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stay safe even if it means pokémon go wants you to die. just do it
self portrait
wish i could not be like this but here we are
i hate this
new ink from one of my best friends @v_a_l_l_e_y ♥️ thank u so much (they drew this freehand which is v tight ;)) it’s a bugz life
u ever wake up in the middle of the night and remember a whole ass person u dated for like 2 months 2 years ago and never thought about again until now when u realized they likely still exist
inspired by @markwahlberg ‘s schedule so i decided to share mine. not to brag but if you put in the hard work, you can be like this too. it’s not that difficult.  Typical Daily schedule  2:30 am - wake up 2:35 am - walk gecko 2:40 am - prayer time 2:41 am - watch law and order svu reruns 10:00 am - workout 10:02 am - post workout meal: 1 Valium 4oz whiskey 10:15 am - disassociation time 11:00 am - nap 4:00 pm - kegel workout 4:30 pm - cryo chamber recovery 5:00 pm - ritual sacrifice  5:30 pm- shower and shave entire body 6:30 pm - dinner - typically 6 triscuits 6:45 pm - family time  6:46 pm - hot yoga 8:00 pm - bedtime 😘
dunno if fake goth memes are too niche but jesus christ sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and pray that she stops existing and hurting people hnnnngggghh
when they let me use the label maker at work
when all of my makeup got stolen i was rly sad but i was able to replace almost all of it through glambot for steep discounts which was tight. i got most of the same exact things i had but like 30-80% off. link in bio if u wanna check them out cuz they’re having a huge sale rn ♥️💯
bring back cl personals