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Hugh Brown


I felt the wild in my skin like a mute in the sound | St. Paul, MN

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On the selection, collection, and fermentation of milkweed buds for the making of capers:  First step - locate milkweed. Prevalent along roadsides in upper Midwest. Easily identified because it bleeds sticky white “milk” when split. Select plants that are just beginning to produce small green buds and not the nearly-matured reddish ones. Collect a good bunch. Take half, leave half.  I filled a nutty bar box full. Second step - rinse. Put pods into .5 L Ball jar with a peeled head of garlic and a solution of .75 tbsp salt:1 C distilled water. Weight with pint glass filled with water. Third step - ferment for 4-6 days, cap, and put in fridge.
In an unexpected turn of events, due to severe weather gpa and I are bottling maple syrup
Not entirely sure where my gpa got a taxidermied owl but I like that he put a bow tie on it.
A cabin classic.
Sally insisting on showing Bruno what exactly an illegal chew would be.
Beat June 1st to dip in Lake Superior! It was still a little chilly, though.
A secret island kind of near Canada.
Driving in to drop Bruno at my parents’ this morning saw smoke rising from the woods just inside their property line. Lightning had struck within the last hour and a big tree was blown to smithereens, its remnants still burning. Got Bruno to a safe spot and grabbed a maul, and spent what was going to be a quiet coffee hour wacking that sucker apart. The green leaves in the background are a bit deceiving, it’s been quite dry here and had to ensure it didn’t spread. What a morning.
...not only do you have to in Iowa but it goes ahead and reminds you where you would MUCH rather be. #fuck
Spring foraging season has begun. This morning’s bounty a pair of pheasant backs and some young nettles.
With a vending machine and drinking fountain a 5 minute walk away, climbing out at Taylor’s Falls today could be described as “pampered.”
When you get to the party and some bitch wearing the same outfit
Bruno loves to chill at the crag while I project
Good morning, Mississippi
Eagle feeding her chick.
Had a trip where I was getting shut down left and right by stuff that is in my wheelhouse. Last day brought the focus and pegged one two to three grades higher than last year. What a treat.
Sale of my house in Red Wing finalized yesterday. I’m back climbing with solid folks in France. A fantastic Easter.
The making of a climbing photo