воли, а на желании и ресурсе. Да, пусть будет у каждой из нас так!✨💓 . For women it's enough to dream about something not to achieve it. Just wish and feel yourself amazing✨ . #losangeles #wish #woman #art #wall #eye #feelings #california #summer #transformation #лосанджелес #калифорния #арт #внимание #женщина #чувства #жизнь #лю_трансформация #тур_трансформация #поток #трансформация
Might delete, feels too close 🙈
Issa lifestyle 🎻🎹💃🏻 . . . . .  #mood #la #godislove
#rp Mediation is soooo important for our daily mental health. Take some time today.. just a few minutes.. to wind down.  ___ ✨✨Allow yourself to step away from the hustle lifestyle and just breathe. Go outside and take a look around at the scenery around you, maybe go for a short five minute walk, do something that truly helps you wind down.  _____ ✨✨And in this time I want you to focus on your breathing. Let's take a few deep breathes. First inhale, allowing your body to move with you as you take in oxygen. Your chest should rise up as your body might slightly tense. Hold to the count of six.  ______ ✨✨ 1.. 2... 3.. 4... 5.. 6.. Now let's release this breathe.. as we exhale release the negative thoughts and ideas in your mind. Allow yourself to picture the negativity literally being released into the air. It's gone, it's now time to focus on this present moment and continue our wonderful day. 🌞 *** When I feel stressed I follow this practice, but I make sure I breathe in and out three consecutive times***
🚨 ALERT 🚨  When y’all get the new song to 15k. I’ll drop this dope @fosterthevision video for it!! 🔥🎥📹 . ***WIN $50*** Contest submissions due August 1st (see last post) 💰💵💰 . . . . #musicvideo #fosterthevision #contest #winmoney #dough #skrilla #paper #rap #hiphop #love #life #dumpster #alleyway #mitchthehero #dope #ill #spotify #applemusic #soundcloud #tidal #wave #wakeup #stopsleeping
This is really my home ahahaha #anotherhomecomingsoon ((: #staytuned
@dsavage2700 @sakeforever @xxxtentacion #ripxxxtentacion #sakeworld @djcreativemind
City of Angels - The office view from my friend & fellow creative @soulman617 apt in La Brea.
Seven years and one week ago I walked in to an art show on La Brea. Who knew that the girl in the LBD was my neighbour from Notting Hill? She was about as non-LA as you could ever find.  Instead she was and is the most well travelled friend I have.  Never stops learning about people and cultures in the four corners of this fascinating world.  So non LA, so self deprecating, totally without any ego, literally my heart soars when I see her after a month or two when we’ve been mapping the world.  We could chat for hours,  usually we have one, so it’s frenetic and I’m just amazed by what my darling Yasmine has been up too. Fearless, funny, and the most loyal friend you could ever have.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY wherever you are (guessing Greece) Yas.  See you next week.