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You know you’re in Nashville when you go for some pancakes and these guys are playing in the corner! β€οΈπŸŽ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» @hogslopstringband @theposteast
~ The Fermented Farmer's Market ~ Neighborly lovins  Every Thursday 3 - 6pm - - #bluegrass #gospel #truth #music #eastnashville #love #farmersmarket
Eating my way through Nashville with the last stop for Bluegrass brunch at my sisters neighborhood coffee shop. These guys are incredible. The Hogslop String Band.
We are super bummed that @harrisiii has an event tonight (😩😩) so we can’t spend the day with him, but a quick brunch of bluegrass and gf biscuits & gravy at @theposteast was perfection. You’re amazing @harrisiii. We adore you. 😘😍
Welcome to this Sunday edition of our Post's Bluegrass Brunch! Today we have to true sounds of Kevin Martin shufflin' his old fiddle! With Gabe Kelley on guitar and Daniel Binkley pickin' banjo, these men of music come together today as the Hogslop Trio! 🎢 🎻 Catch their set today until 1pm and sit with us for coffee ❀ ~ ~ #eastnashville #coffee #love #bluegrass #music #brunch #healthyfood
Come cool off with a refreshing iced drink here at The Post! Bring your own drinkin' receptacle and receive a 15% discount on your beverage! Righteous reuse makes for a happy Earth! 🌎 🌟 ~ ~ #brunch #eastnashville #love #coffee #theposteast #summer #chill
Bicycle chain chandelier.
Home again! I missed huge lattes. Violet missed the monkey bars. None of missed 95 degree weather.
Jarrett #southernwordvet
Nas & Hip Hop Convo
We have an exciting brunch weekend ahead of us and we hope you can make it around! For fun, community, music and great food, keep your local Post in mind! ~ This Sunday, featuring Kevin Martin and his fantastic fiddle  playin' old time band! 🎻 ~ #theposteast #music #brunch #coffee #love #eastnashville
All-star contributor to east Nashville romper epidemic #alertwho
πŸš€TOMORROW NIGHT! πŸš€ Come hang @theposteast and hear the new @nas album and then we'll discuss it and all things Hip Hop with our panel.  All proceeds benefit @southern_word a nonprofit that teaches literacy in schools using spoken word.  Brought to you by the good folks  Spread Luv #nas #hiphop #album #thisisamerica #newmusic #friday #insta #goodmusic
🌳 The season is heatin up and so are we! Thursday means the Fermented Farmer's Market is back around with an array of organics, fermentations, kombucha, old music and the wellness that follows! Rain or shine, you'll find the market posted on the corner of 17th and Fatherland right in front of our shop! 3 - 6pm Stop by this evenin' to meet @fermentedfarmer and @kombuchacorey They're happy to share their wealth of health n' natural knowledge! ~ As well 🎢Keep your ears open for the raw, acoustic sounds of @porter_road_music bringin' uplifting melodies n' movement to the Lockeland neighborhood! 🎻 ~ Let's have some fun! 🌟 ~ ~ #farmersmarket #health #wellness #music #eastnashville #theposteast #bluegrass #love #kombucha
“Mommy? This chock-it croissant is DEEEEE-licious!” πŸ₯ I’m sure it is, baby girl. πŸ’• // #littlefoodie #croissant #mygirl #nashvillekids #momlifeisthebestlife #nofilter #nofilterneeded
The weather is nice enough today for a quick stroll down the street for a pick-me-up green tea matcha latte at one of my favorite east Nashville spots, the Post. Today we went to the dog psychologist (who says only in LA?), were invited to essentially extended family members’ house for a VERY Seventh Day Adventist lunch of Loma Linda brand Vege-burger (pronounced Veg-ah-burger by those in the know), imbibed in drive through smoothies and took the opportunity of a sleeping baby to jump on my laptop for some work. This break was essential to survival as “baby brain” has seeped out of his parents and infected innocent me. He’s super cute though. ;)
Do Henry the Hand's hands have faces and hands? @henrythehand