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Robyn Nicole Towle


🌈 Queer photographer, videographer, and interdisciplinary artist. Will travel. 🗺 Bali 11/3 - 11/10 ✉️ robynnicolephoto@gmail.com

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So, there’s not a whole lot that can stand between me and a target run, especially when both the cats and my computer troubles are depending on me to haul my butt there, but I actually couldn’t leave knowing that this happened tonight and that my tiny corner of the internet needs to see it. Emily and Ben, congratulations again on your engagement. I’m so excited to photograph your wedding (and field a bunch of “DANG they’re cute, who are they?” messages on your behalf). Thanks so much for hanging out with me and getting at least two and a half day’s worth of steps in in the process. 💃🏼🕺🏽 . . . . . #maineweddingphotographer #mainephotographer #lifestylephotographer #dirtybootsandmessyhair #newenglandweddingphotographer #bostonweddingphotographer #newhampshireweddingphotographer #eastendportland #photographyeveryday #shotwithlove #justgoshoot #collectivelycreate #postthepeople #igersmaine #engagementshoot #capturemaine #portlandmaine #mainetheway #portlandmag #engagementphotos #engagement
Tip-toeing toward the finish line on a new video because for every hour I’ve spent editing, I swear I’ve spent two hours grinning uncontrollably at sweet, sweet queer love and googling new and exciting things to do with #adobepremierepro. Feet courtesy of @jamietowel, beautiful limestone (?) and lake water, courtesy of #doorcounty.
And another because WHAT.
How👏🏽friggin’👏🏽sweet👏🏽are👏🏽they👏🏽. Thanks, Finn and Jay, for participating in my fundraiser and welcome to Portland!
I may have just been dethroned. You can now direct all of your costuming and thrifting inquiries to @tooth.kid while I sit over here, baffled, a little smitten, and aggressively awaiting my next opportunity to dress up. Also, if someone could locate my Wacom pen, that would be great. I did all this with my trackpad and it was not the best time. Tap for deets.
Taking breaks is not second nature to me, so I usually have to put some physical distance between myself and anything on my to-do list before I submit to any extended amount of idleness or calm. Floating down the Saco River with pals all day yesterday was just what I needed. 💚💙
You must have at least one person in your life with whom play-fighting with hot-dogs on a beach makes sense. Bring them to East End Beach in Portland, ME this Saturday or Sunday and snag one of my remaining 15 minute portrait slots for a pay-what-you-can donation to my fundraiser for immigrant youth and family services at the border (and swipe through these super cute pictures of @shanemaine to see what the friggin’ heck I mean about hot-dogs). DM for a guaranteed spot, or drop by and be prepared to wait a bit. 💙
1. Very complicated feelings about patriotism. 2. Very straightforward feelings about well-lit, lovely company.
HEY! If you’re local-ish to Portland, Maine and want to help out with a fundraiser I’m doing to support immigrant youth and family services, come down to East End beach next weekend, July 7th and 8th. Donate $40 to my cause, and you’ll receive 15 minute portrait session and at least 20 edited photos! I’m making myself available 7am-8pm both days and as of right now, I have 8 slots officially booked! Dm/email/text me, grab one for yourself, and bring whatever definition of family you’ve got to support the well-being of someone else’s. If you can’t quite afford this but you’re excited and want to participate, let me know—I have TWO slots that have been generously donated by kind souls. I will also be opening all remaining slots to pay-what-you-can on Friday. 💕🤘🏼Feel free to share.
Hey! Remember the last time you were forcibly removed from your family, detained by the U.S. government without warning, and faced with the very real possibility that you might never see anyone you loved ever  again? Yeah, me either, and my head has been spinning donuts backwards trying to imagine it. Instead, I’m going to put my talents where my heart and my mouth are. July 7th and 8th I am going to be offering discounted family portraits at East End Beach in Portland, Maine all day with ALL proceeds going toward supporting immigrant families and children at the border. Sessions will be $40 for 15 minutes and 20 edited photos. Funds will be split evenly through #actblue among fifteen worthy groups including Al Otro Lado, The Florence Project, Innovation Law Lab, and Kids In Need of Defense (KIND). For a full list, scoot over to ActBlue.com and search “support kids at the border.” Dm, email, or text me a time that works for you and bring your family, bring your sister, bring your friend, bring your cat, bring someone you met last week, bring YOURSELF, bring anyone or thing that you could not *conceive* of being parted from, much less by orders of a Tang-powered toupée with tiny hands and a tinier heart. Help me do something, however small. Feel free to share around.
One of the many reasons I gravitate towards children and youth in my professional, photographic, and general life, is because they are very forthcoming with their skepticism. Most adults are socialized soon enough into hiding so much of what they feel from others—their disappointment, their sadness, even their joy and achievements. It’s a social “skill” I either learned and rejected, or never learned at all, and so I feel a kinship to younger minds in bodies young and old. All we’ve got for you is our honesty, for better or worse.
The summer solstice is supposed to have me thinking about how long the blessed day can be, but instead I’m thinking about how short their twin nights can be and how to invent time to rest when there simply isn’t any. I have been so completely saturated with projects and inspiration this month. It’s such a fortunate thing to experience.
Hey 👋🏼 honestly, I’m just killing time until I can acceptably post more children’s portraits. They’re my favorite. Did you know? 💕
10 points to the house that can identify this unbeatable summer treat.
My exact feelings about the thunderstorm happening right now in Portland. ❤️❤️❤️
I post lots of other faces. This one’s mine, hanging out underneath a haircut that I did myself which is kind of why it looks like there’s a dollop of super-gay, axe-scented whipped cream on my scalp. Oh, well. 🤷🏼‍♀️