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Instagram photos and videos at Colorado

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Baby time Colorado with my childhood loves:) @atolbe1 , @duketate111 , @kjfc13 :)
Sometimes you just gotta dance. Tell me you could flow to this song without dancing though. It's been a while since I've stepped on my mat. I have been feeling heavy and empty and I don't know how to carry this feeling anymore. Today I lost two very special people, not in a sense that they passed away, but passed through my life. One was my very best friend who found himself in a bit of a mix up, and now communication will be very minimum for a while. Another is someone who I have committed myself to, who I want to share my soul and my love with, someone who I know I could be crazy in love with, but also someone who couldn't quite bring himself to let me express that to him in the ways I would have liked. Both of these losses hurt very deeply, and I would do anything not to feel it, though I know that's not very easy. I know I can spread my love and energy in other ways but right now I've got to heal. Tryna breathe easy, #namaste #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #iloveyoga #denver #denvercolorado #denveryogi #breathe #loveyourself
Mom went to a puppy reunion. She saw two of Sparkle's puppies and one of Dutch's.course they are grown up now!!!
Awesome 11th anniversary trip to Colorado. Started out the weekend with a @deadandcompany show in Boulder with family, then took off to Grand Lake and spent a couple days just the two of us hiking around and enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park, including a 12+ mile round trip to the top of Mount Ida...more than I bargained for but totally worth it. Overall, a great way to celebrate 11 years. I love you @jilliennehaglund, here's to 11 more!
Colorado 2018 ! β›°
New high schoolers 🌻🀟🏼