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Sesame and Miso ໒( ´ᴥ` )ʋ


✿ Sesame | F | tricolor | 5.28.17 ✿ Miso | M | red sesame | 1.20.12 ✿ Based in LA ✿ Curator @shibaunion ✿ Humom @kyraqnguyen

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mom’s been really busy so she dug up some pictures to edit... look how chunky miso looks OMG. 🤣 he looks like a loaf of bread. 🍞 •🌾• we are seriously missing some adventure and time outside... we’re over the heat. how are your guys’ weeks going? ☀️
that moment when your humom says its too hot to go out... sesame loves the AC but miso loves his outdoor time 😩 •🔥• stay cool friends! this heatwave is no joke...
all smiles on this very sunny friday! tell your pawrents to keep you hydrated and to only walk you when the concrete cools! it’s 115F where we live today! stay cool ❄️❄️ •☀️• check out our cute bandanas from @borkcorp ! they’re currently running a giveaway!
sesame: don’t you love when mom gets those big brown boxes with stuff in them? miso: ....no....mom has a shopping problem... sesame: 😅 •🌳• in other news, we’ve now been waiting for our @caninehabits collars for going on 6 weeks now (their approximate processing time is 3-4 weeks)! i will be disputing this with our bank. as an owner who prefers shopping with small businesses, it’s sad when communication goes awry. i’ve tried dming them with no replies, only for them to release more new items... why release new items when i’ve been waiting for my order with current stock?! leaves such a bad taste in my mouth! additionally, one of our friends ordered a tag the same exact day we did and received their order about two weeks ago.. sigh... have any of you guys had a bad experience with businesses you wanted to like? 🤔
wishing you all a happy #tongueouttuesday ! •😋• how are your guys’ weeks going so far?
that friyay mood! 🤩 •📸• shot by @occasionaldoge
wishing everypawdy a happy #tongueouttuesday 👅👅! •📸• shot by @occasionaldoge ! everyone bare with me, i’m still trying to figure out a theme for the IG.. lots of different edits during this time LOL
echo mountain called us this morning, so we hiked there and answered..answered...answered.... •⛰• we hope everyone had an adventure packed weekend!
ses: didn’t i tell you ALL THE TREATS ARE MINE?! miso: ..... yes .... 😕 •🍃• hope everyones prepping for a fun/adventurous weekend! this is just a #tbt and we can’t wait to get back outside... what are your plans? we’re hiking at echo mountain this sunday ⛰ •📸• taken by @occasionaldoge
summa vibin’... hope everyone’s week is still starting off strong! ☀️ •📸• taken by @occasionaldoge
“the power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” -louisa may alcott 🌱 •🍃• we hope everyone is having a great saturday!
sesame hasn’t been feeling well the past two days so we’ve had a pretty adventure-less week... guess we’ll just have to make up for it next week! •📸• photo by @occasionaldoge — have you guys entered the #occasionalshibasquad model search?! if not, what are you waiting for?
just hangin out with our friend @keira_the_shiba !! we’re dreading this heat. we wanna cool down in the streams!! •🌳• #dogsonlogs
too hot for adventuring today.. guess we’ll just smile and reminisce about those waterfalls.. •☀️• #kurgotogether #kriserspets
aren’t we squad goals? 👀 definitely missing some of our squad but thats okay! •🌱• what are your plans today? •📸• photo by @occasionaldoge | @kchannbb
that FRIYAY mood 🤩🙌🏼 •🍃• this is our last entry for the #foxnwlfgiveaway ! all the adventure pups should be sure to check it out 👀
#throwbackthursday to our 10+ mile hike to nowhere... or was it somewhere after all? 🤔 •🚗• #foxnwlfgiveaway
on wednesdays we chase waterfalls... and we wear pink sometimes, too. •💧• happy hump day everypawdy! •💧• #foxnwlfgiveaway