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Yoga Teacher Be yourself Ahimsa ➑ @theyogaguide Is Coming Soon! β¬… πŸ“§ thepritiyogi@gmail.com Australia 🌊

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If you have time for social media and Netflix you have time to do the things you love. Whether it's Yoga, going to the gym, reading, or creating in some way, whatever it might be. You have the time, you just need to prioritize. Make time for you.  Wearing @dharmabumsactive Mat @corkleaf
Always πŸ’•πŸ§˜‍♀️
Pain and fear from the past can be held in our body. It hides itself away in tight little spaces and locks itself in. Residing deep down, showing itself occasionally.  It stays tucked away until the lock is opened and the fear and pain is confronted. You are the only one with the key. Open up, release it, confront it all, and let it go. Allow yourself to heal. πŸ“· @mndyphotography
I am healthy and free. I am a magnet for happiness. This happiness flows into others.  #positiveaffirmations  Head to the link in my bio to read my blog post "How to Live a Happier Life"
Want to start living a happier life?  Be 100% authentically yourself and love yourself! Stop worrying about what others think of you, it’s not their life, it’s yours. If you spend your life hiding your real self and trying to be like others you don’t know what you could miss out on, or what amazing souls might slip through your fingers because you were too busy hiding who you really are. Be true to yourself always!  Head to the link in my bio to read the rest of my tips to living a happier life.  @lenovoanz #dib #differentisbetter #lenovoanz #yoga920
Finally found Shampoo and Conditioner I am happy with πŸ’•  All thanks to @vitalita.detox.wellness For introducing me to this brand πŸ’›  I love finding awesome Vegan brands. What are your favourite Vegan brands?  #veganhaircare
Do you practise meditation as part of your yoga practice?  @kaimala_jewels hand make natural gemstone meditation Mala necklaces and Mala bracelets on the Gold Coast, they are all Vegan friendly and ethically made and each piece has it's own meaning. The intention behind these beautiful peices is to encourage more people to practise meditation, to support a compassionate lifestyle, spiritual growth, and self realization. So I'm super excited to be Kaimalas ambassador 🧘‍♀️ You can jump on their website (Link is in my bio) and head to the "Choose your Mala" section for details on how to choose the right Mala for you.  All Yoga teachers receive 20% off Mala necklaces (Sign up on their home page to receive the discount)  Everyone else can receive 15% off Mala bracelets by using the code PRITIMALA
AHIMSA Be compassionate, cause no harm, and respect all living things.  @inthesoulshine
FREE YOURSELF  Strip away hate. Strip away judgment. Strip away fear. Strip away ego.
Happy Friday! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ Who's excited for the weekend?  Mat @wanderingyogiaustralia Wearing @lululemonausnz
Breathe 🌬️ don't underestimate the power of the breath. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed I just focus on my breathing and take long deep breaths in and out through my nose, slightly constricting my throat and sending the breath down the back of my throat, it sounds a little like the ocean. It always calms me.  Mat @corkleaf Wearing @dharmabumsactive
Making friends with back bends πŸ’•  What do you favour? forward folds or back bends?  Forward folds have always been my favourite and there is loads of them in my practice (Ashtanga) but now that I have sciatica they are not so comfortable anymore and back bends are. Listening to my body and doing what feels right. 🌼
Can't get enough of Smoothies and Acai bowls πŸ’•πŸ€— What's your favourite food?
Take me back to the weekend to all my favourite things...Yoga, beach, sunshine, earthing, smoothies, and acai bowls. 🌊🧘‍β™€οΈπŸ‡πŸŒ Wearing @37threads
Todays affirmations... I am a magnet for success and happiness. Abundance flows freely into my life. Today I am grateful for... My yoga practice.  My partner and my dog.  What are your affirmations for today? And what are you grateful for?  Head to the link in my bio and sign up to get your free Daily Planner and Mindset Map. βœŒπŸΌπŸ’• Mat @corkleaf Wearing @lululemonausnz
Your thoughts ultimately create your reality. If you are constantly thinking unhappy thoughts and think that bad things always happen to you, they will. The universe gives you exactly what you think it does. Start shifting your perspective, look at life from a place of gratitude, be grateful with what you have and start changing your thoughts from negative to positive to create a life that you love.  Wearing @dharmabumsactive
Writing down what you are grateful for daily helps you shift your perspective to a place of gratitude. The biggest thing that stops us from seeing how much good we have is the constant feeling of wanting more. By shifting to a place of gratitude you will feel healthier and happier, your relationships will improve, and you will have a positive impact on those around you.  Head to the link in my bio and sign up to receive your copy of my Daily Planner and Mindset Map πŸ’•. Wearing @dharmabumsactive