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I dream of doing impossible things, of saving mountain air in my pockets for later and stuffing my ears with the roar of waterfalls. 💕WW

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my face when I remember I actually exist on a vast and beautiful and miraculous planet and I get to spend every precious little minute of my whole life looking around at it and exploring every inch of it that I can 🙌🏼
I drove north under a search lamp moon // 🌙✨💫
Move!!!! Every day, if possible!!! Stir the blood in your veins and shake your bones and take your own breath away and make your own heart flutter and race. Keep finding new ways to move. There are a thousand ways. There are more!!! Find a way to move that feels so much more like play than work. Find what moves you forward or upward or in any direction at all and cling to it, with every fiber and fall in love with every intricate little tendon in your body and molecule of oxygen that passes through your lungs and remind yourself, never stop reminding yourself that you are alive, today and today and today. You are alive and you are here and it is so so beautiful and there is power in you. Such power you could not fathom.
a seven nation army couldn't hold me back
Climbed up a waterfall and found this at the top!? Probably not even real.✨
you were meant to be this glorious
It’s of no use. And nothing will come of it. We shall not bring back a single bit of silver or gold. Not a gem. You can't understand it. Why a man goes out to meet the mountain. // gm
tree climbing cliff dangling hands out the windows driving through the mountains taking photographs of everything kind of week out in the rockies ✌🏼
WOW. So grateful to these little legs and these little feet of mine for going and doing impossible and powerful things like carrying me all 2800 stair-steps up the side of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies.  Also so so grateful to @hellocatierae for dreaming big and using her passion for hiking and the outdoors for a beautiful cause✨ She worked to raise $1 per step of the incline to help victims of human trafficking and is so so close to her goal--go peek at her page for more details if you still want to donate!! Thanks for letting me come along with you on this adventure, @hellocatierae❤️
we'll never be so young again
just made a little video of our dreamy road trip to Canada✨ link in my bio if you want to see!
I'll love you when your spine breaks And I'll love you when you've burned to the ground And I'll love you when you've rattled right into the sea  california gave me everything I have kaleidoscope eyes and a wildflower heart and my first hiking boots and all the pale pink limpets I still find in my pockets and the shards of gold lodged deep in my skull and it's like heaven.  everywhere is like heaven now.
Canada was just full of all kinds of gems✨💎 Mining for my own amethysts up in the bluffs of Thunder Bay was an actual DREAM come true and I'm still freaking out about it.
ok hi!! just moved into a new place what do you all think!?!! • • • 📷 @hellocatierae (caught me smiling cause we leave for COLORADO and MOUNTAINS soon !!!!!!!!!)
walking in the sky at Canada's longest suspension bridge✨
a thousand dreams within me softly burn my heart is like some oak whose blood runs golden // // rimbaud
How To Be An Explorer Of The World: - - ALWAYS BE LOOKING!!! - EVERYTHING Is Interesting! Look Closer!! - Use ALL OF THE SENSES In Your Investigations!! - Observe For Long Durations. And Short Ones. - Notice PATTERNS?!? Make CONNECTIONS!?! Trace things back to their origins!! - DOCUMENT Your Findings In A Variety Of Ways.
I've got a love for you I just can't escape