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Denali National Park

Instagram photos and videos at Denali National Park

THE DENALI DIARIES...⛰ . Day 18: 28 June 2018 . A short night. We're up at 7am packing our sleds. Following yesterday's summit success we're keen to descend to Basecamp - the forecast calls for snow & the last thing we want is to be stuck at 11,000ft in a cycle of shoveling.  There's added motivation of burgers, mojitos and moscow mules in Talkeetna... as well as a shower. It's been 18 days. Yikes. . The descent to 17,000 goes fairly smoothly. There are teams heading up the fixed lines & I'm happy to be going down. I'm knackered - I power-nap in a tent whilst an early dinner is prepared (thx @runsmilebreathe ) at 14,000ft. We agree to go as far as we can tonight to push hard to get to Basecamp.  I'm not convinced and set a personal target of 7,000ft deciding to take things one step at a time. . As we descend on the steep I develop a love-hate relationship with my sled. It runs into my heels & accelerates downhill until the tension in  the rope grinds it to a halt & drags beside me like I'm 'walking a 50lb dog'. I'm comforted by the fact that we're all in our personal 'pain caves' & developing our own coping mechanisms. @mountainclimbgrace provides the entertainment while Wes is the voice of experience. .  By 3am we reach 7,000ft. By this point we've been awake for nearly 24h and visibility isn't great. We call it a day throw our sleeping bags onto the snow and dive in for the 'night' (until 5.30am). It's a beautiful, magical, surreal experience... Combined with the tiredness & adrenaline the only emotion I can feel is sheer contentment. A sleeping bag hasn't ever been so comfortable. I wake at 5am and it's snowing on my face... . WILL WE MAKE BASECAMP? CHECK IN TOMORROW TO FIND OUT WHETHER WE CAN NAVIGATE THE CREVASSES WITH THE INCENTIVE OF FOOD, DRINKS AND SHOWERS! . Can't get enough or want a second perspective on this day? Follow the awesome @mountainclimbgrace and check out her daily recap story on her feed..! . #climbing #mountains #denali #alaska
Sometimes it feels like I'm always looking at this guy's back whenever we're hiking. He doesn't have an IG account and he usually don't take photos (unless I made him take me), so his pace is much faster than mine. I often joke "why you always leave me behind?" (as I scurry to catch up with him) and he will ask "why do you need to take photos of every single thing?" The truth is it never actually bothers me when he's far ahead because I know we're a team and I know he's got my back (even when I'm looking at his).
Check out @drjonkedski and his BAÏST gloves helping his buddy @colinobrady reach the peak of Denali on his way to the world record 50 highest peaks in each of the 50 states. #50hp #worldrecord
Another amazing adventure. ⛰ @__seldom__seen__ . . . . . #hiking #getoutside #adventures #alaska #happiness #denali