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✖️Boss Mumma ✖️Mindset Coach ✖️Mums who want MORE | not defined by a colour pallet | #humanaf 🧘🏼‍♀️🌏🌱💻

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Take the gaps in your day to tune into your hearts voice, those little soul nudges from the universe that day stop, breathe, just be ✨🌼
No just no ... orange with green  Leopard print with tartan  Peanut butter and cheese  Autistic 6 year old and school holidays 🤣 What’s a firm no in your life this week .... ?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️
LETS CELEBRATE !! it's my birthday, it's my birthday and I'm going to party like it's my birthday Woop woop. ( being a mum, that  means having 3 glasses of red and falling asleep watching Outlander on the couch by 9.30 ). But all jokes aside, it is my birthday and  I'm feeling pretty spectacular, to be honest,  27 feels good. I mean I still have no idea what I'm doing, but my kids are still alive and I haven't burned the house down trying and failing to cook rice yet so win-win right?  But I'm feeling good, and I want to share that warm fuzzy birthday feeling with yall, especially you beautiful soul who is reading my little daily newsletter.  Because, the Shona  a year ago,  the one turning 26... She was exhausted frustrated and feeling stuck and miserable in life, so unaligned with where her life was heading even though she loved her kids and her husband endlessly.  Shona this year is full of joy, radiating badassery and is aligned AF. Really, its all thanks to me embracing my humanity  deciding to banish the negative stories and the victimhood and get ruthless about where I spend my fucks( energy) and who I spend them on. This Shona is focused on nourishing her mind body and soul and she is creating deep fulfilling relationships with those around her while embracing her own journey.  This Shona is HUMAN AF and proud of it.  So beautiful here is a 50%  off code for my HUMAN AF 6 week online course.  Its super easy just click the link At www.sexyselfish.com to find out all about HUMAN AF SCHOOL then use your code BADASS-50 to get 50% off  Yes, that's right 50% off .... Ah-MAH-Zing!  So what are you waiting for girl, go treat-yo self !! Stop Delaying your Happiness  x Shona  www.sexyselfish.com  Or just comment below your email and my hot AF assistant Laura will email you the link ✌🏼
This week Instagram stories introduced the ask me anything stickers ... and wow wasn’t that fascinating 😱 one question that kept popping up over and over again is ... how did Sexy Selfish start ?  Logically is started with Registering a domain name ... but that’s not the answer you wanted was  it  Emotionally sexy selfish has been growing in the background for 3 around 2 kids and multiple business it grew for years ... My desire to connect like women to guide them to stand in their truth was growing and growing becoming the undercurrent of everything I did ... But I was scared, to branch out on my own to put  my message on a public platform to say to women it’s ok to want more than just being a mum ... I was scared to open myself to haters and controversy and  other mums who judge and birch and hate on what they don’t understand ... to share my vulnerability with the world .. But it had to happen, eventually my purpose  became bigger than my fear, my duty to share this message and empower other mums became bigger than my self doubt ... the message of authenticity and HUMAN AF is so much bigger than me .... so that is why I eventually took the leap and  launched Sexy Selfish ... I’m still blessed  each day by the incredible women who reach out to say sharing my journey has impacted them. I’m humbled by my incredible clients and honoured when they place their trust in me to guide them on this path, I don’t know what’s ahead for Sexy Selfish, I know I adore my clients that seeing them succeed  and have huge breakthroughs learning to love themselves again is more than I ever could have asked for ... I do not know where this journey will take me but I know ... I’m in for a hell of a ride 🙌🏼
Friday’s are for 🍸 ... how are you celebrating fri-yay ?
