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Poppy the beagle


🐶 5 March 2017 | 🇦🇺 Newcastle, Australia | ❤️ eating, sleeping, cuddles, playing tug and being chased for stolen shoes & socks

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Let me help you finish that smoothie, Mama. If I squeeze my nose all the way in, and stretch my tongue all the way out - I think I can reach the bottom!! #beagle #beaglepuppy #cutepuppy #dogsandsmoothies
Mama has started dragging me along with her to do this thing called "running". I am not a fan...
Puppy life is hard work sometimes  #beagle #beagleball #sleepypuppy
No thanks Mama - you go for a walk without me, I'll be here when you get back.
I really didn't want to get up this morning (perhaps because it's starting to get darker & a bit cooler in the mornings here); but my pleas for a sleep-in were ignored 😤 #cutebeagle #sleepypuppy #dontwakemeup
Monday mood #sleepypuppy #puppycuddles #cutepuppy #beagle
#throwbackthursday to just a few months ago when I looked so tiny in my big bed! I turn 1 on Monday - can you believe it?!
Mama's working from home today. I'm hoping if I give her this sad look for long enough, she'll give ME all her attention instead of the computer!
Mama, stop taking my photo and get my ball down for me 😤! You're the one who got it stuck 🙄!
#boop #boopmynose
I'm a little bit embarrassed Grus 🙈. You see, I've been having some little accidents (💦) in my sleep lately. Mama says I'm not in trouble but she made me go visit the vet man. It turns out that I don't have enough oestrogen after my desexing (spaying) operation and that has made me a little bit incontinent. The vet man has given mama some little white pills to hide in my dinner to make me better; but I'll have to take them forever! Do any other grus have this problem?
#throwbackthursday to little-spooning with my pal @littlebuddy_thebeagle  He's still bigger than me; but I'm catching up!
Daycare + playing with my fur-cousin = one pooped Poppy
My post swim towel swaddle - the swim was lovely; but I got the shivers afterwards!
I'm trying to look tough while guarding my new front porch. Mama says I'm not a very good guard dog though, as all I do is run to the front gate whimpering if someone walks past without stopping to say hello to me!
This is my new friend, the one-eared beagle. I'll admit, he did have two ears when Mama brought him home (thanks #ikea), but I just couldn't resist nibbling on one and pretty soon it just disappeared! I think he would understand though - he is a beagle too, after all 😉
Rwar - I'm a jungle beagle!! Mama and I moved to a new house a couple of weeks ago; this is my favourite spot in my new garden!
#thegrumpstermemeassignment is my homework for #grumpsterschool this week! Because those silly non-beagle people don't realise how much we love to snooze 😂