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Instagram photos and videos at Ambleside

Make Ambleside Great Again
Playtime at Apple Tree Cottage 🍎  Exploring the back garden to find a very petite apple tree yielding very large apples! That Jasper liked to pick up and roll around like balls 🌳 A downpour later and he was playing with his choo choos by the fireplace, and watching the rain from the window seat 🌧❤️ Slightly different to today’s day of messy arty play and chilled out living room book reading and TV watching with a tired and teething boy that is now all tucked up in bed dreaming of his adventures in the Lakes 🍁  My carefree and spirited gentle boy, I love to watch him discover and explore 🌍  #jaspersadventures #toddleradventures #toddlerlife #appletreecottage #travelwithkids #travellingwithtoddlers #mumlife #firsttimemummy #appletree #natureplay #naturelearning #rainydays #happyboy #nofilterneeded #ukstaycation #mumbloggers
The adventures continue. Today we grabbed a bite to eat at one of the funkiest cafés ever. The soup mugs were amazing, I've not seen anything like them before, they look like they've been stood on by an elephant 🤣🤣. Spent the afternoon shopping at Bowness, probably buying stuff that we really don't need 🤣🤣. . . Yesterday, was a trip into Ambleside, we saw the ruins of an old Roman fort and stopped off at probably the smallest house I've ever seen. Located over the river, at one time it was home to a couple with 6 children. They must have been a very close family to sleep in such a tiny place. Even a Hobbit would struggle with the sleeping arrangements 🤣🤣
Anyone for#gin
He was no angel 😇 but he was ours. #dad #21st #love #sign ❤️🌈