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Sarah Kirstien


Lifestyle & Documentary Photographer ▪️the real. ▪️the milestones. ▪️the stories. Lover of nature, choc cake, and my 3 babies 📍Vancouver Island

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Summer is officially 1 week away!!! Dreaming of pool days, beach/river/lake days, water parks, s’mores by the campfire, picking raspberries in the garden, evening swimming, bare feet, no schedules... the list could go on! ⠀ How to survive summer holidays with 3 kids? - stay outside as much as possible! ✌🏼
Dad and his boy wandering through the palms. Don’t be fooled by the cool vibe of the B&W, we were sweltering in that desert heat! 🌴 ⠀ What can I say? We love a little adventure - it’s the best way to make memories as a family and see this beautiful world! ⠀ Do you have a fun memory of an awesome adventure while on vacay? ⠀ I’ll put mine in the comments👇🏼 . . . #family #tribe #adventure #lifewithkids #dadsofinstagram #lifegivingsquares #familytrails #themonochromaticlens #thehonestlens #documentyourdays #bnwmagic #dearestviewfinder #documentaryphotographer #parksville #nanaimo #vancouverisland #bnw #instagood #candid #dearphotographer #thehappynow #momtogs #gallery_legit #bnw_family #connection #cameramama #sarahkirstien
West coast mama ✌🏼
The sweetest little face and that light!! ⠀ This little man has the most gentle and endearing personality.  We all need someone like him in our life!
I was really wanting to shoot some images while on holiday of my sweet daughter in this adorable dress made by an uber-talented friend @melissacarleton , so we got out before the rest of the crew were up n about and went location scouting! ⠀ 🌴 ⠀ We landed in the old town of La Quinta at the City Hall.  I don’t know about your town, but our City Hall doesn’t hold a candle to the awesome of this one!  It was everything!  Turquoise and coral tile, gorgeous archways, cactus gardens - it couldn’t have been better! ⠀ 🌵 ⠀ Here’s one from our little destination shoot! And seriously, how precious is this dress?! ⠀
Yes. So much beauty all around us!  That my eyes and heart would be open to recognize even the simple things that make life so beautiful⠀ ✨ ⠀ May we never lose our wonder ⠀ ✨ ⠀ What is something beautiful in your everyday life that could be easy to take for granted?
Siblings: greatest rivals one minute, best friends the next 🤷‍♀️ ⠀ These two had their fair share of squabbles while on holiday, but many moments like these as well - sharing a bedroom with their beds pushed into one big one to share, splashing in the pool together, sneaking candy for one another, and here, Freya is gently leading her bro to quietly sneak up on these unsuspecting (so they thought) ducks⠀ 🦆⠀ I remember as a kid, how awesome it was being on holiday as a family and having all my sibs (like built in best friends) to make memories with.  There were 5 of us, so kudos to my parents for making it happen! 🎉⠀ I tell ya, taking kids on holiday can be challenging!  I’m sure they’ll thank us later! 🙃
Happy to breathing in all that fresh Island air again after 2 weeks away! ⠀ We’re back on VanIsle soil - by way of the ferry that extends all of our trips by a couple hours, or in our case, an extra 4+ hours for having missed a sailing by a couple minutes! 🤦‍♀️ But on the plus side, it’s beautiful, and if you’re lucky, you can see whales or dolphins! 🌊 ⠀ I’m just starting to sort through the photos from our trip to Palm Springs, so you’ll be seeing some of them soon enough! ⠀ 🌴 ⠀
Big sis has got you covered, bro! 💦
Like her mama, she loves pretty plants - what’s not to love about a bougainvillea though?! 🌸  Oh for a good pop of colour! ⠀ Happy Sunday, friends!
Hi! 👋🏼 I thought it time for a little introduction! ⠀ I’m Sarah! 🌻 I’m a mama to 3 little rascals that keep me oh so busy!  As a mom, a lot of what I love to do is now incorporated into motherhood - exploring, gardening, cooking, playing the piano, and lots of coffee drinking (the kids don’t drink the coffee, but are mostly the cause of my need for caffeine!) ⠀ ☕️⠀ I am named after my Icelandic great grandmother, and visiting Iceland is definitely on my bucket list ⠀ 🌎⠀ I love a colourful sky, and I think I’ve passed this on to my daughter as she will now come to me excitedly asking, ‘mom, have you seen the sky tonight?!’ ⠀ 🌤⠀ My favourite meal of the day is breakfast - brunch is the way to my heart. That, and a good chocolate cake (which I WILL eat for breakfast, but that’s sort of a secret) ⠀ 🍳 ⠀ I’m a big stationery nerd - I love any and all cute journals, notebooks, pens, planners...my fav store is the bookstore. Yep, nerd. ⠀ ✏️ ⠀ Thanks for following my journey as I document not only my own family life, but the everyday beauty of the people and families I am so lucky to work with! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Is it just me or is this how you’re feeling right about now?  We’ve been having a full week around here (what’s new) and preparing for our holiday starting next week!
What do you mean it’s bedtime?! With the longer days, I get a lot of resistance (from the older kids) at bedtime as it’s still light out!  I soo remember that as a kid - it just wasn’t fair!  The sun is still up! ~ Hallelujah for longer days (and blackout blinds!)
Catching that morning light for a little story time with dad.  The little guy is a snuggler, especially when a good book is being read!
It’s always a dilemma: do I leave them alone as they’re sitting so quietly together, or snap a few sneaky photos and cross my fingers that I don’t jinx this moment ✨ But seriously, how sweet are these two? 🦊🐶
Ain’t that the truth?  Some days it’s harder to believe, but know this: you have a one of a kind calling on your life, a unique set of skills and giftings, and an important story to weave with and alongside the tribe of people in your life . . . . #purpose #adventure #embracelife #journey #thejoyfulproject #inspire #vancouverisland #sarahkirstien #alwaysgrowing #neverboring #tribe #bettertogether