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Lord Humungus


Living the gimmick one rep at a time! Wannabe Strongman and powerlifting coach, ultimate dad,pro wrestling fan to the max !

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@mrs.ericacasteel You 100% lol
#tbt when I first started strongman training in 2006 . It’s been a long time . Met some cool people , learned a lot , and had fun . Trained 90% of the time alone , nothing but work and more work !
#wcw She puts up with my madness
Be so dominate that people are scared to compete against you !!!! Winners attitude !
Almost 400 axle clean and press . Little bit more work and @jbaez57 will be blasting this weight for reps . Prep for @strongmancorporation nationals has begun , and now it’s time to grind .
Who says football players aren’t strong ? Beautiful hang cleans !
RPE THIS , RPE THAT. Just shut the fuck up and lift . Dumb ass bullshit
Season bout to start ! Best time of the year !!!!
Goodbye little piggies ! It’s Kool aid time !!!!
Come check us out !
Hood shit lol
So here’s the stats for podiums for the Deadweight strongman group so far this year .  10 1st place finishes  6  2nd place finishes  3  3rd place finishes  3  California state USPA Records  6 Strongman Nationals qualifiers  #strongman #strongwoman #powerlifting #startingstrongman #deadweightstrength #sandiego #california
Put the lotion down and pick up that barbell !!!! 😉