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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Instagram photos and videos at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Graduation watching with my love #graduation2018
If everyone didn’t already know; my cousins are my world they’re basically brothers/sisters to me, nothing will ever change that. 🖤  I’m so proud of this one right here @john_simpson3 ...not only did I get to watch him grow up into the amazing smart and good lookin’ (must’ve got it from me somehow) man, but I’m beyond blessed to say we support each other no matter what. We define ride or die, we don’t let each other down, I’m safe growing up ‘an only child’ because of this guy... i don’t know what I’d do not having him growing up with me and living this crazy roller coaster of life. For two people we’ve sure been dealt a lot of cards to handle but that’s one thing I’m also proud of... we don’t let them stop us from doing what we want 🖤🎉 this picture totally defines us because I’m not sure we have a serious picture in years. Love you cuz and so proud of you. @john_simpson3 🖤 📸: @daniellecarboni
Beyond grateful for the last 4 years. At times I didn’t think this day would come but I’m feeling all sentimental now that it’s finally here. Thankful for all the people who helped me along the way. To my friends, I don’t know how you put up with me for 4 years but, thank you. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys. To Molloy College, thank you for being the best decision I’ve made this far because you sure as hell have prepared me for the real world ✨💖 #justdidit #classof2018