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Founded by @the_epicurious and @prashant_kalra, Slate is a boutique branding and content agency that helps brands refine and compound their identity.

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#slateshoutout  It's a drink lots of coffee and eat tons of good food kind of weather. What else do you do when it rains? Credit to @thecoffeebond
#slateshoutout The Kingston Juicy Chicken Burger at @raastagurgaon blew us away a few days ago! Pairs well with karaoke, beer and overall happiness!
#slateshoutout  Team Slate loves its Pho! You can tell by the frequent posts on the matter ;) We recently sampled the Pho at @pingsbypco and it was yum like the rest of their food!  If you've had a bowl of Pho that left a mark, do tell us about it!
#slateshoutout  Feeling Bao-licious! Calories don't count on weekends, so step out for a meal or order in this Prawn Tempura Bao from @dimsumnco 🥟
#slateshoutout  We are hoping monsoon rains become a regular fixture very soon. Till then, we are planning on slurping on bowls of Vietnamese Pho. Order in yours from 9971172389, 9667726847. Yum! Credit to @phokingindia
#slateshoutout We tried this baby today and it was delish! A home grown fromagerie that is actually shockingly good! Next time, ditch the canned crappy supermarket brie and pick up a pack of @spottedcowfromagerie
#slateshoutout  Keeping us going through the last day of the week is newly launched Peninsula Coffee's range of Cold Brews. Pick the way you want to drink 'em and glug away. We like ours with a little milk and a lot of ice. Credit to @peninsula.coffee
#slateshoutout  Today's shout out goes to a dish we tried last night and it was awesome! If you like flambé rum, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream, we recommend you give this Chocolate Ball on Fire a go!  #repost @papaya_asian
#slateshoutout  We know what we're drinking tonight!  Celebrity mixologist Luca Cinalli is in town till Sunday and is concocting acclaimed signatures like the Khoisan - inspired from the unifying name for two groups of people in Southern Africa from the Bantu majority of the region, the cocktail has a unique blend of ingredients including Assam tea and Havana rum served with a gulab jamun. Credit to @novele.newdelhi
#slateshoutout  Oh my God, our sweet dreams have come true! Team Slate's favourite summertime Bombay treat  from the legendary K. Rustoms’ is now available in Delhi. The good folks from Rustom's are paying  tribute to the iconic Churchgate institution with their own version of ice cream sandwiches with a little help from @minus.30. Credit to @rustomsbhonu
#slateshoutout  Power through Monday by planning your week. First on our agenda: Perch's second edition of Wednesday Chef's Table. This time they are celebrating the 70's - the ultimate time to be alive with a 5 course meal that'll have you revisiting the best of the past. Credit to @perchindelhi
#slateshoutout  India's first craft tonics by homegrown brand Svami are cooler than your average cucumber. DM them for a list of stores in Delhi to get yours. Personally, we love their grapefruit variant. Credit to @svamidrinks
#slateshoutout  When you have a Speakeasy bar that nails momos, you know you're in for a great night! Next time you visit, be sure to order from the @cafelungta menu at @cndspeakeasy
#slateshoutout  A chic new look and a great beer that is now pouring across Delhi. Simba is finally roaring loudly with its Wit and Stout craft brew across retail stores and bars. We are popping open a couple while watching the opening ceremony of the football #worldcup2018 tonight. Credit to @roarwithsimba
#slateshoutout  Seeing red cos of the heat? We are too, but we're relying on this refreshing ruby hued Kokum Limeade from Karma Kismet to see us through.  Credit to @karmakismetgk2
#slateshoutout  The new summer menu at @olivedelhi is absolutely smashing. @chefdhruvoberoi has outdone himself as usual. This was peach, pate and caramelised nuts which were just divine!
#slateshoutout  When you've reinterpreted a classic dessert like tiramisu 9 times, you know you're obsessed. The folks at @olivedelhi have nailed it yet again! Just look at that presentation!
#slateshoutout Our new favourite midday snack are these low carb, high protein brownies from Feel Mighty. They promise a mighty upgrade with 15g of protein per serving. Just pair it with a coffee and get ready to conquer! Credit to @feel_mighty