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The Kings of Storage, Moving and More

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WINTER IS COMING...time to store your summer gear.  Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
There is more to a DIY painting project than choosing the right colour.  Preparation is essential… preparing your surfaces , having the right gear and removing furniture, rugs etc. to ensure they do not get damaged all need to be considered .  We can’t help with preparing your surfaces and having the right gear but we have the answer to keeping your stuff safe…temporary self- storage. Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
We are the Kings of Storage, Moving and More
Need to archive - come see us for boxes !!! Find your closest Storage King Store here: https://www.storageking.com.au/
Just for fun...big day in London today.  We featured on last night’s footy show when hosts were recounting there brushes with royalty. One cheery host put this picture up of his family meeting the real king.
Do you run an online business from home and every room in the house looks like this?  We can help reclaim your house for you and your family. We have storage space in lots of sizes and importantly your goods are safe and accessible.  Learn more: https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
Marriage is on a lot of people’s minds this week. For couples that aren't quite there, take advantage of self storage when moving in together.  It’s fine to choose who's furniture will suit your unit but things might change when you settle on your permanent home. Find out how we can help to store those items you may need later on. https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
We’ve made paying your storage account easier at Storage King.  For convenience, you can pay your storage from home, work, or on the go through various means including online. Find out how here: https://bit.ly/2yQZNZY
Happy Mothers Day!
What to do on a wet winters day with the kids ???...Simple, get yourself some Storage King boxes and make a tunnel or what ever you want.
Come on in, grab some boxes and tidy up for mum. It's Mother's Day on Sunday.
Gap year's come in all shapes and sizes - it can be a sabbatical from work (you lucky thing) or you could just decide to say goodbye to office life and hello to traveller life for a year.  Whatever the reason you will need to keep your stuff safe and secure whilst your gone.  We’ve got the ideal storage unit to suit your needs. Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
It's time to reclaim your home!  The kids have been on school holidays again and your house may need a little tough love to get back into shape.  That makes it a perfect time to get rid of that stuff you don’t need. Now the kids have stopped running around, have you noticed they have stopped using, or looking for, lots of their stuff - especially the summer-type stuff.  Avoid asking the kids what should stay or go. Give them a chance to look around and show you what's there that they are using. You will get a sense from their language and tone, and this will then identify things that are important to them. With the warmer months over and winter approaching it, most likely, will not be their summer stuff  Ok, lets get started. You’ll need packing materials and of course storage: Find out more here: https://www.storageking.com.au/
Ever heard of a thing called the 'boomerang generation'. It’s a real thing with some research showing as many as 25% of young adults are living with their parents.  You may not like it but the likelihood of your kids wanting to move back in with you are pretty high. When and if it happens you’ll have to find room for them.  It won’t be forever so the “finding room” scenario can be made a lot easier by storing your stuff with us. Find out how we can help:  https://www.storageking.com.au/
Summer...done and dusted.  We know you love your summer gear and will want to use it again when it starts to warm up.  Not enough room at home? No problem, we can keep your stuff safe and secure until next Spring.  Contact us to find out how we can help: https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
Need extra motivation to do a dreaded wardrobe clean?  Check out this super clean and amazing space with a hanger, shelf or box for everything!
Moving ? How many boxes do you need?  It all depends on the amount of stuff you need to pack. We’ve got different size packs to suit many options. • Large House Moving Pack: We recommend this pack to get you started moving your 4 Bedroom House. • Small Apartment Moving Pack: We recommend this pack to get you started moving your 2 Bedroom Apartment • Small House Moving Pack: We recommend this pack to get you started moving your 3 Bedroom House.  For more information and other options visit our online Box Shop:  https://bit.ly/2qiPaug
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