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Strength Crossfit DR


Espacio dedicado a la promoción y motivación de los eventos relacionados con el #CrossFit y demás actividades deportivas.

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"The best way to get results out of the Wodapalooza Transformation Challenge: Be excited, be motivated. Come in with an open mind." - @nick.shaw.rp of @rpstrength ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's not too late to get signed up for the 2018 #wzatc and start YOUR transformation! Learn more and register at link in bio!
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Orgullo dominicano 🇩🇴 “No logré lo que esperaba, la meta que me había propuesto. Esperaba mejorar mi marca, pero logré el objetivo de ser campeona de la categoría”. @beatrizpiron #panamericanos2018  #listíndiario
#repost @usa_weightlifting • • • What a day for #teamusa's @cj__cummings at #panams!  Six for Six!  Snatch: 137kg, 141kg, 144kg🚨 (🥈) Clean & Jerk: 170kg, 175kg, 180kg (🥇) Total: 324kg🚨 (🥈) 🚨=New Junior, Senior American Records Watch #panams LIVE on our bio link!
#repost @panampesas ・・・ Parte de lo que se vivió ayer en #panamericanos2018 #go🇩🇴 🏋🌍💪
Es un orgullo dominicano 🇩🇴, primera medalla de oro gracias a @lagbluis. 💪💪 #panamericanos2018 #go🇩🇴
Campeonato Panamericano de mayores de pesa.🇩🇴 Atleta:@lagbluis 🇩🇴🇩🇴 #122kg #go🇩🇴 #panamericanos2018
#repost @usa_weightlifting • • • #teamusa has landed in Santo Domingo for Pan Ams! Lifting times in our bio link! #weightlifting #usaw
Campeonato Panamericano de Mayores 2018. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴 *14/05/2018 *Parques del Este. *pabellón de levantamiento de pesas.  #panamericanos2018 #go🇩🇴
#repost @bengalacrossfit • • • Community #wod 🇩🇴 está tarde en #bengalacrossfit, disfrutando de unos buenos wod en familia y consolidando esta gran comunidad RD para el mundo. Gracias por compartir en nuestra casa, nos vemos pronto en otra casa de esta familia que cada día crece y crece. . #crossfit #community #crossfitrd #crossfitrepublicadominicana #wods #bengala #fitness #entrenamiento  @caribecfrd @crossfit809 @rotondacrossfit @ugcrossfit @mangocrossfit @blackcubecrossfitrd @inshapecrossfit @crossfitlounge @steelfactorycrossfit @raidocrossfit
#repost @rudybarbellclub • • •
#repost @encuentro_fitness • • • 🚫🚫🚫PELIGRO MUJERES. ESTO ES LO QUE PUEDE PASAR SI ENTRENAS PESAS!!!! @adelfs -  If you've ever felt like you have 0 control over your life, this post is very close to my heart, from me to you.  Everyone knows they're going to die but nobody believes it.  Eating disorders are very real, very painful and have little to do with body image and a lot to do with emotional stress and lack of control.  Some smoke, some do drugs, I used to binge and purge or not eat at all. It was the one thing I could control : what went in and out of my body.  I was underweight, I didn't get my period, my hair was falling out, couldn't sleep, my skin was dry.  I reformed my life, started working out, reached ideal bodyweight and somehow started to inspire others to do the same.  The pain I feel now is a reminder that nothing is impossible and that actions have consequences.  This is my opportunity to tell you : love yourself, and as hard as it may seem take a deep breath, yell if you must, chin up and keep going, you got this.  #edrecovery #bulimia #fitnessjourney #motivation #fitspo - #regrann
#repost @francis_sido77kg • • • There are no tricks. It takes time to build a better and stronger version of yourself ‼️#rudoperotierno #olyforthesoul #olimpicbarbellclub #olyroomrd
#repost @efrain62kg • • • @marce.lopez.33 dandole duro papa
Dominicana cuenta contigo!! Atleta:@beatrizpiron #panamericanos2018
Apoyamos lo nuestro.  Go 🇩🇴 Atleta:@lagbluis #panamericanos2018
Campeonato panamericano para mayores de pesa 2018 #panamericanos2018 💪Go🇩🇴
#repost @caribbeancrossfitter_community • • • Repost @gymfitfreaks ... . . . #gymfitfreaks . . . #caribbeancrossfittercommunity