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Karen A


Knitter, wife, mother, photographing my days and writing my thoughts in journals. I'm Swanski on ravelry.

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You know what’s great? Starting a new project for me :) I’ve had a fantastic gym week and my back is strong(er). I’ve got a nasty carpenter ant problem but professional exterminators will fix it tomorrow (yay). So I just want to say life is good!! #knitting #nightskypattern #heidikirrmaier #nettlegroveyarn #cottonlinen
Wearing my #hitofudecardigan and bangs are pinned up, good morning to you!
A hat in the planning stages. Each day my back is better (yay)! #knitting #drwhocolorway #ahundredravensyarn #dinglehat #hat
Back to knitting! (But only for an hour - then it’s walk and stretch my back strain) #knitting #gratitudes #tinytinymoments #thankful
My morning vibes - slowly fitting knitting back in after a week off from a back strain. (Yay!!)
Holly the cat found a skein of yarn 😱🐱- and here I thought I bested her in hiding all the wool.
This little fawn is one of triplets ❀️
Happy Monday morning! I’m tackling continuing ed reading and tending a backache (boo!). I’m hoping for a miracle  by tomorrow morning when I go to the gym πŸ™.
Someone came to sit beside me briefly 🐱❀️
Hey! I finished the #truecolorsshawl - there is a pattern giveaway on the blog #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #melanieberg #shawl
Frodo is loving our staycation - perfect weather β˜€οΈ - I’ve mapped out all my indulgent activities πŸ™Œ (knitting reading and art skill building)
Gonna get into my ‘zen’ state of mind with my knitting. So far: lost internet then got it back - had/have tech difficulties - hunted and killed a fly in the house because Frodo is terrified 😱- definitely not my to do list πŸ™ƒ  #knitting #truecolorsshawl
Cannot stop knitting this fabulous shawl pattern #truecolorsshawl #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #wool #shawl #igknitters #melanieberg
Graitiude: - gorgeous day,  blue skies and sunshine - knitting and reading on the swing - the start of my summer break from babysitting - saying yes to yes things and no to no things - for my pets and the joy they bring #justfivethings #gratitude
Friday night fun - (don’t be tricked,  he’s sitting on my lap for an aerial view of finding the cat πŸ˜‰)
- wild roses on my walk - peaceful moments - a dinner planned - the quiet hum of the day - phone calls from the kids #justfivethings #tinytinymoments @michelle_gd can’t wait 😊
Just back from a walk and I’m back to knitting #truecolorsshawl by #melanieberg - I’m obsessed with adding ‘just one more row’. #knitting #shawl
Friday knitting vibes πŸ’«