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Jiu Fen Old Street, Taiwan

Instagram photos and videos at Jiu Fen Old Street, Taiwan

Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan
Jam-packed walkway here but ain't worrying. People are nice and friendly + good food!!
Good morning! 🌞
. Jiufen was amazing yesterday!!! I hope I get another chance to visit this beautiful place! The way much of the city is built into the side of the mountain with trails and trails of twisting stairs connecting it all with a few small roads here and there reminded of me pictures I've seen of Greece. It was so beautiful and intriguing and I took A Lot of pictures hahaha . We were very lucky that there was many people who helped us along the way including random pedestrians picking us out of the random people on the sidewalk and just going, "Jiufen?" and then helping us get there. I really think that man must see 外国人wandering around that area a lot and just knew where we were trying to be - it made me laugh so hard, especially because at that time we weren't really anywhere near Jiufen yet (more than an hour away) and we plausibly could have been going elsewhere. He wasn't wrong though!! . #traveltaiwan #jiufen #photography #truetravelermoments #storytelling