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Annapolis, Maryland

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The Corner of Cathedral and Conduit.  I once had a friend tell me that architecture is the highest form of art, due to its utmost usefulness, he said it’s like a sculpture you can live in. The analogy isn’t perfect of course, there’s way more to consider when building a house other than purely aesthetics, but they can be beautiful in the same way great art is. And in the same way great art is housed in a museum, there are some towns that are home to great houses in the same way. Annapolis is one of these towns. It’s a veritable museum of beautiful architecture - I’d take walking around a town like it on a beautiful day over walking around a museum. #goodbuilding #goodcity #goodtown #shingles #corner #annapolis #maryland
Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? 🖤
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sailing moms watching our bois!
Ain't nothing like a Southern Breakfast
Happy 21st gib❤️
So long summer.