Boom there it is .... haters fuel the flame of passion 🙌🏼
You have a desire and a hope and a spark burning deep within your heart for something more ... Maybe you’ve told everyone  Maybe you have told no one because your scared what people may think  But if you have that desire, if your being called to do more … that is within you for a reason  Decide to stand into your truth, live into who you are really destiny to be  Decide to live for You and YOUR most powerful version of YOU  Stop living within other peoples expectations and lables  Reach for the best YOU, taking one baby step at a time to stop delaying your happiness and start living in you joy  Happier mums, are happier families  Happier families are happier communities  Happier women, spark inspiration and change withing others  Own your ambition, its ok to want MORE, because you were made  to do incredible things 🙏🏼 Link in bio to join my newsletter and grab a little freebie from me as well 👌🏽
Yep this is pretty much how my days go 🤣👌🏽☕️🍷
NEW PODCAST  EMOTIONAL EATING  https://soundcloud.com/shona-gates/sexy-selfish-interview-with-lisa-wells-emotional-eating-coach-food-fear-freedom  Meet Lisa Wells, for 11 years Lisa lived with sugar addiction, which lead to depression and anxiety and living with overwhelm.  Taking anti-depressants, seeing psychiatrists, psychologists and reading self- help books just couldn’t get to the core of the matter for Lisa, who found herself doing well for about a week after her sessions but she would always end up back on the couch stuffing her face with blocks of chocolate daily.  Lisa started journaling to try and make sense of her out of control world and it was in one writing session she wrote “Each day we have the opportunity to face our stuff or stuff our face”. Not only did that make Lisa laugh, it also rang true for her, Lisa explains: “Each day I would stuff my face when really what I needed to do was to stop what I was doing and face myself emotionally. Lisa claims her now long-lasting road to recovery started when she began to face her negative thinking and saw what lay beneath the surface of those unrelenting and exhausting negative thought patterns. “Either the situation is controlling you or you are in control of the situation.” Find the podcast in this freebie hub at  Www.sexyselfish.com
Literally, back coffee, PJs and 6 seasons of dragon riders ... I’m set, it’s raining and cold and I’m not paying $$$ just to take the kids to an indoor play cafe, so we have made some old fashioned play doh, and I’m focused on surviving till hot husband  gets home 🤣#cabinfever  How are you feeling on school holidays ?  Day 2 ... of 3 million ...
A peak behind the scenes at Sexy  Selfish HQ ... How I set up for session with my beautiful clients ✌🏼
Sometimes I really hate being the adult.  I’m turning 27 next week and I still feel like I’m 17 ... every day searching for a more adultier adult to tuck me in at night ... although this week I did sort out my super annuation ... does that count as mature ??
Get outside .... seriously, go outside as soon as you can each day, breath deep, like right down into your belly kind of deep .. and remind yourself how incredible this world is, yes so much of it is broken, yes there is so much more we have to do ... but right now, take a moment to express appreciation for the simple magic of breath 🙏🏼
Some times things don’t always go to plan, life throws you  a few curve balls ... it’s all about how you deal with life’s challenges that determines wether your days are shit or not ✌🏼 embrace the work,look for challenges, get uncomfortable  and be flexible 💛 it’s a lot harder to find the joy when your ridged af
So I just upload a brand new podcast interview for YOU, yes you darling.  Excited? ... yes, much!!! nods like a crazy person  This week I'm chatting all things, single mum life, vulnerability and vintage fashion with the stunning Hayley from Miss Fortunes Vintage.  A mum who has risked it all to follow a bohemian lifestyle full of passion and art. After a becoming a single mum at 22, she re-evaluated her life and left university to follow her heart. It has led her to start an online recycled clothing business, falling into fashion design and she is now pursuing a dream of becoming a circus performer.  She has a new website is launching in late July, which is a tell-all blog where fashion, spirituality and modern motherhood merge.  listen to the podcast  https://soundcloud.com/shona-gates/sexy-selfish-interview-with-hayley-from-missfortunesvintage  and find out more about Hayley and Miss Fortunes Vintage here...www.ritualsofstyle.com  Social Media: @ritualsofstyle @missfortunesvinatge  enjoy x  Shona  www.sexyselfish.com
Learning doesn’t stop after school ... life is your classroom, keep pushing yourself 🙏🏼
The education gap ... *this is not a political argument  This is me saying it’s time to use some common sense ... if you want to learn how to do something, if you need to learn a new skill or upgrade as the incredible human you are ... you get help right ?  If you want to become a yoga teacher you take a course  If you want to learn first aid you take a course ... So why, when your feeling stuck and you want to learn new strategies and beliefs do you keep slogging through it by yourself ... beautiful human there are people out there who want to help you, who can help you ... all you need to do is be willing to say YES to you 🙏🏼 Today say yes ✨
Don’t avoid the work ... the work is the magic ✨👌🏽 Picture credit- unknown